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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Dante Trudel/Doggcrapp on: August 09, 2013, 09:55:11 PM
 Known Dante for nearly 20 yrs and went through some hard times with the man ........All I can say, is that no pro [ and I have been around many ]  trained harder [ when he was trying to gain his size ] , that no one was more solid [character wise ]  in my bbing experience  , and the  guy really is a fun, cool , good human being [ his methods worked very well for me and he trained me before he was doggcrap ]. You don't have to agree with him, or like the look he put together ......But  he has always trained for himself and been interested in being massive .........I am really proud of what he has done with himself 11 yrs, he has gone from single broke  guy working at home depot [ despite being very educated ] , to having a beautiful family and a multi - millionaire . No one helped the guy .....he built his rep and business by helping people and doing something that he loves ......It is really cool if you think about it and couldn't happen to a better guy .

  Also Dante is no pussy ....doesn't claim to be some bad ass .....but he won't back down to anyone ,and that is real talk ......The Titus thing didn't happen ,sorry ...I knew craig ,l [ he wanted me to fuck Kelly, because he wanted to to fuck some chick I was training, and over the yrs for other things gear related ....wink wink Smiley ....but from what I knew  of craig [ he liked to fight when he felt the odds were in his favor, and he did back down to chris for real .....I know them both on several levels  ie...gear ..and girls ....tommy wishbone would know way more than I ] Anyway , back then if Craig had issue with Dante ....I would have scrapped with Craig in a sec ......I was young , dumb , and thought I was a bad man [ hence the sarcastic joke screen name ] .......Dante could take care of himself .....but I am always quick to protect my friends .....and I was really stupid and super aggressive . [ pretty retarded actually]
2  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Galeniko please grace us with your nutritional strategy on: July 02, 2013, 09:06:43 PM
 I just have to say .....I see real value in this thread and I greatly appreciate Gal and no one .........They have been totally gentleman to me personally as well .....I would gladly pay 20 bucks to read their book is real world info .....sometimes work really works is not what science suggests ......I have seen this regarding so many things throught my life and especially in bbing .......Thanks again .....let me know when and where you want your money sent .....and I am sure I could help turn some clients your way as well once you figure out your costs for on line training ......All the best .......stop defending yourself .....let  the other guys have doubt , judge , or discredit ......You belief in yourselves and what you are doing .....They are entitled to their opinions .....respect them and never take it personal ......In fact , never take anything personal .....I promise you that only hurts you !!! .......Good luck fellas .....I am around for you two as well
3  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Galeniko please grace us with your nutritional strategy on: June 29, 2013, 08:26:46 AM
No one .....I appreciate your comments  ...I am a loyal loving person that tries to treat people as I wish to be treated ....probably too much of a pussy for get big although  I have enjoyed this place forever ....ha ha ...I m very interested in seeing what you and gal have come up with .....the best gurus or teachers in bbing have always been opened minded free thinkers that are more observationalists more than scientists ...guys like gironda  were ahead of their time for this very reason . You and gal have this confidence and honesty that shines in your posts that tells me you have merit in your thinking ......looking forward to your book ...what you choose to share with us here ....and wishing you and gal the best .....thanks again fella a
4  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Galeniko please grace us with your nutritional strategy on: June 28, 2013, 11:52:33 PM
 No one ......yes , it is I of the promuscle clan[ btw my screen name was a joke that somehow stuck over the years name is Jason] ......I really appreciate your response ....I think it is pretty cool and I like a lot of what you two are saying and sharing here. As you know , I am a big student of the game ,and have been around for awhile and have prepped lots of people over many years ......Gals diet , it very similar to the diets of the later 70s .....nearly exact .....Ed Corney when he trained for the 75 O with Arnold was eating 760 cals a day at his lowest point before that show ....[ Since he lived with Arnold and I have heard how little Arnold ate during his movie career  [ a bowl of oat meal for breakfast .....and two meals of either fish or chicken salad and that was it .....maybe a 1000 cals  ..most likely less .......and stallone was on I think a 600 cal diet for rocky 3 I believe ]  Most of the diets I have seen were three to four meals a day about 200 grams of protein and 60 or less carbs .......some guys had a cheat day once a week like disgusted likes if guys are in decent shape .....and others couldn't get away with that ......Lots of guys back then used amphetamines to deal with appetite and energy to handle their training volumes .[ this is where Mentzer got in over his head ....but there were many others besides him without a doubt ......and Mike would go 600 -1500 on most of the diets I saw he did ]  I love the honesty you both have presented here and I love love Gal's no nonsense explanations . I believe you have alot of merit in your observations .....and I like that you are saying that this is the fastest but not going to allow you to keep freaky size .....Most of the best Bodies of the 70s were around 200 lbs and used under 800mgs total a week .....I think the small waists and hips with moderate thighs were a nice complement to the upper bodies the guys carried back then ....And you also carry a nice attractive look in clothes as well .....I have seen and experienced some of the things you two are speaking on as well ........I have also played with fasts with good success .....Props to you both for your efforts .....and know I will buying the book asap [ one should learn til their last breath ]

