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if you could have bigger forearms than biceps/triceps
would you?

think about that

my left foremarm is right one is tiny ;)

in the summertime you could wear those lumberjack striped shirts and roll up the sleeves when you're in a bar and having a few drinks and put your GIGANTIC FOREARMS on the bar and DISPLAY them
and people would think about ARMWRESTLING YOU and maybe some would, and you would win because you have the POWER of those FOREARMS that are not only for show but theyre the real deal and they along with your overall POWER and UPPER BODY STRENGTH and all that technique that you've learned from onlyme would make you a winner and people would respect you
and others would try to make fun of you and say like you must wank off a lot and you would take that as an excuse to have a good barroom brawl and say things like "you callin me a wanker" with a british accent

nope, mine are big already so id be happy with matching upper arms

but youre not suppose to match you're suppose to have abnorm forearms to get that freaky look


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