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Saw Branch Yesterday

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Arnold jr:
I went to a local NPC show last night where Branch was the guest poser. It was the second time I've met Branch and I have to say this guy is really an upstanding guy. Very easy to talk to, very attentive to you when you're talking with him and he actually seems genuinely interested in whatever you have to say. I've met and talked with numerous pro's over the years and it is true, some are down right jerks, some not most. but the ones that are should take a note from Branch on how to act around fans.

BTW, I could not believe how much size he had packed on since I last saw him in March at the Arnold, he was enormous. Not to say he was grotesquely fat, although not contest ripped, he was still very impressive.

Adam Empire:
Why did you leave your camera in the car?

Ex Coelis:
Branch is a legitimate top 5 at the Olympia now

Ex Coelis:

--- Quote from: Adam Empire on June 11, 2006, 06:20:57 PM ---Why did you leave your camera in the car?

--- End quote ---

HowieW promised he'd get some photos - Howie, where are they buddy?

this thread needs pics...


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