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CNN: Bush Is ‘Very Seriously’ Considering Sending More Troops To Iraq

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--- Quote from: bmacsys on December 14, 2006, 01:57:59 PM ---Do you have any idea how many soldiers are needed for every frontline soldier who sees combat?

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I have no idea but support personnel is part of every division in the us cannot just have infantry companies without the supporting personnel---they may not be seeing frontline combat but that's the way all military's work...YES, I agree there should have been more troops there in the beginning but to say they need to dump every infantry division into iraq and everything would be much better is like fighting vietnam all over again...we had overwhelming superiority in manpower and machinery and we still couldn't finish the job. 


--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 14, 2006, 03:32:58 PM ---I'd like to buy you a beer, my friend.

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Sam Adams Lager.

I'm wondering how many American trained Iraqi military personnel are turning around and carrying out attacks on American troops...i have no trust in the spineless iraqi people to actually do the right thing and police their own country which is even a better reason for us to leave and let the fuckers kill each other.

Jeff Miller:
No matter how many Iraqis get trained, there are still a certain number of systems that must be in place to sustain the force.

So.....the debate is really not about how many of them are or will be trained to fight, is it?   ;)


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