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Title: combat conditioning, boon or bain?
Post by: magikusar on November 16, 2012, 03:43:34 AM
did some squats trying to touch heels and pushups today

kicked my ass

used this for inspiration


Title: Re: combat conditioning, boon or bain?
Post by: magikusar on November 25, 2012, 07:54:48 PM (



Title: Re: combat conditioning, boon or bain?
Post by: jpm101 on November 26, 2012, 09:15:11 AM
Matt Furey have been around for a long time. He highlights the Hindu Royal Court exercises (3 movements) which I have used in the past. Have suggested them, on & off, on GB a number of times before. It's good stuff, for getting into respectable shape, with regards to stamina  (endurance + strength). Guy's in the joint do similar bwt exercises.

Think the Royal Court exercises on still on the internte somewhere. They are Squats, Dive bombers (there called Hindu pushups) and neck bridges. Unlimited reps, depending on you. The neck bridge, though not for everyone, is a great movement. Too many BB'ers, even some of the outstanding Pro's, are really pencil necks, giving an honest look at them.

Furey has many other bwt exercise in his protocol, not just the Royal Court. Though India offers some very intense exercises and workout, some of them were borrowed from the old British army training manuals. Just to note, the old  Prussian, British and Germany/Austrian military training manuals  (over 100 years old) were some of the toughest one's around.  

Old time Hindu wrestlers were knows for doing hundreds to thousands of bwt squats & pushups  (dive bombers) in  long training session. Usually to the beat of a drum. Kings and the super wealthy in India (before the British destroyed most of their culture) have stables of wrestlers.   Good Luck.

Title: Re: combat conditioning, boon or bain?
Post by: Donny on November 27, 2012, 02:46:29 AM
yes some sessions we did in the Military were hard to say the least..we used to call them "Beastings" we did all sorts of stuff running with logs on your shoulders, running with a weighted stretcher(the stretcher race)...running with weighted ammo boxes very hard to hold and this made it harder. we called all this combat pt. Did see some guys with good physiques from all this. More for muscle shaping was circuit training in the gym, tricep dips(like bench dips), push ups, pull ups , free hand squats,step ups, rope climbing, sprints. one thing the Royal artillery was famous for was the Gun run, taking an old field gun over an assault course.. one thing we did was running up stairs with sand bags on your shoulders also a hard leg workout..remember if you were a bad boy in the guardroom you had to go up and down stairs with a shell on your shoulder and keep going..if you dropped it or stopped you got a slap(it was a drill round). do the sand bag stair thing and youŽll get good legs. The guys who did Tug of War training swore by sand bag training... :) and good post JPM.. ;)