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This is a thread for posting both resources and suggestions on how you can make a difference in stopping animal abuse.

We hope to add links for specific animal issues as well as what official agencies abuse/neglect should be reported to.   This is for both individual cases and bigger entities such as pet stores or puppy mills. 

We have a few people on this board that have been or are currently involved in rescuing and dealing with abuse cases and I hope they will contribute their expertise on ways we can all make a difference.   :)

This is not a thread for posting individual cases or stories.  Please do not post stories from the news about actual cases.  If you think or know about an animal in need but are not sure how to handle helping that animal or who to contact, posting that to get suggestions is fine.  We would like to try and keep this an information thread though.

To start this thread off, this is a great post from Vet in reply to a post about a dog being chained up constantly and being neglected, and what you could do:

--- Quote from: Vet on June 13, 2007, 05:07:06 PM ---I used to do cruelty investigations for these type of cases with animal control.   Here's the best advice I can give you:

1) contact your local animal control and check on city ordinances on chaining, hot days (it is illegal to have dogs tied up outside on a hot summer or a cold winter day without appropriate shelter (shade or warmth) and water.   These are all very specific to communities, but they do give you something

2) monitor the dog and keep a log of when the owner has contact with it.   I have successfully prosecuted an abuse case where the owner only had contact with the dog once per day for a couple of minutes when the fed the dog.   You have to keep careful records of this---and tell animal control what you are doing as you are doing it. 

3) monitor the dogs time out in bad weather conditions.  If the dog is chained during pouring rain, the owners can be prosecuted for neglect as a result of lack of shelter if the dog isnt' using the igloo house. 

I hope this helps. 

--- End quote ---

Here is what I looked for when I rescued my dog.

Walk in any pet store that sells dogs and/or cats

1) Pay attention to cages -- are they clean? is there waste piled up or urine 'puddles'?

2) Look at each dog --- do they looked bathed, hair matted, scratching their ears, etc...

3) Ask about their suppliers, are they well known breeders? -- typically the sales person will know nothing but inquire as to where they get their dogs -- say 'I have never heard of that breeder, do you have their phone number?' Report the breeder regardless -- get them investigated

Bottomline -- get the sales person talking and if they really really care about animals they will start to ask themselves the same questions and if something is up they will turn on the owners of the store.  :D

Now I basically call the Humane Society anytime I see a 'puppy's for sale' sign and say I think their facility is sub par and they should investigate the situation regardless of how clean it is. Follow up, call a couple of times.


It’s important to know the people involved in several LOCAL resources. The SPCA, the Humane Society, Animal Control, Local Dog and Cat Rescue/Adoption groups. Find out who these people are, their phone numbers, e-mail addresses etc. Remember these groups are already working together as a network (usually) and can be tremendous resources.

There are some groups that specifically go out to public schools to educate the children on proper care and respect for animals. It all starts with education. Find out from the above groups and organizations if any group is doing that. 

I like Vet’s suggestion about keeping a log. Pictures would also be useful. is also a tremendous resource for information. There is much to be learned from that site. is another great resource. You can also go to their “action alerts” section, read about cases (warning this can be heart-wrenching) and write to the prosecuting judge and ask for maximum penalty.

Get involved with town meetings of your local government (I mean the most local to you, the town or suburb or District within the city). Propose that they officially recognize their citizens as animal “guardians” by incorporating the term into their city ordinances. Point out the statistics of animal abusers graduating to people abusers. Organize a booth for education on “community day”, labor day, etc.   

Local newspapers (especially the throw-away’s) are BEGGING for non-paid, low paid contributors. Submit articles and educate people.

Remember not all cases of neglect are intentional. In the case of elderly owner or mentally incapable, they are barely caring for themselves and need help with the animal. My neighbor approached an old lady in her home when she noticed the neglected dog. She asked the lady if she could help her by taking the dog and finding it a home. The lady relinquished the dog to her. She cleaned him up (infested with fleas, underfed etc.) She had the dog in a loving home within a week.

Essentially get connected and get into action. Be the cause of positive change.       

Great Post Max-Rep!! I just disagree with the following and do not feel comfortable letting it stand without a comment:

--- Quote from: Max_Rep on July 28, 2007, 11:16:19 AM ---Get involved with town meetings of your local government (I mean the most local to you, the town or suburb or District within the city). Propose that they officially recognize their citizens as animal “guardians” by incorporating the term into their city ordinances.

--- End quote ---

The guardian or owner debate may be discussed in the thread I started, let's keep this one uncluttered if possible.   :)


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