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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Anyone that thinks Lebron is > than MJ needs to watch ESPN 30 for 30 tonight on: April 18, 2014, 09:54:30 AM
Dennis Rodman was a special player.  At his best he could dominate a game with just his rebounding.  Also, being that size and being able to guard guys like Karl Malone, Barkley and Shaq, crazy.  The dude was fun to watch.

Yes, he was. He was so clever and crafty with way he could position himself to get loose balls and rebounds. Stepping on his opponents' feet or grabbing one of their arms before they would jump. The guy could jump like a pogo stick. Incredible basketball IQ with exceptional court awareness. He really knew how to get inside his opponents' head. The way he could toy with Alonzo Mourning and Shaq was gold. Averaged 18.7 boards one year. Amazing for a guy who was 6'6".
2  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: All things LA Lakers on: April 17, 2014, 01:54:18 PM
I don't hate Kobe....I agree with you...he is a throwback to the old days....his will to win is second to none. But first the achilles injury then the knee injury back to back....As an athlete your mind tells you one thing but the body doesn't exactly cooperate once you hit a certain age.

I just don't think you'll see top flight free agents clamoring to come play with Kobe at this stage of his career. Pau should've been traded a long time ago and now a good return in trade value for him has expired, I think. I think the only reason Pau hasn't been traded yet is that Kobe has such a hard-on for him.
3  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: All things LA Lakers on: April 17, 2014, 01:29:11 PM
Yes.  They should have hired Phil.  Huge mistake.  I don't blame him for the injuries, but he did a lousy job even without the injuries.  

I don't fault Mitch Kupchak for much of anything.  I think Jim Buss was the reason they hired D'Antoni over Phil.  Kupchak has done a phenomenal job.  I think trading Blake was a mistake, but I'm a believer in him as a GM.  And he has the championships to prove it.  

If by "past his prime self-centered ball hog" you mean the five-time champion Kobe, that isn't factual at all.  Kobe had one of the best years of his career in 2012 and he missed the entire 2013-14 season, so no, he's not to blame in any way for the reason the Lakers suck.  He's the reason they made the playoffs last year.  

The personnel, when healthy, was actually not bad.  Not a contender, but not a lottery team either.  

I don't doubt Kobe's determination. But I think he's shot. Missing this amount of time due to injuries at his age....I think he's nearly done.

And it's not as if Howard would have stayed if Jackson was the coach last year. Howard is a head case prima donna and simply did like playing with Kobe. He was gone no matter what.

This is going to be a painful rebuilding process with Kobe in the final stages of his career. It's not going to be pretty. They've had their time in the sun. And now it's over and it will be for years, sorry to say. Just my .02. It's not like Lebron or Carmelo are coming to L.A. Sure, the draft will be talented but there's no guarantee that they land a marquee talent to build around while Kobe is still relevant.

The Lakers will be reminicent of the Wizards of 2002-2003 with an ageing Michael Jordan and a crappy supporting cast.
4  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ground Beef: 80% or 90% on: April 17, 2014, 11:38:43 AM
When you guys eat ground beef, do you spend the extra money for the leaner meat? I have decided to save money and just eat the 80% lean beef. The price of ground meat is not cheap anymore. I think that the 80% tastes better anyway.

If I feel like spending the extra money; I'll just get a Sirloin, Top Round, or Flank Steak

You get what you pay for. The 90% is better for you, usually in smaller portions per ounce, and more expensive but the 80% is more flavorful because of the excess fat.

Meat prices are going bonkers right now and will continue to rise.
5  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: All things LA Lakers on: April 17, 2014, 11:34:51 AM
Is D'Antoni fired yet??

You really think he's the problem? Blame it on the GM, a past his prime self-centered ball hog and the shitty personnel. D'Antoni is an up tempo coach with an oft-injured PG he wishes was 8 years younger from his Phoenix days.

6  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Wrestling Board / Re: Will there ever be another Rock, Stone Cold or Hogan on: April 17, 2014, 09:04:17 AM
it's amazing i guess fans want to see the everyman make it big. they look in the mirror and they see daniel bryan is just like them. he has no real look unless you consider a goatboy a good look. mike skills are good not excellent. but his ring skills are a 10 just hope he doesn't end up like dynamite kid or even worse chris benoit.

He's only in his early 30's but having a wrestling style like his could mean a short career and future injuries. He takes a lot of hard bumps.
7  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Caption this height realization (of peacefully dyed hair). on: April 16, 2014, 06:53:10 AM
That's what im saying. Dude is a fucking winner yet he's still so insecure that he wears lifts, has fake hair and juices like he competes.

Its fucking sad.

It's called Hollywood. In case you haven't noticed, he's still making movies. So is Arnold. They have to maintain a look that translates somewhat well on the big screen.

Insecurities aside, you would probably be surprised what other celebrities wear lifts, wear wigs, and juice who are a lot younger than Sly and Arnold.
8  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 15, 2014, 12:36:50 PM
There are others in the NBA with degrees, but they are not necessarily superstars:  Grant Hill (recently retired), Derek Fisher, Shane Battier, J.J. Reddick, etc.  What you typically find is the same kind of person.  Unlikely to see those guys at a night club at 3 a.m. with a loaded weapon in their pocket. 

