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PDI Monikers/ T Shirts


Most of these are not my brain child so I cannot take credit...

Lee Priest...Big things come in small packages

Vinny Galanti...Mr Symmetry

Jack London - Mess with Jack and You're Looking for RHINO plasty

Vince Taylor - The Energizer bunny - Just keeps going and going and going

Mike Arvilla - Big Sexy (oops..was he announced yet as the newest to join the fed?)

Bigger Business:
littleguns - sitting to ok with me


--- Quote from: littleguns on June 07, 2006, 07:31:21 AM ---Lee Priest...Big things come in small packages

--- End quote ---

"Lee Priest, PDI World Champion: No Other Bridges Left To Burn"

King Kamali PDI shirt: My Career is Over before it Got Started! or ..Even Here Im Still Third Teir


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