    Thanks big cyp for your post trying to help me out before no one got back seem like good people ......I love threads like this ......good stuff fellas
5  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Galeniko please grace us with your nutritional strategy on: June 28, 2013, 03:32:11 AM
No one ....curious if you would post the actual diet you have followed during this period for us to look at ? Great job and amazing results in such a short period ........Gal , wouldn't be cheating when coming down from the place where you started ......were using the 3-4 days of 800-1200 cals ..then the one maintance type cheat meal on the forth night ..? Was any cardio involved in your transformation ? Or actual fasts ? You came down so quick yet your skin seems tight ......good for you .....Look forward to your response .....Thanks to You and Gal.......this has been a very interesting and informative thread .....
6  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Big thank you to stuntmovie and Tommy Wishbone on: June 04, 2013, 09:14:54 PM
     I really appreciate all of your help ......I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Vegas both are not only top notch posters here ......But more importantly as people even more so ........I appreciate you both .....Look forward to meeting you both during my trip .....your help and advice has meant a lot ......much love fellas ...Be well !!!
7  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: MUSCLE BEACH HISTORY AS SEEN BY MYSELF. on: June 04, 2013, 09:11:07 PM
  Great thread Stunt ......I look forward to all you have to share here with us ......I recall call you remember guys that were around during the early that were better than Reeves and just as Handsome ......Reeves is one of my all time favorites ......Did any of those guys ever compete ? Or do recall their dimensions?  ....Who were the hardest training ? And the strongest back then ? [ Can you give some examples ]  Thanks again ......keep this thing going ...
8  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Disgusted VS Dogcrapp on: August 06, 2010, 12:44:37 AM
Big Ach........I totally think that was a great post and I totally agree........I have known Dante since 93 personally and Jim for close to 5 yrs .[but more so casually on a business level .....he helped me and we chatted here and there .Although it's been a few yrs now since we last spoke.....he was cool to me ] I like both guys and have learned a ton from them both.

    Dante and I were once pretty close .........and I really respect the man and know what he has been through to get to where he is today .He is top notch as person no doubt .Although he did hurt my feelings recently will always have love for the guy.

  And Jim .I don't know him nearly well. But the guy was always good to me . I learned alot from him .He helped my friend Stephanie Collins turn pro  and I hired him to help my close friend grigori Attoyan almost turn pro [ he is a pro now] .Jim knows his stuff and never did me wrong .We lost touch ......but I still enoy his posts  and respect his knowledge.

  I hate seeing these two fight and I try to stay out of this because I like them both .But I hope they take big Ach 's advice ........there is no need to continue this . I have had the chance to know you both .......neither had bad mouthed the other to me.......I thought they both kinda liked each other at one time before all of this board war started surfacing. And yes Big Ach , both of these guys are cool in real life . I wish they could squash this or at least take their issues off line and handle it there . To see personal info  and pics posted is beyond where this should of ever gone ......I know you both feel like the other crossed the line ........but come on fellas both have businesses  and are respected people in the game ..........enough is enough ......don't like each other  ......or agree to disagree .....but move on from this .......lots of guys in sport look up to you both for your knowledge this the example you want to set ?  What ever happened between you is in the past .Either move forward or take it off line and fight it out.  I just hate to see great guys  keep this kind thing going . It is ugly and doesn't represent you well on either side .

