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I've thought about starting this thread...not to morn the loss of our closest friends...but to remember them forever.

I need to scan some pictures of my closest friends that were with me everyday growing up & never left my side.

I'll start out with a few that were recently posted.  If you would like them me.

Deke's - "Pumpkin"

Flower's "Simon"

I think this thread is worthy of a sticky knny!
It is a great idea to make a thread about are beloved pets, who crossed over to the other side ,so we can post pictures and tell some nice and funny anecdotes!

I would hate to see the thread go down the board would be to me like we are forgetting about our beloved animals from the past.
So if all the mods are in favor i say Sticky it!


I will try in the next week to get some scanned.  Alot of the photo's I have left are not in the greatest condition


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