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Kamali says all Shawn Ray's top 5 placings don't mean a thing.

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In Kamali's interview last night before he said 240 was going to jail he stated that Shawn Ray's placings in all those Olympia's mean nothing.

According to Kamali since Shawn Ray only won a single contest then he's not a successful bodybuilder and placing top 5 in about a hundred straight Olympia's means nothing.

Conversely when Kamali was reciting all his accomplishments he mentioned all his top 5 finishes in contests a lot less competition intense than the Olympia.

Is Kamali being hypocritical or did he forget what he said about Shawn Ray?

I guess you could look at it this way.  Buffalo Bills got to the bowl and finished 2nd 4 times.  Shawn got there and finished 2-5 12 or 13 times.  Is it better to have been there than not at all?   

yeah tamali's top 5 at the ironman in 2005 was much more impressive than anything shawn's done ::)

Shawn Ray must be laughing, Kamali predicted that he would destroy Shawn in that radio show. 

I suppose it should have been predictable that the only outcome was that he embarassed himself.

240 is Back:
A year ago, it was all laughs and fun.

Today?  People getting followed and threatened with "jail and lawsuits" for stuff they didn't even write.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. 


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