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CNN: Bush Is ‘Very Seriously’ Considering Sending More Troops To Iraq

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--- Quote from: 240 is Back on December 13, 2006, 01:41:33 PM ---so they can stand on the corner and get feasted on by carbombers and snipers?

Nearly all the generals agree more forces are NOT the answer, with time or withdrawl being the most common options.

Bush is just pissed that the insurgents are not blowing up the US built oil pipeline that no one in the media talks about.  He wants more men to guard it.  And the insurgents are very well aware that the reason we're there is their oil.  And if they punch holes in the pipeline, their oil doesn't get on haliburton ships and go elsewhere.

I bet he will send more troops, and I bet they'll be guarding the oil pipeline.  BTW - when we invaded iraq, and looters ransacked the place, we let the ministries of education, interior, govt, and all others be looted while we stationed all our forces at the Ministry of Oil. 

Wonder why? ;)

--- End quote ---

When you have an occupation force you need the presence of a lot of soldiers. Things would be a LOT different if we had enough boots on the ground. To successfully occupy a country the size of Iraq you would need about four to five hundred thousand soldiers. There wouldn't be all this chaos if there were enough forces in Iraq.

Straw Man:
how are you defining "terror infrastructure"?

Straw Man:
are they separate from the Sunni/Shia, part of them or both

Straw Man:
yeah, from what I've seen the American trained Iraqi forces are quite willing to turn around and attack our forces when given the opportunity.  I also think the Bath party still has quite a bit of influence

im not sure if we need MORE men, they just need to be given the go-ahead to do what they need to do without worrying about political-correctness or other shit like that that doenst work in a war situation.


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