      I hope you both take my post out of concern and respect only .........I know lots of people love this drama . And love to see this get ugly and even egg it on. i just not happen to be one of them ............take care fellas ......i really hope my post makes sense and is seen for what it is ......
9  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Positive Bodybuilding Discussion & Talk / Re: My ongoing views on diet and nutrition on: November 20, 2008, 12:57:19 AM
 Thanks Alex and flexingtonsteel .......I appreciate your remarks ......I am mainly a lurker here .....but both of you  have my respect and are a big part of GET BIG........have your fun guys.....but stay positive guys will learn more in the end........Jim is wealth of knowledge ....Alex you do make me laugh at times thank you
10  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Positive Bodybuilding Discussion & Talk / Re: My ongoing views on diet and nutrition on: November 19, 2008, 11:59:53 PM
 Awesome my friend ......the words were true and heartfelt without a doubt to finish what we started right after the first of the year.........shoot me your number and I will send you some pics much different this will look forward to your made my been a rough number of years for me .....time to take care of me for awhile .....shoot me prices and such......I will send you payment before x=mass and we can start after the first of the will be way easier this time around .....ha ha ......take care bro....
11  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Positive Bodybuilding Discussion & Talk / Re: My ongoing views on diet and nutrition on: November 19, 2008, 11:06:44 PM
  Jim ...........just want you to know I think it is great what you are doing here.  You have so much  to teach and to share......I learned a ton from you and you helped me so much during a hard time.  

     I worked with Jim , and it was after my 2nd back surgery . I was miserable and in my worst shape ever. I mean, I couldn't even look in the mirror. In a short time he knocked 40 lbs off me and kept me regaining some of the muscle that had  wilted away ......Sadly ,I wasn't able to finish what I started with him[still want to ] .And I still had a ways to go .[maybe 20 -30 lbs ] But I learned a ton and was able to totally change my body comp over time ,using things I learned from JIm.

     No ass kissing here fellas , just fact . Jim is a person that has what I would call a " feel " or a talent for the game . He knows what works and how and when to apply it . And yes , there are more ways to "skin a cat " but I have been around the game for along time. Rubbed elbows with some pros and top amatures in my day . As well some top trainers and gurus . And in all honestly , Jim is very ,very good at what he does.  And think about this, King  has worked everyone in the sport . From Milos to Chad .[ and everyone in between] .Why and this point would he be using JIM when he needs to be at his all time best ? Simple , because  he trusts JIM over everyone else that he can get him to his biggest , best , and most conditioned........

     I am not even sure what Jim's opinion is of me or if he would even want to ever work with me again. [I guess pm me big guy.....also if you have a camera phone I could send you a few pics and you can see you taught me well 's alot different from what you started with before ,leaner , and yes, clean........not where I want to be ...but much ,much better]
     Whether you pm me or not JIM.......good stuff here bro.......keep it up ......guys take advantage  of his knowledge and character [ a rare trait in the bbing world] .........My best to you and your family ...........
12  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Jay Cutler vs. Dennis Wolf 5 Months Out on: May 05, 2008, 02:54:55 PM
  Man wolf's arms must be sore .Look at the briusing and the swelling ........that must seriously hurt.
13  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Salim Satir benches 630 for 8...well at least Musclemag says so on: February 29, 2008, 03:56:06 PM
Ha ha  ....muscle mag once claimed Greg kovacs did 725 on the bench for 6 reps.......I was amazed because the year before I was training at the old World Gym in Venice and he could barely bench 495 for 4 .[ which is great BTW ] I would love to interveiw the guy now and ask him what his real lifts were actually at his best now that he doesn't have a contract to live up to . He a huge man .....I mean he was super big ,I was 290ish and he made me look like a a bean pole .....but it was sad he could barely breath inject marks everywhere .....track marks from  nubaine addiction [ala tom prince ]all down his was sad .....He used be friends with a porn star named Harmony Grant that is a friend of mine .[cute and cool for a porn star far as they go]  She told me lots of stories of how messed up the poor man really got . Sad ,I heard he is really nice .Seemed cool when I met him on a couple of occasions ........I hope he is healthy and happy . Last I heard he was living with his parents ........He was huge , and very strong .but muscletech tech just destroyed the man's rep  with their outlandish claims
14  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Chris Cook (recent pic) on: February 29, 2008, 03:43:34 PM
   Mindspin .......I don't post here alot  ,but believe me, I have been around for awhile . No need to go into detail about me ,but I will say I have seen you in person .[years ago when you were Met-rx] and I agree with GH15 [usually do as well ] .You had all the makings of a pro . You had a great total package ,also good looks , and a freaking brain .[ and no, I am far from gay if that even matters] . You could be pro in 2-3 years right now and be competitive. You just weren't playing the same game as they other top guys in your era . You didn't need to be on long cycles or even high dosages .......gear is just a tool to keep you moving past your natural limits . Not a means to an end . Yes ,low dose GH and insulin would have helped and not ruined your physique if done  intelligently and not recklessly........If say 185 -190 was your best pealed ,then I would say at 215 -220 you could have beat a guy like Darrem on a regular basis and he has won 8 pro shows  .[and I know he doesn't use a whole lot of gear for a fact] You are what a pro should be and would have been a great example of of what these guys should aspire to look like . GH15 is a wise man .......

