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Best businessman pro? (besides Chic )

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Captain Equipoise:

--- Quote from: Dingleberry on May 01, 2006, 10:56:25 AM ---That's because his products are damn good. His bars are actually being sold in 7-11's around here because so many people like them.

--- End quote ---

I agree completely, I'm just surprised that no one brought him up.. my friend (who's runs a Bally's) was telling me that Labrada just signed some crazy distribution deal for Labrada nutrition and that he literally doubled his revenue. I personally love his stuff and have 3 boxes of lean body meal replacements at home, not to mention about 5 boxes of bars.

Current Pro... Jay C.
Most succesful ever.... ARNOLD S. PERIOD!



--- Quote ---Surprised no one brought this up... Lee Labrada is richer then all the current pro's combined, probably several times over. The amount of money he's made with Labrada nutrition is unreal.
--- End quote ---

hahahahahahhahhahahahahh ahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahhahahahhahah ahhahahahah.  Labrada is old school man.  His company is peanuts compared to where he WAS. 

Mr. Dente from MHP, Labrada, Gaspari.

Oliver Klaushof:
Rhino! .........uh is he a pro? Well........anyway he just made 1,000,000,000 in the time it took to type this!


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