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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce... and his Pfizer Covid Booster Commercial

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sold his soul and got the pussy as a reward ... he's now in the "club"

Guess his anus was busted by Satan already  :-\

He’s also a wigger

If you still watch nfl after all the kneeling and blm nonsense, and after vax mandates, you should probably keep it to yourself. Stay in the basement with your bud light and illusions that everything's hunky dory.

"Ya catch the game?"

I don't spend my time or money on organizations that hate me and my values, so no. I didn't. You did, huh?


--- Quote from: Fortress on October 01, 2023, 04:09:07 PM ---“Covid vaccine”

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ha
--- End quote ---

Seriously, who the fuck is stupid enough to get medically experimented on for a 99.97% survivable cold strain.  ::)


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