    Also ,if you read this .I would love for you to pm and maybe give some insight to your diet and training methods back in your peak .Always fun to see how people did their thing . Also ,I am a big Dr Scott Connelly fan to hear what you learned from him and if you think his new products will be good or not......I know you are busy ,but I would appreciate  to hearing  from you ......all my best to you and you family ....
15  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Natural Bodybuilder- Anthony Presciano on: February 06, 2008, 01:49:47 AM
    Made in Montana  ........first of all, I must say you are  huge asset here and a beautiful woman to boot. I have been a huge Steeve Reeves  fan practically my whole life .The fact that you are related to the man and contribute here is a thrill for me. I have researched alot about  Mr .Reeves and his training with varying outcomes .[would it be possible to pm you for you to clarify some things for me ?] I do believe when Mr.Reeves competed that he never used drugs. I have seen a few pics later on when he was in Europe when he 230 lbs where it looked like he might have dabled in some anabolics . But maybe not ? I know he was way into health.
    As far as Serge goes .If he told you he never used drugs then he is lying period. He even talks about using drugs in the 3 more reps  Book that he was featured in. Also he lived with a couple of top bbers that I know in the very early 80s and he discussed /used gear around them .Serge had a beautiful physique ,looks great at 70 , and clearly never abused anabolics .But if he sayes he never used gear then he is a lair period. The size he obtained can be gained drug free ,but not the muscularity that went with it.9especially late 70s early 80s] And yes , he was bigger when younger .He was also training heavier , not as lean , and that was when he was reported to have been expirimenting with d-bol . He is still a great champian , a credit  to himself , the sport ,and the boards.

   I just think alot of the old timers lie their asses off when it comes to drugs. Think about it .The 60s and 70s where a time of trying new things. The guys I knew ,said it was not uncommon for some guys to take a bottle of dbol and anavar a day .[something that would never  be done today ] Ask a Pete Grymkowski or Don Ross or Paul Grant[oh yeah you can't ...those two are dead  ] if I am lying ? If you think a guy like Don Howorth was worried about taking 15 mgs of dbol a day ,when he later went on to do hard time for involvement in hard drugs ? Side effects weren't even that well known. Drugs where cheap ,easy to get , and bbers have always had the more is better mentality. Do really think these guys were scared of some little pills.I remember a friend telling me how much the whole Denis Tinerino natural thing was .He said he was the one always pushing the envelope and trying new things. My understanding was drugs were taken by the handfuls several times a day. It wasn't until Weider figured that drugs were competition to his supplement business that the anti drug movement was really pushed . There was little knowledge of side effects , no real legal ramifications ,they were cheap , and all they knew that taking them made them bigger and stronger .You are telling me that all the serious guys like Serge weren't  using big time. I find that hard to believe.  Most guys under ate ,over trained , and took too much speed. Otherwise we would have some huge guys back then. The gene pool in the 60s and 70s seemed better for some reason .[better than the 80s minus Haney ]  As the anti drug stance got pushed more and more. The older guys seemed to say they took less and less ,as well refused to talk about what really went on ........

