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Title: Started Watching Homeland
Post by: Rhomboids on December 17, 2012, 05:08:03 PM
Have heard so many great things about it that i said 'fuck it' and downloaded the first season.  

Uh, what the fuck's all the hype about?  I noticed during the credits that the show is based on an Israeli series.  I can see why.

The main story line of the show is ridiculously Zionist in nature and i don't know how there isn't an uproar from the Muslim community.  So the protagonist *SPOILERS* gets turned against the US and is working for a terror organization.  What's the biggest proof of it all: HE IS A MUSLIM.  He has embraced Allah and thus, he's a terrorist.

Beside the obvious Zionist laden plot, the rest of the show is average at best.  A neurotic, bi-polar imbecile who has a religious devotion to her job and thus the safety of the country.  Has she ever read a book about US Imperialism?  A mentor that is so focused on the job that is willing to sacrifice his personal life.  A Black dude as AD of CIA.  

Now i'm not religious and look at being a Muslim no different than being a Christian fundamentalist, but this show has a very obvious agenda: to paint every Muslim as a potential sleeping cell terrorist.  

I was expecting a show in the vein of the Wire; something that redefines the genre, grabs it by the balls and smashes it against the wall.  This is just another stupid ass show that follows all the bullet points of a stereotypical drama.  

I'm going to finish off this season since i'm up to episode 9 but i am unimpressed so far.  

I give it 4/10.  Also the wives are the worse actresses i've ever seen.  Jesus christ at that bad acting.  How many rim jobs did they do to get that job?