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michael arvilla:
Quote from: RHINO290 on August 23, 2006, 02:08:53 PM

Shawn, how bout goin easy on me, I am an old man....

Beilive me, I don't kid myself, I know I will never be the bodybuilder you were/are. I just wish you would take it easy on me, it hurts to know that someone you look up to, bashes you, when not even knowing you.

Just a little bit of truth from me.....

are you implying that "Rhino" is a tad feminine, Mike?

michael arvilla:
Jack ..............i love ya man
but.......bump it up a notch!

(maybe some Arimidex?)

NOC is looming large in the horizon!!!

michael arvilla:

--- Quote from: sarcasm on August 24, 2006, 07:25:07 AM ---are you implying that "Rhino" is a tad feminine, Mike?

--- End quote ---

   he just has ....ummm a lot of estrogen right now..................... ...

Jack f*ck that rat, he doesnt give a shit about you anyways...If NOC doesnt work out then who cares ?? BB is a hobbie, those who make it a living have no lives... :-*


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