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Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff

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Well it was bound to happen - just been talking to Lee and Robin Chang has cancelled Lee's plane ticket and hotel accommodation and told Jim Manion that if Lee wanted to do the Olympia - he would have to pay his own way !!!!!

Interesting considering Lee has already signed the Olympia contract and in it, it stipulates that AMI will pay for the above cancelled items -  Robin Chang claims Lee never reimbursed  them for  flights and hotel accommodation from last year, but the funny thing is they have never asked for reimbursement (until today) all they wanted was a letter of apology which was adhered to by his sponsors!! And get this, Lee paid for his own flights last year and never stayed at the hotel at AMIs expense, he stayed at the Hilton apartments organized and paid by Twinlab!!

Chic as athletes rep - do you think you should wade in here and sort this out for lee - I mean lee is a IFBB Pro right !!

I like Chick but he doesn't look like a guy who wants to help Lee out  >:(

Jr. Yates:
the whole thing is so stupid. The athletes can't do anything...its ridicolous.

their not athletes, their slaves.

Miss Karen:
Slaves you got that right.


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