   I would say the guy mentioned in this thread is clean .Maybe lifetime or just used lightly in the past. There are plenty of guys that can be pretty lean with hard consistant training  weighing between 190 and 240  if standing between 5'9 and 6'2 .........8% is very lean, but  it is world's apart from say the 5% you see on most be a true 6% ,I would say very few would break 225 and be clean lifetime or off for many years......I agree with alot of what GH15 tends to say ....but on this issue we would have to agree to disagree just abit.......over 200 lean can be done clean at 6% but not without genes on your side and very good training /diet....
16  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Bodybuilders who reached their personal best past 40. on: November 29, 2007, 04:38:54 PM
Beckles ,Dickerson ,Corney,Ferrigno[he used a ton of gear and Gh during his comeback ], and many others reached their bests into their 40s. But you will probably not see that again due to the ammount of drugs needed to be a top tier guy today. Guys could probably look great into their 50 and 60s [maybe even beyond ] with 70s type cycles[200-700mgs of 1-2 compounds] if they stayed motivated and didnt start until they were 35 -40 .Too many guys start way too young with the gear and it takes a toll on them over time.Plus when you are younger and start using gear .Later on it will take much higher doses to keep you looking similar.The law in diminishing returns kicks in and you will start going backward no matter how you take .[ ir Jay and Ronnie ]
17  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Anyone going to/doing the NPC Sacramento ? on: October 23, 2007, 05:59:04 AM
   I will be there always a fun show ........anybody want to meet up me ....I should be with a group of friends.....probablly hit Cheesecake factory on arden after the show
18  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: THIS IS YOU OVERALL CHAMP OF THE USA ! on: July 28, 2007, 03:20:50 PM
  I am sorry but I think Attoyan beats him in the class [or should] He is wider , better shape /proportion[much better legs than any of the supers ] , maybe not quite as dry ,but is in as good as shape as the guys . Look at the manditiories . Being objective .I believe Attoyan and White split those poses 4 to 4 . White is harder .But severe gyno[yes ,attoyan has it too does Hatch both to a much lesser extent] ,is narrow [no lat spreads ] , and legs don't match Attoyans at all.  So if it is a conditioning contest then White should win. IF this is the best overall bber in his class then I believe Attoyan wins the tie breaker. Look closely and you win see what I mean . Ben brought then conditioning for sure .But I believe that should not be end all in judging this thing. Aren't we supposed to be picking the best ber that day to be pro .[ I am sorry look at the legs ,shoulder width ,overall balance , Attoyan will be a better pro .........but because Ben is drier .It should be very close]
19  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Duchaine's Dieting Newsletter Archive on: July 20, 2007, 01:58:29 PM
BB ,thanks for taking the time to post that..........way cool of you bro......very much appreciate you taking you time to do that....
20  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Duchaine's Dieting Newsletter Archive on: July 19, 2007, 03:34:52 PM
Can someone please post the old diet from the old handbook ? Not the one from Body Opus ,but the 10 day one from his first handbook.......It would be appreciated ......thanks
21  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Milos' claims about pros cycles on: July 10, 2007, 11:06:00 AM
    Oh well............ha ha ........I can't say I didnt try to hep you
22  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Milos' claims about pros cycles on: July 10, 2007, 10:54:21 AM
    Beast........I appreciate the respect at least on my end ,because I know you like to come here to have fun [to each his own] and really be positive [so I appreciate the respect for real]. But bro , where do you kids not see that he was trying to help alot of people out by just using the kid as an example. He wasn't trying to promote the kid ,he is not a sponsored athele by his company. All he was saying is that kid is strong for a 22yr kid ,has nice clean looking physique [who knows if he is or not ?.......but I have a way easier time believing this kid is clean rather than Locket], and the guy has some athletic ability to boot[can dunk at 5 '10] .The first pic shown had him doing a 585 assisted beach I believe and Dante even aknowledged that the spotter was helping probably took away at least 100 -150 away from the lift. All that  was being said was that was damm good for a 22 yr old lean kid [probably clean lifetime] ,he can hoist some heavy iron. How many guys here can do a real 405 raw bench no matter how long or hard they train ? [Squadfather ,obvisously a built guy that has trained long and hard admits he can't ...........I know most guys would get crushed with that weight even with 3 spotters. I personally have trained off and on since 10 and I am 37 . I did use juice from 23 to 25  and at a fair conditioned 300lbs[on gear] I have benched 535 2-3 reps on several occasions . Now at 37 clean for 12 yrs at a pretty lean 240-245 [but certainly nothing great] and can get 405 for a very hard 3-4 [ sad but true ] And I have been told I am gifted and I always been stronger as well more athletic than 99% of the people I have ever witnessed in person.....If I even tried to support 765 or even 585 on the bench it would smash me right now even with a spotter. And that is a fact. Even with the gay ass " Jimmy the iron bull Pellenchia " [ remember him for the 90s a search on this guy from the 90s ......he had the joints from hell ......could  do some amazing cheat lifts and assisted stuff ...even got a MD and Twin lab contract for his lifting a search on him.....the kid lifts just like him]   What Dante is saying is that reguardless of form or assistance just to support those weights without getting hurt is amazing...........ever try to walk out of a rack with 765 on your back ? It freaking hurts..not fun at all .....I had back surgery last dec [ my second one ] and very slowly working on my squat and deads [despite having back pain still which really sucks]  but  my lifts in the squat and dead lifts  are very slowly creeping up.[ but still a couple hundred pounds off of my bests] If I tried to walk 765 right now ,I would be crushed instantly even with a spot. All Dante is saying that for that kid to do the shity lifting style he does ,not get hurt, and develope a pretty darn good physique along the way is pretty amazing. He was making the point so that some guys on here don't hurt themselves chasing something that ain't going to happen.

