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calves and building mass

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I'm working on adding mass overall but my question has to do with calves. Do you go heavy weight low rep for calves to build them? And do you do straight toe the whole time or add innner and out toe while building mass. I do calves twice a week, once with quads and once with hams.

Calves are not my strong point and I am working on mine in the off-season as well.  As far as reps and sets I think the best program includes both types of training to keep your body guessing.  2x a week isn't a bad idea though you could also incorprate more calves into your cardio activities if you aren't doing so already, jumping rope/sprints/plyos/stadiums/hills.  If thee are done focusing on working your calves you shouldn't be able to comfortably walk the following couple days.

you'd be surprised what it takes to hit the muscle.  Try a 12 to 15 rep range

Thanks! Hitting 12-15 reps now, don't do much cardio right now (hard gainer) but will try the suggestions.

i go about 30 reps 1st set ....then 18-22 second, 14-16 third,14-16 fourth,14-16 fifth,14-16 sixth,and 30 upwards on my seventh set...

then i cant walk for 3 days ;D


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