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2006 NABBA Nationals.  Anyone near contest shape wishing to enter, contact  Anyone top 5 in their class at a NQ local show can compete in the open.  East Coast novice is open to all! 

Well run show, fair judging.  Inexpensive ticket prices.  The show is right outside of Harrisburg, PA and near the Harrisburg airport.  For more info, see 

2006 NABBA/USA American Bodybuilding Championships [The Nationals]
Ms Figure America
East Coast Grand Prix (Novice)
Middletown Area Senior High School
1155 North Union Street
Middletown PA 17057  (Harrisburg, PA)

Qualified Athletes Of All Federations Are Welcome
Qualifies For Team Selection To The 2006 NABBA Universe,
2007 NABBA World Championships, and
World Fitness Federation International Competitions
Winner can petition for PDI pro status.

American Bodybuilding Championships
Men 4 divisions; Junior Men (16-23); Men's Athletic; Men's Masters (40-49); Men's Grandmasters (50+); Women

Ms Figure America
Women's Figure

East Coast Grand Prix
Men's Novice

Early Registration: Fr/09/08 07:00p-09:00p Days Inn
Late Registration: Sa/09/09 08:30a-10:30a Middletown School
PreJudging: Sa/09/09 12:00p Middletown School
Finals: Sa/09/09 06:00p Middletown School

PreJudging: $10.00
Finals: $15.00

Dustin Vincent:
NABBA Headquarters:

Anyone here competing in this show?

I'll be there handing out trophies, come up and say hi.



 I dont' know, brah! Most of the competitors are filled with sauce so I doubt it. Except for TA and BASTino...of course.

240 is Back:
Guest posers?

BTW I just found out that Dexter is posing in Lakeland this september for a local NPC show.  Anyone gone to that show?  Worth the trip?

I don't believe there is a guest poser this year.  Kind of like NPC national shows where its mostly about the athletes.  Thats an idea for the future though.  The level of competition is not like NPC nationals, though there are some NPC cross-over competitors that have competed on jr nat or nat level.  The top three in each class are very good but after the first 3-4 guys, the quality isn't as high and looks more like a local show.  The standards are a bit different though.  Don't be afraid to compete here!

Blockhead, NABBA rewards more aesthetic physiques so there is typically less drug use.  They mark off heavily for gyno and distended guts.  I know some guys compete natural.  I also know you can place very high at their national level with using minimal contest supps  ;)

Couple yrs ago Brad Hollibaugh (spelling?) competed and was beaten by others because the judges spotted synthol.  He protested and argued and slammed the judges on various boards but the fact is that NABBA rewards aesthetic muscular and balanced physiques and comes down hard on synthol, poor shape, gut distension, heavy acne, gyno etc.  Good for the sport IMO. 


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