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NEW Arnold Classic Amateur BB Event.


Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships Future Champions in Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Fitness & Figure to Compete on the Legendary Veterans Memorial Stage.

The Arnold Sports Festival 2007 will premiere the two-day Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 in Columbus, Ohio. This exciting and inspirational two-day event will showcase the aspiring talents of top male and female competitors from across the United States vying for top amateur status in men’s and women’s bodybuilding, and women’s fitness and figure.

“The Arnold Sports Festival is founded on the competitive spirit of bodybuilding and has grown to become the top destination for fitness, figure, and bodybuilding athletes,” said Bob Lorimer, the amateur event co-promoter with the Fitness Factory’s Mike Davies. “We’ve had champions of the Arnold Classic throughout the years, including Lee Haney and Tom Platz, who have said that their decision to compete professionally came from first sitting in the back row of Veterans Memorial Auditorium at the Mecca for professional bodybuilders - The Arnold Classic.”

Bob Lorimer added, “The Veterans Memorial stage will be equipped with the top level of professional staging in preparation for the Weekend’s Friday and Saturday evening competitions. The amateur competitors will be able to experience the conditions and sensations of competing where the sports icons have been been named. Each athlete will be inspired to plan their later return as a professional.”

The Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships is expected to attract high caliber athletes from across the United States who have already placed in the top five or won at national qualifiers. The event will be judged by top judges from the NPC (the National Physique Committee). The total number of athletes accepted to compete will be limited. The first 15 athletes who register and meet the qualifying requirements to enter the men¹s and women¹s bodybuilding divisions will be accepted. The first 20 Fitness athletes and Figure athletes that register and meet the eligibility requirements will be accepted into the competition. The registration deadline is January 15, 2007.

Prejudging for the competitions will be held Friday, March 2, 2007 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. The bodybuilding finals will be held Saturday, March 3, 2007 on the Arnold Expo stage at 9 a.m.

Sponsorship inquiries are welcome for the Arnold Amateur Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure Championships by telephoning Bob Lorimer at 614/430-5962 or Mike Davies at 614/521-3510 or visit www.arnoldclassicamateur

Reserved seating tickets for Friday¹s events at Veterans Memorial Auditorium will go on sale August 1, 2006. A $10 EXPO ticket will be required for Saturday morning’s men’s and women’s bodybuilding finals at the Arnold Fitness EXPO.

The Arnold Sports Festival is held annually in Columbus, Ohio on the first weekend in March and welcomes more than 15,000 competitors in 30 events, including 14 Olympic sports.

Posted July 10, 2006


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