      How many guys on here risking their health or freedom by juicing ? How many guys spend all their hard earned cash looking for new supplement proticals ,fad dieting techniques or exercise routines, or even on books/ mags? All he was saying ,if you enjoy bbing  then give it an  honest shot. Do everything right for a few years.[ diet ,heavy progessive training, lots of rest , zero drugs] Then after a couple of years of consistant effort it will become apparent that you are something special that has some hard choices to make [like this kid ] or you should just train for health, to look / feel good , and for the benifits to your mental health as well.  He is basically saying this because too many guys use just to be the big guy at the bar or gym, try to turn nothing into something with drugs[ yes ,there are pros and many top ams like this .....but do these guys make it or is it worth risks they are taking?],and to be honest most of the hardcore lifters aren't lifting 10 - 15 yrs later .[ and they end looking like shit why even go there ?  Oh yeah , out of selfish ,obbsessive , insecure behavior.......right?]  So Beast, Dante was trying to help you and everyother guy out there .For you guys to jump his shit and turn this into a let's all attack Dante because he full dogcrapp pillow party is wrong. He honsetly gives a fuck about you and all the guys coming up .Yet he can't even post here unless he is prepared to defend himself........don't you honestly [ don't be a kid here ] think that is wrong ?[I know you guys what to have fun why with a man that could and wants to help you guys?]  ........I would love to post here ......I have lots scoops from inside pro football ,MMA , powerlifting,and of course bbing. I am a for real a never was been ,my body could never hold up .I don't have the genetic abilty that the guys that make it have to stay healthy .But I have been to the fringes ,know lots of tops guys in those sports mentioned , and I have lots of expirience to learn from.   But would I ever be dumb enough to post stuff here ?   Nope ......the whole thread  would turn into are a bullshiter .....stupid attacks ......and other crap that makes it worthless to post [ I am sure dante feels the same]  When I was younger [I might not have listened ] ,but I would have loved to read the shit Dante had to say .[he had a newsletter and in fact that is how I met him  so I did]   but we are older [which sucks....ha ha ]  and wiser now . And a much much better perspective of things...... I would  love to help you guys out ......But ..........
23  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Milos' claims about pros cycles on: July 09, 2007, 04:21:02 PM
    Van .....all good questions . I think guys all that progress  gradually and intelligently can have long careers .But I do think the top of the Food chain eventually get eatten up by the sport aspect of it .It almost becomes a business decision for a guy like Ronnie , Jay , or Chris . [ All three are complete genetic freaks period end of story] But for them ,it was stay safe and stick with what has already been mentioned  and keep placing lower or push things more extreme and win shows[they knew they had the genes to give the judges want they wanted .99.9% don't reguardless of ammount of gear taken and they knew it ] .........they had the ability ......and it made sense financially,so they made the choice do it .And honestly it worked out for them all pretty well .........but if they die at 50  is really a good  choice in the end ? Only they will be able to answer that ]

