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Were you impressed with DEXTER JACKSON'S change from '04 Arnold to '05?

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Slick Vic:
I wasn't. I mean, he STILL looked great. BUT, I was expecting a BIG change in his appearance. Isn't that why he took a whole year off?  ???
At least it wasn't a change for the worse.... or the better.

have you been digesting this disappointment all this time? Let it go mate  ;D

No way and I wasn't expecting anything good. He kept saying in MD that he was barely training and traveling a lot.

He could have transform his physique a lot but he didn't do it. He still won, thanks to the poor condition of my man Victor.

If Vic was "on", dexter would have been just too light to fight, too thin to win  :-\

gracie bjj:
not to get off the subject but i spoke alittle with dex saturday night at the jersey state and he was cool,nice guy.he had a cutoff shirt on and he looked pretty damn good,awesome shape

Slick Vic:
What the hell was I thinking? I meant from '05 to '06.


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