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2006 IFBB Atlantic City Female BB Results


Anybody going? Competing?

I'm going just not sure if it will be for both days, I'd have to bang outta work for Friday's show :-\

Final Placings...

1. Lisa Aukland
2. Helen Bouchard
3. Tazzie Colomb
4. Gayle Moher
5. Betty Pariso
6. Antoinette Norman
7. Kim Perez
8. Colette Nelson
9. Cathy LeFrancois
10. Angela Debatin
11. Emery Miller
12. Maria Calo
13. Klaudia Larson
14. Vicki Nixon
15. Carla Salotti
NP. Nathalie Abellan
NP. Irene Anderson
NP. Mercedes Bazemore
NP. Elizabeth Gomez
NP. Aurelia Grozajova
NP. Merete Hornnes
NP. Mary Ellen Jerumbo
NP. Marika Johansson
NP. Jana Linke-Sippi
NP. Tonia Moore-Villalobos
NP. Debbie Patton
NP. Kim Pfuetzenreuter

Uhh, I didn't start this thread...

My girl Tazzie finally got the nod that she needed to go to the O.  Congrats!


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