I agree with Barkely too.  They do it in the NFL (must be three years out of high school).  Don't see why they cannot do it in the NBA. 

But I doubt anything changes. 

I think that mainly has to do with the physicallity differences between the two sports. A young athlete has to have that physical maturity after age 20 to endure the rigors of pro football. But I think the same argument should be made for pro basketball too which supports Barkley's opinion.
9  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 15, 2014, 12:07:23 PM
A few hours in a meeting will not compensate for a failure to provide a kid with proper training during his formative years.  It's too late already. 

My pie in the sky solution is to make a college degree a prerequisite to playing major professional sports.  Will never happen, but it would prevent a lot of this stuff IMO.  Look at the knuckleheads in professional sports.  How many of them have college degrees?  I've never looked at the percentages, but I'd be willing to bet the overwhelming majority of professional athletes who actually finished school rarely show up on the police blotter.   

LOL.....Earning millions of dollars will always trump an education. I do agree with your opinion of athletes with degrees not getting in trouble with the law.

An interesting parallel is the NBA. Charles Barkley's opinion is that college basketball players should stay at least 3 years, if not try to attain their degree. No more high school players jumping straight to the pro level or no more one and done college players. He thinks the quality of the NBA games would be much better because the rookies coming in would have a much more defined skill set to their game and would be more physically mature. I agree with this.

Unfortunately, this will never happen either. The only NBA player with a four year degree that I can think of that is a true superstar(or at least used to be) is Tim Duncan. He's 38 years old and a 17 year veteran. What does that tell you? lol
10  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ultimate Warrior eye rolling thread on: April 15, 2014, 10:19:02 AM
It's nice to see the wrestling geeks sticking together.


Juicing into your early 50's and one day soon defecating all of your vital organs.....hahahaaaa
11  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: backne update pictor on: April 15, 2014, 09:38:59 AM
You will never get rid of that backne as long as you're using steroids. It's in your genetic predisposition. No woman wants to look at that disgusting shit on your back, no matter how ripped, tan or big you get.

Your back still looks like a supreme topping pizza. I'm sure you're face isn't that much better, complexion wise.
12  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 15, 2014, 08:38:42 AM
I don't know what is wrong with him. 

Wait.  Actually I do know what part of the problem might be.  I've said for years that taking a kid with poor life training and turning him into an overnight millionaire is a recipe for disaster.  I remember Lawrence Taylor talking about how his drug habit started because he was walking about with six figures spending money and didn't find a productive way to spend the money. 

These kids have no oversight.  Nobody telling them "no."  Surrounded by leaches. 

I don't know if this kid had poor life training, but that could be part of the problem (along with the money). 

The thing about the life training is that these atheltes, especially the rookies, do receive life training at these rookie symposiums. Whether it's financial advice or advice from police officers reagrding the law, the guys do get exposed to these realities from the very start. It's up to them as to whether or not they want to heed these advices or think they are above all that. There is a % of the world population that are just plain stupid knuckleheads and always find themselves in trouble. A small number of pro athletes can and will fall under that %. These are young men who are about to earn millions of dollars and have no idea how to mentally prepare for that.

What ever happened to being just plain stupid or crazy? Enough with the excuses for his behavior or any other knucklehead.
13  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 14, 2014, 01:43:49 PM
Phenomenal talent on the field but a .10 brain off of it.
14  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ultimate Warrior eye rolling thread on: April 14, 2014, 12:51:49 PM
Totally agree... Wrestling stats are all seriously overblown it's not even funny... UW was a legit 6' footer, no way more than that, and around 240lbs for him seems correct, no way 275... Triple H is around 6'1.5, 6'2 morning probably, no more than that... Peak Hulk Hogan was 6'5-6'6...

Thank you...I'm glad someone agreed with me. It's laughable how much wrestlers beef up their bodyweights for their characters. Randy Savage for example, was billed between 235-240 and I doubt he was heavier than 205-210. For one, he had really skinny legs. And when I met him as a kid, my father was easily 2-3 inches taller than he was and he's a legit 6'2".

And I don't care what anyone way Austin weighed 265 for his appearance at wrestlemania 30. If you believe that, I have some beachfront property to sell you on the North Pole.
15  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Wrestling Board / Re: Sting signs with WWE on: April 14, 2014, 07:15:58 AM
He's 55 years old, right? It's a good thing his gimmick allows him to wear face paint because he must look old as fuck these days.
16  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 14, 2014, 07:10:34 AM
49ers are having a great offseason.....Kapernick, Culliver, and now Aldon Smith.....
17  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Damn RIP Ultimate Warrior... on: April 11, 2014, 07:09:15 PM
you're welcome...

