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Title: The latest 'funniest' poster in the V award
Post by: kiwiol on March 27, 2007, 11:22:31 PM
Goes to Usmokepole who's been making me cramp up from all the funny shit he's been posting. Here are a few gems from the man himself 8)

i see you as a tall afluent white intersexed he/she with lady fingers and a smile in which too much gum shows almost to the point of see the root of a tooth. likes to relax listening to babara strisand while sipping camomile tea eating hard bread snacks. slight build with emphasis on glutes and hams dresses like a metrosexual with "cuts" in the butt pockets to show off your flirty underwear that has anime characters on it. works part time as a yoga instructor at the local gloryhole with the other half of employment coming from handmade beaded blankets.


type 2 diabetes meltdown hahahahaha.

pour your heart out you fat sack of shit.

onlyme is so fat he holds a patent on adipose tissue ahahahahahahahahha

haha how dare you motherfuckers mock the sexy sleek sun goddess known as onlyme.

here she is with her double D's in all her  glory emergin from the ocean. its straight out of a maca bavaria beer commercial


what i was trying to say is id fuck her in the ass and choke her.

And so on and so on.........


Smokey is the kind of guy this board needs more of 8) Props Smokey!