    I think Jay and Ronnie look Horrible to be honest. Even Chris 's beautiful shape is starting to go.  And all 3 have ruined their faces with drugs in the last maybe 4 yrs [ although Ronnie stated pushing things in 95 or so Chris in 96 or 97 .......and jay at maybe 2000]  The Jaw and head shapes  change [as well as hand and foot size ]with continued use at 10-12 ius over a  few yrs time ] So that answers those   questions. Do I think these guys are taking a gram of test a week ? I dont know........maybe ? some guys love test .......some guys dont do well with alot of it........I think jay from looking some of his past diets[ drinking stuff like coke and gatorade ] is a big friend of insulin  IMO.  Like I said they most likely don't use anything crazy dose wise .They just upped their atty with the GH and insulin in a big time way and honestly they reaped  the rewards for what choices they have made,but  they already have paid a huge price [ their looks are gone,and shapes are destroyed . Well , Chris still has his to an extent] . I put on 20 solid lbs playing with Insulin back in my time  it is the most anabolic hormone there is ].  Do they come off ? Drugs yes .......but I think alot keep a base of test in there to not totally go catabolic .......but I dont think they ever go off the gh [maybe vary the dose some ] and insulin just depends on the guy. Drug free guys say they are clean ,when they are on Gh and ins too[easy to keep big while being off gear doing those two ] a pro is pretty darn tough......lots of costs, risks , and decisions. Shawn Ray[even though he is hated by many ] and Milos have been two of the best at maintaining a high level look while maintaining an attractive physique for along time. Shawn finally said fuck it and just decided it was too hard  and become a regular looking guy.[who could blame him.......he might be a selfish prick .....I don't know the man ........but the man's was smart and was a pro like Richie or labrada that understood how to be a pro ......most don't and get nothing in the end]

     So van [ you are a straight up guy which I like ] I hope that answers your questions.......anymore I would be happy to contribute if things stay positive...
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   Hey Beast ,I won't get into a pissing match with you or start disrespecting you either[like you like to do for some reason I don't understand ]. But you are incorrect about a couple things, and I would like you to go back and please see where .First , I never made any threats here .Something I had done long ago was brought up by another board member [ a friend of mine coming to my defense [TP4U]....... I wish he hadn't mentioned anything , but appreciate his loyality ] and Dante spoke up I believe and  just said I was for real .[ that was all .......again I wish nothing had been mentioned . I know better than to come on getbig and try to be a bad ass will get slammed from all angles and frankly ,not my idea of a good time] Second , have a mod check the ip 's[ although my ip is buffered [computer guys will know what this means ,maybe under a different term] abit if you know what that means .....but the general area is correct   ......he and I are  600 miles apart ]  I have known Dante since 93 . He as good a person as you would hope to find.[why does everyone attack the guy here ?] He generally loves to help people and has a true  passion for bbing. [ he is the kind of guy that will help you if you get a flat , buy a homless guy a meal , or help out a lost dog in traffic in a rain strom ] The fact that you would think a grown man would create a fake account and threaten folks makes me think you must be a young guy. But I assure you, I am not Dante .........I stopped posting here ......simple ....because everythime I do someone has something smart ass to say or attacks it . I like this board .It is entertaining [some good people here as well ]. But I am not here to be a tough guy , throw insults /smart ass remarks , to make other people  feel bad , or even to aurgue. When I come to a board .I choose to learn , share , and support . That is why I post at another board .But you are surely wrong on both subjects and should be a man  enough to admit so .Maybe even appoligize?

      Also guys , why do you guys care what so and so takes ? [most of you don't want to go to that extreme anyway ....right ?]How does their gear use  matter to you then? Do you really want to justify to yourselves that you are  not Jay or Ronnie just because you don't take 3 grams of gear a week ? If so , then why not try it and see what happens ? If you want to see what your genes hold for you . Simple . Do everything right for a couple of years .[ diet perfect for your goals,heavy basic progressive training ,lots of good sleep /rest .......and I mean perfect......not half assed ] Then see if you enjoy the sport as much as when you first started your quest. If you have any genetics at all [and did things right ],you should  have built a pretty darn good physique by then totally drug free . From there ,decide what makes sense . Can you justify risking your health, freedom ,and spending the money to pursue the competive physique? If you can , then go forward .This is your choice to make as a man . But once you add gear it is a very hard step backwards [take it from someone that knows this personally]

