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King Kamali can pose and more!

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Hey...look at it this way.  This guy has been making a living off of bbing since 2001.  He has a hummer, his wife has a porsche, a place in NY  and other stuff.  You (all) ever took time to think that might be his goal for bbing.  That's why he sits back and laughs at all the nonsense s##t you (all) post.   If he can keep this up... there's no need to qual for the O... which he may finally do in Dallas...depending on the comp.       


You need to relax brother.  You aren't going to go after anyone.


This has probably been asked before, but I was wondering why do you call him King? Is he middle eastern royalty or something?

King of Denial.........


I meant his family or something. Can you just tell me why?


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