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World Championships on TV

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--- Quote from: onlyme on June 12, 2006, 10:00:56 PM ---The Rock, Paper and Scissors World Championships are on A&E right now.  Awesome excitement.  Why can't BB be on if this can.

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Because RPS players are athletes.

IFBB Pros are juicemonkeys/criminals who deal/take drugs and who have roid rage issues/meltdowns.

N.B.  For example see queen fatmali.


--- Quote from: jaejonna on June 13, 2006, 06:28:08 AM ---When Chic makes fun of Poker being on TV , as he does ever so often...the reason why Poker on TV and is so big is cause EVERYONE CAN PLAY POKER!!!! You make something attainable, more people will pay interest...Thats why the more aesthetic Bodybuilders need to be champions as opposed to the Mass monsters who are not the appeal of mainstream culture... plain and simple...

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Bodybuilding of any shape/form (mass monster/aesthetic looking) is not appealing to mainstream culture.


--- Quote from: onlyme on June 13, 2006, 11:49:30 AM ---Plus, when other athletes do it, other than improving their performance, their actual physical appearance does not change that much.  Their strength increase or speed but their bodies do not look overly muscled and people still relate to their bodies.  In bodybuilding cause they take way more than what shoudl be taken and their bodies go into a "Hulk" state that people just find repulsive.  The PDI will bring back the more pleasing look and hopefully bring back the people to the seats of the shows.  Charles Blake is involved with the PDI for a reason.  TV may be in the future for the PDI if it takes off like anticipated.

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Only people who will be attending PDI are bodybuilding fans/enthusiasts.  Mainstream public could care less about bodybuilding whether they're massive/pleasing to look at/juiced up steroid freak/natural wonder..

I wonder if RPS stars would sue people on an internet board?


--- Quote from: MisterGX on June 13, 2006, 03:00:12 PM ---Bodybuilding of any shape/form (mass monster/aesthetic looking) is not appealing to mainstream culture.

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Kind of yes and kind of no.  They are no longer interested.  At one time they were interested.  Take into account when Gold's Gym launched there clothing line at Macys in New York or when Arnold and other posed in the NY Museum in front of a couple thousand high brow people.  Look at the shows from the 60's and 70's.  How about the parade in Santa Monica before the Mr. America (?).  At one time many "regular" people enjoyed BB for fun.  Now the IFBB has fucked that up with these huge ugly mass monsters.  Hopefully the PDI will bring back some diginity to BB.


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