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Check this out ( YouTube of Phil Hernon.)

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Hurricane Beef !:
This guy could have hanged with Ronnie.

Just look at the completeness of his legs . . . even the front of his calves are massive. And yes that is a young Chick getting his back oiled up.


The Beef

hey bob, did it suck knowing you were going to compete with this monster?  :D

Hurricane Beef !:

The Beef

What a veiny monster....


--- Quote from: Hurricane Beef ! on July 08, 2006, 04:21:53 AM ---This guy could have hanged with Ronnie.

--- End quote ---

Agreed, all he needed was more arm development, but he was pretty complete.  I don't know about you Beef, but I got a massive hard on watching that clip,the guys rubbing each other down, the constant flexing and posing and the facial expressions..  fuck man..


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