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2006 Olympia - Phil Heath a no-go, Dexter a go-go

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--- Quote from: ribonucleic on June 12, 2006, 04:24:10 PM ---Smart guy, that Heath.


--- End quote ---

How can one Knee before Heath if he's too chicken to go on stage?

I think the "advisors" he's referring to is the internet telling him he'd have his ass handed to him by Victor Martinez. 

Heath has about 2 years of serious steroid consumption to get up to par with the real big boys.  He has good shape - great.  Now it's time to add some size to that frame.

Smart move. I always thought Heath should skip this year's Olympia to put on a bit more size (without ruining his frame like Tamali did).

If he competes this year, he'd make great lunch for Ronnie, Cutler, Dexter, Martinez, Cormier, Priest, Warren, etc. They will eat him alive. And there goes that winning streak.


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