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TJ Schoenborn out of the NOC!!

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He has got a bad case of shingles on his left shoulder, forearm and hand. He is in a great deal of pain and it looks like he will not be in the show! it is to bad as he looked great on Sunday when I trained with him. On Sunday the rash was pretty bad and he said tonight that it has gotten much worse since then! Here are some pics we took on Sunday. if you look close you can see the shingles rash starting. I wish him all the best as I know he is very disappointed!

Anal Iceman Lubeth:
get well soon brother!

Speedy recovery !

on a side note, it is strange that  every good competitor of the PDI suddenly drop out  ;D

Shingles??? His immune system must be really weak..thats basically the only way you get shingles, its your old chicken pox virus in you that has found a way to rejuvenate itself in a person when that person is under tons of stress or has a weaken immune system...hmmmmm They can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months..

He'll be back in time for the NPC Nationals.

Perhaps he'll be able to have an impact in the heavies there.



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