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Title: why is everybody scared of insulin????
Post by: superchicken on November 16, 2012, 11:06:43 PM
theres a really interesting post on md forum on insulin by Mike Arnold, amazing info covering slin from milo's interest in the drug to explaining in awsome detail how insulin shuttles nutrients to cells, in laymans terms , really cool info, basically explaining with the right diet u can obtain results, you got fake ass peewee league bodybuilders and experienced pussy ass synthol users injecting huge amount of gear, and you cant handle a little sugar low feeling( thats all u feel using slin) jus saying dont overreact nobody going into a coma, retards!!! read the dam article by Mike Arnold, and stop being pussies!

Title: Re: why is everybody scared of insulin????
Post by: Oly15 on November 17, 2012, 05:05:48 PM
Noted. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

Title: Re: why is everybody scared of insulin????
Post by: whitewidow on November 17, 2012, 10:20:29 PM
Insulin is for pro's or someone who has the genetics and physique to actually have a chance of going pro. otherwise why mess with it? If you fuck up using insulin you can have serious health problems.It is the most potent anabolic agent and what is said about it is true I believe it is a great addition to HGH but I would really weigh the benefits with the risks before using it. without HGH and insulin you will not get a pro card these days unless you just have insane genetics and are using heavy amounts of HGH. Sad but true insulin is needed but weigh the risks plus the benefits before using any AAS,HGH or insulin. You can make your body dependent on insulin. pretty much making yourself diebetic

Milos is not somebody I would listen to personally. alot of bodybuilders he has worked with are not doing so good health wise. one of them is died at 33. who has milos turned into a Mr.Olympia? He did OK with kris dim but he is now wheelchair bound and lucky to be alive, He worked with mustafa muhamed who is now 130lbs, he worked with luke wood who is dead. what is so great about milos's drug advice? Milos never went anywhere in the sport really! I like some of milos's training advice but that is about it.

Title: Re: why is everybody scared of insulin????
Post by: superchicken on November 18, 2012, 02:04:08 PM
my intent was merely inquiring about the subject on using slin without any aas, because of the literature that ive read seems to point out that its thee most potential anabolic agent out there,  now as far as what you said healthwise (whitewidow) bout slin i agree but lets stop the scare tactics , these boards are full of them and to accuse milo about his advice of aas , slin etc. to other bbs, and to put their health problems on him is not fair for u to make that type of accusation, the dude knows his shit cmon man, my big problem here is that this is a steroid forum right, lets be real bout it without presumptions and scare tactics, its not the 80s and weider magazines feeding us all that crap about nutrition and his principles and ignoring to us the obvious use of drugs, what where we suppose to believe that haney, strydom, demey, christian, got massive with his weider principles, not until later with muscle mag 2000 or ? not sure and dan duchaine , the cat was let out of its bag sort of speak, my friends and i had a reference to grab hold of , before then we were our own lab rats, (didnt know the fuck what we were doin) as a teenager dam ive would of killed for the internet and the knowledge that u guys possess and freely advice, we all know the health risks aas, jus give info and stop with the scare tactics.