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Gossip & Opinions / Re: George "The Schmoe" Farah
« Last post by Van_Bilderass on Today at 08:22:15 PM »
Supposed diets with numbers, most of they guys that have posted diets by him have similar ranges -

"George Farah's Basic Precontest Diet for Clients
I’m going to take an example of a 200-pound guy who is planning to compete in a bodybuilding contest, or just wants to look good for the beach. How will we work on his diet and training?

• First, his daily caloric need will be based on his metabolism: fast, medium or slow. If he has a fast metabolism, then I multiply his weight by 20; medium metabolism, multiply it by 15 and slow metabolism, multiply it by 12. Suppose this guy has a fast metabolism. His daily caloric needs will be 200 x 20 = 4,000 calories/day.

• Diet will be followed six days per week, with one cheat day. The composition of his diet will be roughly high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat: about 50/30/20 percent, respectively. The breakdown will be 500 grams of carbs, 300 grams of protein and about 89 grams of fat.

• I will start him on a training schedule of five days per week, with legs on Monday, chest/abs on Tuesday, back on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday and arms/calves on Friday, and ‘off’ on the weekend. He will begin by doing some moderate cardio first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, for about 20 minutes, three days per week. Cardio could be riding a stationary bike, walking on a treadmill or using an elliptical machine, keeping target heart rate around 65-70 percent.

Pre-Contest Game Plan

With the contest date approaching, things will start to change— counting weeks backward from the show, as follows:
16 to12 Weeks Out:

• Diet and training as outlined above.
12 to 10 Weeks Out:

• Start dropping carbs by 50-75 grams (200-300 calories), and add protein by 12-18 grams (25 percent of the total amount of carbs dropped). For our guy, we will drop 50 grams of carbs (total carbs = 450 grams) and add 12 grams of protein (total protein = 412 grams).

• Keep cardio at three days/week for 20 minutes.
10 to 8 Weeks Out:

• Continue dropping 50 grams of carbs (total down to 400 grams) and add 12 grams of protein (total up to 450 grams).

• Add an extra day of cardio and extra five minutes: 25 minutes 4 days/week.

• Eliminate cheat day, dieting seven days/week (you may want to consider eliminating cheat day earlier, by 12-10 weeks if your fat percentage is high).
8 to 6 Weeks Out:

• Continue dropping 50 grams of carbs (total down to 350 grams) and add 12 grams of protein (total up to 462 grams).

• Keep adding an extra day of cardio and an extra five minutes: 30 minutes, five days/week.
6 to 4 Weeks Out:

• Continue dropping 50 grams of carbs (total down to 300 grams) and add 12 grams of protein (total up to 475 grams).

• Keep adding an extra day of cardio and an extra five minutes: 35 minutes, six days/week.
4 to 2 Weeks Out:

• Continue dropping 50 grams of carbs (total down to 250 grams) and add 12 grams of protein (total up to 487 grams).

• Keep adding an extra day of cardio and extra five minutes: 35 minutes, seven days/week.
2 Weeks Out:

• Continue same diet

• Stop all cardio
8 Days Out:

The contest is on Saturday, so carb-depleting starts the Sunday prior to the show. Drop the carbohydrate in half until about four days before the contest. So my guy will be eating 125 grams of carbs.

4 Days Out:

• Start ‘adding the carbs back’ on the Wednesday prior to the contest. Add back all the carbs you took off: 500 grams of carbs for my guy.

• On Thursday, add 50 percent more, on top of the carbs you had on Wednesday: 500 + 200 = 700 grams of carbs.

• On Friday, you need to start watching your condition and be careful with any spillage. If you start to spill, back off the carbs and if you think you’re still flat, you need to go up on the carbs.

These are just the general principles of my formula; there are so many other adjustments that go with it depending on the progress/condition of the bodybuilder.

Good luck with your show!!"

Client posting. Diet for a #285 man starting, dropping 2-3lbs week -

I'm a farah client, been the best investment I made. 8 weeks out from the Emerald cup here's my diet..

M1. 14 egg whites, 1.5 cup oatmeal.

M2. 6 oz. chicken breast, 1 cups white rice (50 grams dry before you cook), 1 cup broccoli.

M3. 6 oz. Cod or haddock fish, 2 cups white rice (100 grams dry before you cook).

M4. 7 oz. chicken, 6 oz. sweet potato, 1 cup broccoli

M5. 7 oz. Cod and haddock fish, 6 oz. sweet potato, salad with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.

M6. 60 grams hydro whey protein with water only.
Post workout, 60 grams hydro whey protein with water only then 25 minutes later drink 20 oz. Gatorade.