      If you do you use gear ,sure it should be a progessive type type venture and it will be. Your first cycle [if done right will yield your most gains, then after you will be chasing those gains for as long as you use gear. Kind of like a crack addict chases that first high for as they are using]  I understand  why a competitor like TP4U would want to know exact proticals and such to keep informed with the jones so to speak . But understand , gear use is a very individual thing and response differs greatly . The more you take the more sides you have to counter .I tend to have to agree with Milos here [and Dante ] .Think about it logically. Ronnie could not possibly had the long carreer that he has had if  he had been pushing the evelope this whole time .No freaking way !!!  Same with any of these guys ,like Milos . No way . But look at guys that crash and burn from Europe and South America . They clearly aren't taking their time progressively getting better and getting a good natural base . Many are  just plain getting obsessive and pushing the evelope because drugs are relatively cheap /legal in their respective countries  and they love the attention they get from being a freak .

     The sport lost it's virtue when it started acting like a sport ,instead an expression of health and  art . In sports poeple play to win . It is about pushing the evelope .It is about getting bigger and better . Good guys simply play the game smart from the get go . Start with a cycle of 250 - 500mgs of test.........then maybe add 200 mgs of eq or deca to that the next time ........then bump the dosages a little ......then maybe add an oral to that ......when you get to 1000- 1500mgs of total gear a week ......add gh .........after a year or so of that maybe add some insulin ...........another year add igf-1 or up the dosage ..then try some site inject or synthol for weak bps.......Do  see  what I am saying ?  If you want a career like Shawn or Milos it is about using the drugs as a tool and slow steady progression. Your body will tell you when it has had enough [ kind of like what is happening to Branch , Ruel , and Ronnie now ]  Drugs are  a tool , not the means  to an end . The guys that see it the other way around are in for a rude awakening.[many gym/internet bbers /pro wresterlers   have this short lived expensive type thought process and pay a price in the long or the short run for it .If drugs are your answer you will not ever carry a nice healthy physique throughout the duration of your life......and shouldnt that be the whole idea weither you compete or not ?]

       My final words on this subject , are this . In my expirience I wish I hadnt gone down that road , but I am far from anti drug. [and I would never think to put someone down for making that choice ] The sport is no different from society .There are many fucked up people involved in it for the wrong reasons. [ lots of selfish insecure people that are drawn to the bbing lifestyle] You aren't not going to get many straight answers on this subject ,although I honestly have tried . Dante and Milos are being pretty honest from all that I have seen . Why you guys are confused is because of  all the lies  and bs that is out there on the net now  .[ nothing is ever explained either in Flex that a guy does 20 sets for his arms now ......but what you don't see is when he put on nearly all his size on he was doing only 6 sets ,same goes with drug use ] The guys you see that shrink so bad ,quit training period , eat like shit , and probably didnt achieve a good natural base before using gear...........gear is a huge part of the look that is in today doubt .....but the guys that did it right and the longest use drugs as a tool and not a means to the end .....there aren't any real secrets to the equation. Most of the guys here are pretty smart sift though the bs and make intelligent choices for yourself .Worrying about anyone else is not going help you or do you any good anyway .............
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  Bay you are a cool guy ,very bright , with good insight on lots of things. We will have train sometime. I am in Sac and  I am in the Bay often. And if I could be attracted to a man , I so would ......I bet the dark side could be a whole lot of[I guess i am not wired that and i probably would be happier if I was]

    Trab......thanks for the heads up........I just think women think that the power of their sexually gives them a god given right to be taken care of .American women are the worst ,and play this  to their fullest advantage. [from what I understand there are gay players too .......but women are just the is a wepon to them in alot of ways ....I work in the sex industry so I would know behind the scenes....ha ha] I don't understand  thisway of thinking . I think sex is ment for pleasure ,not to gain some kind of advantage . It seems that the majority of gay men understand this, and i respect them for this. Sex shouldn't always about love ,respect ,or entitlement . It  should be about enjoyment,release , and escape ............but trab ,I will surely take your advice someday .......most I love tiny
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