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Princess L:

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Pointsettias are also poisonous to pets.


--- Quote from: Princess L on November 16, 2011, 07:01:11 AM ---Pointsettias are also poisonous to pets.

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As well as to anyone.

I bought some "Oreo" style cookies for our dogs at the pet store. They are from Three Dog Bakery. They're made with carob and all natural ingredients. They pretty much look like an Oreo cookie. I can tell you the pups go nuts for them.


DD Holland:
Anything from the nightshade family tomatoes / eggplant / beets

Princess L:

Dog Owners Beware: FDA Warns Against Deadly Ingredient More Harmful Than Chocolate
Andrea Huspeni
May 16, 2016
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While chocolate has received the most attention for its deadly effect on dogs, another ingredient is gaining momentum.

The FDA has just published a strong warning about xylitol, an ingredient that experts believe is 100 times more harmful than chocolate, The Wall Street Journal reports. The artificial sweetener is found in many food items and household products, including Chewing gum, sugar-free candy, breath mints, baked goods, cough syrup, mouthwash, chewable vitamins, some nut butters and toothpaste.

Dogs have an adverse reaction to the ingredient because of its impact on the pancreas. A pupís blood sugar levels are controlled by the release of insulin from the pancreas. Xylitol triggers the rapid release of insulin in dogs causing the dogís blood sugar to drop dramatically, resulting in hypoglycemia. If left untreated, a dog can die.

Symptoms of xylitol poisoning include vomiting, followed by decrease in a dogís activity, weakness, wobbliness, loss of coordination and seizures.

If you think your dog ingested xylitol take him to the vet immediately. It can take up to 12 to 24 hours for the full effects to occur, so your pup may need to be monitored.

To prevent this life-threatening situation, owners should read labels and keep anything with xylitol away from their dog.

The FDA warning comes after poison-control centers have seen an increase in dog deaths and illnesses after dogs ingested xylitol.


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