18  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Chuck Norris is still badass on: April 11, 2014, 10:31:10 AM
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Jesus Christ....the back shoulder hair on Chuck in this video is disgusting... Lips sealed
19  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ultimate Warrior eye rolling thread on: April 11, 2014, 08:13:42 AM
Pro wrestling does often over bill the characters weight but generally only by about 10 pounds. No way would they say Warrior was 275 if he weighed less than 250. You really have to see these guys in the flesh to appreciate how big they are. Early in his career I'd say Warrior was in the high 260's.

For example, Stone Cold Steve Austin weighed 252 through his entire career and he has said that was legit. He now weighs around 265 and has said he is trying to cut back down to 252. And Triple H was always billed as 265 and probably weighed 255ish. Warrior easily had 15-20 pounds on him.

Plus Hogan in the eighties was easily close to 300. He was well over 6'5 and wasn't completely lean either.

Bear in mind Ali was 6'3 and a large man in his own right.

Of course they would! Why wouldn't they? it's not that big of a decrepancy.

lol...there is no way Austin weighs 265 right now! Are you serious? He is no were near as large now as he was when he was wrestling. He's almost 50 years old. No way he was even 250 when he made his appearance on WM 30.

And I have seen these guys in person and yes...they are big men no doubt....but wrestler's weights get billed far more than 10 pounds on average.
20  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ultimate Warrior eye rolling thread on: April 11, 2014, 06:42:27 AM
No, he was a legit 275-ish. The man was around 6'2" and very heavily muscled. Not a stretch. I'm six and weigh about the same after 27 years of weight training. But I'm also drug-free (and not as lean, obviously), so it's not tough to imagine a gassed man two inches taller who had been massively involved in bodybuilding/weight training for well over a decade was this bodyweight.

Plus, as I said in a previous post, my friends saw him train in my then-gym way, way back, and they said he was EVERY BIT of 275. And they'd know. Said he made all the BB pros (Henderson Thorne, etc.) and other WWF (WWE at the time) wrestlers there look deflated and puny.  

Sorry...not buying it. It's not as if he stepped on a scale for you in person. I realize he was heavily muscled but looks can be deceiving when making a guess on someone's bodyweight. There's a wrestler's character billed weight and there is his actual bodyweight.  

I'll say 250 pounds, tops. He wasn't 25 pounds shy of being a 300 pounder. No chance. I don't think he was 6'2" either. More like 6 foot or 6 foot one. Triple H was easily a few inches taller than Warrior, for example and he's at least 6 foot 3.

But agree to disagree. I'm sure Hulk Hogan was 302 pounds, right?  Roll Eyes
21  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ultimate Warrior eye rolling thread on: April 10, 2014, 04:59:32 PM
Warrior was always around 275 in his prime.

That's his 'wrestler' weight. I doubt he weighed over 240.
22  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Wrestling Board / Re: Wyatt's over big time on: April 10, 2014, 03:27:05 PM

lol...I give Goldust some credit though...still a very capable wrestler in the ring despite his older age. He has that Dusty fat gene in his genetics but has kept his weight down too.
23  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Wrestling Board / Re: Wyatt's over big time on: April 10, 2014, 01:03:40 PM
Gimmicks like Fandango's have no depth. That's why they fizzle so quickly. The same with Damien Sandow.

Fandango: Look at how well I can dance.

Sandow: look at how smart I am.

Bray Wyatt can't be described so easily.

What do you think of Wade Garrett's new gimmick? That was a heel favored crowd on Raw but they really liked him squashing Mysterio.
24  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: i cant believe biggie smalls was only 24 on: April 10, 2014, 12:58:45 PM
what the fuck

how tall was him

i'm somehow doubting he was actually that well hung and sexually powerful as he pretend to be in his songs

6' 1"
25  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Sports Discussion Boards / Re: Niners on: April 10, 2014, 12:34:39 PM
from Espn:

Cops investigate Kaepernick, others

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and two other NFL players are being investigated by Miami police for an incident earlier this month at a Miami hotel.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezThe 49ers say they are aware of an investigation of Colin Kaepernick and others by Miami police.

Police, contacted Thursday afternoon, confirmed that there is an investigation but would not describe or categorize the exact nature of what police are looking into.
No arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed.
According to an incident report filed with Miami police on Friday, an unnamed woman said she had an encounter with Kaepernick, 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette on April 1 at the Viceroy hotel in downtown Miami. The woman told police she spent time with the three players, drinking and smoking marijuana in Lockette's apartment and eventually ending up in a bedroom with Kaepernick.
According to the report, she told police both of them removed their clothes but did not have sex. Kaepernick eventually left the room. The woman also told police, according to the report, that Patton and Lockette later opened the door and "peeked" into the room but closed the door and left after the woman told them to get out. She told police she could not remember anything after that. reported earlier Thursday that Kaepernick is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault, according to law enforcement sources. Those sources told TMZ that the investigation is in its "beginning stages."
However, police would not confirm that or characterize the incident or nature of the investigation when contacted by ESPN.
49ers general manager Trent Baalke, in a statement released Thursday, said the team is aware of the report and "is in the process of gathering the pertinent facts."
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