Farah def knows his shit, so many little things he's done that really make the difference, he's always here for me, the diet has changed no doubt, I've been working with him for 9 weeks now had me on over 5k cals when we started and just takes them a little lower every week.. it def various on the person as my friend hired him the same time as me and our shit is wayyyy different..

Low dose Clen 20mcg b4 morning cardio
Supposed starting cycle for the guy -

200mg tren
200mg mast
200mg primo
10mg var

Contest cycle -

Anavar, 10 mg with first meal and 10 mg with last meal.
Masterone, 100 mg 3 x a week.
Tren, 1cc 3 x a week.
Primo, 100 mg 2 x a week.
Propionate, 100 mg 4 x a week.
GH, 6 units a day 3 units Upon rising and 3 units right before bed.
Arimadex, Half tab every night before bed.
Proviron, 1 tab upon rising and 1 tab right before bed


The Rock's supposed 5200kcal diet under him - .

Thanks BB.But what in the fuck. Up to 475 grams of protein for a hypothetical 200lb guy? Am I confused or what, that's insane. So much for saving the kidneys by eating nuts and seeds and low protein like he advocates.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: SNF Carrie Underwood
« Last post by AbrahamG on Today at 08:22:02 PM »
Oh, I’d give her the business, believe me.

The NFL can frick right off, though.

Fortress just made AbrahamG spit out his Tim Hortons coffee.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: RIP Bill Pearl
« Last post by Desolate on Today at 08:21:06 PM »
Thanks, BB. 8)
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Jeffrey Dahmer - Discussion
« Last post by AbrahamG on Today at 08:16:57 PM »
This is what a real killer looks like and someone I would never want to cross paths with

A Polish-American icon.  PIP.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: RIP Bill Pearl
« Last post by BB on Today at 08:15:05 PM »
Legend. :(

But I have never seen a picture of a back double biceps pose from him in my life.


I've seen a few of the angled versions, but never a straight on BDB in print.

Past his prime, but here he is doing one at 1:57 -


Most of the posing is front, I wonder if he just didn't like back poses.

Edit - another earlier one at 5:57 here -


Gossip & Opinions / Halloween 2022
« Last post by mryorkielover on Today at 08:10:44 PM »

And so it begins. Just the start with more to do.


They never mentioned it being enlarged mate just that it’s not working right ejection fraction was 35% in hospital haven’t had it checked since so not sure if it’s improved but going off how I feel I’d assume it has. Never used stimulants other than one bottle f caffeine pills I used as a pre workout 10 years ago and used till bottle ran out and never again. Never touched recreational drugs other than weed a handful of times as a teenager

I had an EF of 35 while I was in the hospital due to swine flu. It's 50 now. But they said mine was definitely due to steroids, in combination with the flu, due to the size of the left ventricle. I assume they have the size in you papers somewhere so you just have to ask, see how thick it is. Did I misread you awhile back, you said they said you have diabetes too? That would be a big risk factor for CV disease.

I have taken so many stimulants it's a wonder I didn't die 20 years ago. But the docs didn't want to hear anything other than STEROIDS! IT'S THE STEROIDS! Lol. Now I can't do anything without docs blaming steroids. I tore my bicep at work a few months back. It's the steroids. I did PT after surgery and was a bit shaky. Maybe it's the steroids the PT suggested lol. I was a bit irritated at that one. I've had a sllight tremor since I was 15 years old.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: Mike Mentzer bisexual and meth addict ? WTF !
« Last post by Desolate on Today at 08:04:14 PM »
I've lurked here and there on fitness boards for 25ish years. was a wild place, a lot of industry people posted there, and would gossip because they figured they wouldn't get caught, etc.... Titus melted down there when a fitness girl dumped him. Frank Sepe melted down, and threatened to sue a troll that said he caught AIDS from a schmoe. Vic Richards, Nicole Bass, a bunch of others were there too.

Also you really couldn't ban anyone from posting there, and you could tag /cross post in other groups. So you could have a thread going with bodybuilders from Misc.Fitness.Weights, gays from soc.motss, schmoes from, fat people from, and an odd group like rec.survivalism all fighting in one giant thread at times.

A big place to rip on MuscleMedia 2000 and Bill Phillips back in the day.
Gossip & Opinions / Re: RIP Bill Pearl
« Last post by Desolate on Today at 08:02:38 PM »
Legend. :(

But I have never seen a picture of a back double biceps pose from him in my life.

Gossip & Opinions / Bank of England saves UK from crash
« Last post by Mayday on Today at 07:56:21 PM »
And people gagging for some imagined bigger than GFC crash event are upset. I saw large supposedly crazy smart influencers say rates would have gone from 4.5% to 8% if BoE didn’t step in and now they are printing money and devaluing etc etc and how it was a stupid action…….

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