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Massive AOC Rally


Gym Rat:
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VS. some Trump rally supporters

Gym Rat:


--- Quote from: Gym Rat on May 23, 2024, 03:50:55 PM ---...

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LMAO! Would hit for sure! You know she likes the attention. JYefBIXliMSQ7Onpj25jGQaR _6Rl8h9WRcA4misVj4Mo7HV0 Jo4&usqp=CAU

Coach is Back!:

Gym Rat:
Something deranged TDS libs never say, but this lady does. "Some of the things he says angers me, but his policies are much, much better"
The retarded Libz of GetBig would never admit it. Even though shitter admin is tanking America with inflation, violent crime, cartel, drugs, border,
Perversion, child-mutilation, trafficking, corruption, braindead-ism, etc..  ::) ::)



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