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Title: Huckabee Blames Gays, ‘Shrimp Eaters’ For Violence
Post by: Primemuscle on December 24, 2012, 02:39:06 PM
Huckabee Blames Gays, ‘Shrimp Eaters’ For Violence
Dec. 18, 2012

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is attracting withering criticism today for linking recent mass shootings to homosexuality and the rapid rise in American shellfish consumption.

On his eponymous radio show today the ordained Babtist minister said that "pro-homosexual" and "pro-crustacean" sentiments in America's culture were eroding the country's Judeo-Christian moral values, leading to increasingly disturbing mass violence.

Huckabee's bizarre comments come just days after he said school shootings are the result of "systematically removing God from our schools", a reference to the fact that since a 1962 Supreme Court ruling it has been illegal to force children in public schools to pray.

God Hates Shrimp

Most Americans are familiar with Christian prejudice against gays. However, Huckabee's comments regarding crustaceans reveal another disturbing facet of Biblical fundamentalism. Although the Christian bible does not once mention abortion, contraception, or gay marriage - it does expressly forbid the consumption of shellfish in Deuteronomy 14:9-10:

"These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat: whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you."

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