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FIBO 2006 Pics

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well first off, you look about 45, LOL..second off, i dont know how to convert all that metric garbage.


--- Quote from: ironneck on April 30, 2006, 02:58:07 AM ---hey dude i m just 17 years old and already done a bb show and won a bb show and i placed 3. at the nabba german championship 05.... by the way right now i m weighting 90 kg and that`s a bit more than 160lbs....

--- End quote ---
lol..alright i used i was a few pounds off. ha..but you are probably 6'1''. ;D

i m 175cm. let`s say that`s probably the same height cutler has

thanks for the pictures


--- Quote from: ironneck on April 30, 2006, 02:46:20 AM ---220kg deadlift in ya face!!!

--- End quote ---

Not to shit on that or anything but that bar is way easier for deadlifts than a conventional deadlift.

I know because I was deadlifting "a weight" on that type of bar for a while then the gym went emo and away the bar went.  Now I'm slowly getting back up with a proper bar but it was way easier.


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