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DeSantis to officially throw his hat into the ring today.

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--- Quote from: IroNat on May 25, 2023, 05:49:12 PM ---DeSantis is making a mistake to run this time.

Trump will wreck him.

--- End quote ---

I know what the polls say. But Rick Perry was a leader way back when before the actual campaigning started. Early leads tend to falter. Having said that... you MAY be right. But my HOPE is the Republicans, as much as they may love Trump, love their country more, and recognize of the two, Desantis would be less divisive. I don't agree with some of the fights Desantis picks, but it's political differences. That's what America is about. He doesn't embarrass me as an American when he speaks. I could tolerate him in office 4 years and feel confident that regardless of if I agree with him or not, he is doing what he thinks is right, not what he thinks will get the biggest applause from far right wing flag wavers in the crowd.
If Desantis doesn't run, the polls say Biden will beat Trump. Not so definitive if it's Biden/Desantis. But we'll see. This is just my opinion, probably based more in hope than stats


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