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Title: More interviews on their way...
Post by: SinCitysmallGUY on March 27, 2009, 05:18:51 AM
So I just wrapped up a two part interview with Danny Dee1 Davis. I am hoping to get enough time this weekend to finish getting it typed up, but I also have scored an interview with Blas Avena. He is a fighter for WEC and has a promising career in front of him. He is 5-2 and has been through hell in his life time, but now is in a great place in his life. So I was hoping to see a few questions posted from a few of you guys for me to ask him.

Here is his website so you can check him out if you would like. it's

Oh and there will be a female fighter getting interviewed this weekend or next I am not sure yet, still working out some time issues with that one. Thanks fellas and I can't wait for you guys to read the Dee1 interview out of all the fighters I have ever spoken with I would have to say that he is the most humble well put together guy I have talked to in a while.. He was a great cat to talk to  and really has his head on his shoulders! Hope you guys will enjoy....