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When it comes to being a champion in BB, to be the man you have to beat the man or wait for him to retire..

Lee Haney beat the most Mr. Os as a champion

Samir Bannout
Chris Dickerson
Sergio Olivia
Dorian Yates
Ronnie Coleman

**(Larry Scott, Arnold, Franco all retired and he competed against Zane in 83 but did not win the contest, however he did pl ace high than him)

Side Note Bout Arnie

Arnold beat..


**Not Mr. O till he retired** (opposite for Haney, they were all previous Mr. O)

Arnold beat 9 time Mr. O
Sergio 2
Franco 2
Zane 3
Dickerson, Bannout 2

Haney beat 19 times Mr. O

Sergio 2
Dorian 6
Ronnie 9
Dickerson, Bannout 2

Haney Interview

"Pattern my physique after Arnold, Robbie You Kow who, Rory Challender and Danny Padilla..."
"Balance, Symetry..."

Dorian : "New Norm..., not hte norm that I opitimized, but as I said before Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.."
"Mass when it goes a bit beyond, and looses the balance and symetry, it epitimizes the .....(didn tsay but implied the Bad Side of things)

"265 -270, is a hard dream for a youngster... stunted the growth (of BB)"

One Name that he would of loved to compete against...
"Ronnie would of pushed me alot"

He's humble. Unlike most getbigers, knows Robinson as one of the true greats and uncrowned Olympians. Rob would've humbled Haney and equally flawed Yates (both were all-torsos with gaping balance issues elsewhere). Rob's only real issues were smooth thighs and so-so calves; not big overall issues.

Probably the best human being to ever win the crown...


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