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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Bodybuilder almost gets mauled by leopard on: June 17, 2010, 12:21:28 PM
.... no it doesn't... not by a long shot... humans are hypocrites and back stabbers and just plain dual faced... animals are straight forward honest.

If you walk down the street nobody acknowledges you.... if you walk down the street and you are tiger woods, everyone thinks you are special and wonderfull... this is how people work... or, when a ctastrophy comes and you start being a heroe, THEN people consider you something. People commit genocide's in the name of good...  Roll Eyes

Animals do everything honestly, they kill because they want to kill, they don't try to mask it with excuses, same goes to everything else... but humans don't do this.

So I don't think a specie like that is even close to be considerred more important than animals.

"Animals are straight foward honest" What about snakes or black cats?

2  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: Strikeforce: Los Angeles June 16 11pm ET on: June 16, 2010, 01:08:08 PM
You must gain acceptance on this board before making such hostile demands. 

Post topless pic of your gf and we will grant access to the fight.

Lol Grin Marty with the PARTY! MARTY! MARTY! MARTY!
3  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Anyone ever go on a Carnival Cruise? on: June 07, 2010, 12:25:46 PM
Its ok the first few days then it gets kinda boring. Some of the food is okay most of it is crap. Shore excursions don't have to be bought from carnival, excursions are offered by the native people for cheaper and they are more fun. All around its a decent experience.
4  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Roy Jones just got knocked out on: December 03, 2009, 08:20:46 PM
Most of these fighters were world champions at the time he fought them or they were former world champions. Back in the day Roy Jones jr. was da man.
5  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Jay "Fridge" Cutler : the worst Mr O EVER! on: September 27, 2009, 07:21:41 AM
Jay just has a wider bone structure in general. His v-taper is still insane!!
6  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Man vs. food on: August 05, 2009, 07:38:02 PM
Alex23 vs food!!!!!

7  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski Set to Make MMA Debut on: August 05, 2009, 01:27:11 PM
4th degree green belt? WTF?
8  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: TORRES IS READY TO SHUT MAYWEATHER UP on: July 30, 2009, 03:28:10 PM
Torres shouldn't box mayweather for three rounds, then kickbox for 3 rounds, etc. I doubt Torres could survive one round of boxing with Mayweather.
9  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Bush Destroys Obama when it come to... on: July 15, 2009, 10:41:35 AM
Bush was a coke head party boy whose dad happened to be the president.
10  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Boxing is dead on: July 14, 2009, 07:56:19 PM

No shit.  Why don't pro hockey players switch over to baseball and make tens of millions?  Hmm. maybe they like to play hockey  Roll Eyes  Boxing is dead to the general public.  No one gives a shit.

Hockey and baseball have nothing in common. Maybe you could compare ice hockey to street hockey, that would be a better example. MMA and boxing are have similiar attritbutes. Boxing sells more and that's why they can afford to pay the fighter millions. MMA on the other hand, using the major organizations UFC and Affliction as examples, can't afford to pay the best MMA fighter that ever lived more that a million dollars a fight because they don't sell that many tickets or pay-per-views.
11  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Boxing is dead on: July 14, 2009, 07:43:23 PM

If you think a boxer is more athletic then Anderson Silva, Gsp etc you're more dellisional then Kamali.

Mayweather, Pacman, and Roy Jones Jr. are more athletic. GSP and Silva are very athletic, I give you that. However if they are so athletic why aren't they making millions in pro boxing? They simply don't have the athletic ability or maybe they enjoy MMA more.
12  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Boxing is dead on: July 14, 2009, 12:39:46 PM
I would say it takes more skill to be a very good mma artist, boxing, BJJ, wrestling etc, then it takes to become a good boxer.. Smiley

Now Im talking about a black belt bjj guy etc. Not your average tapout fighter lol.

Unless your name is Bj penn it takes years and years to become a legit black belt under for example the gracie family.

And ALOT of ufc fighers are legit black belts.

It takes more athletic ability to become a great boxer than a great MMA artist.
13  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Pictures of Members & More / Re: Is this MINDSPIN? on: July 09, 2009, 01:04:44 PM
Dude, my mom, wife, and all my neighbors are on my FB.  No shenanigans going on there...

Make a second FB profile for hot chicks on the side bro.  Wink
14  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: UFC --100--- One week away and counting on: July 06, 2009, 03:49:42 PM
Brock is gonna get subbed again.
15  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Just started a dream journal... on: July 06, 2009, 03:42:18 PM
Carl Jung was an advocate of keeping a dream journal. Look for reoccuring themes or circles. Never let someone else interpert you dreams. Read Jung's work. Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.
16  Getbig Main Boards / The Getbiggers Board - The Circus or the Zoo / Re: Since True Adonis doesn't work, what does he do to survive? Are his parents on: July 06, 2009, 03:27:31 PM
Problem is it does come with some crazyness; as I posted before she is extremely gifted but borderline psychotic; she has that sixth sense to get in people's head; no wonder she is in public relations and doing extremely well. She would kill on here and own like never before; put a spin on everything.

She would make Ron cry.

Is she fat too?
17  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: The TRUE natural limit? on: June 26, 2009, 12:28:07 PM
For my eyes I looked like shit at 18 years old (the picture above). For your eyes that physique looks pretty you think I wasn't natural. No problem. We're different. For me: shit. For you: good.

But did see yet my next years pics ('steve namat at 18' thread)? Something happened...  Roll Eyes

What could you have improved on?
18  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: howard stern show posedown on: June 26, 2009, 12:17:17 PM
Where's beet?
19  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 2009 NPC Junior Cal - Jay Cutler guest posing video on: June 23, 2009, 10:35:10 AM
Jay seems like a humble, classy guy. His physique looks good enough to win the olympia
20  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: Fedor vs. a prime Mark Kerr on: June 05, 2009, 09:15:56 PM
What game plan does he have against a stronger, more athletic, all american wrestler opponent?
21  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Re: Fedor vs. a prime Mark Kerr on: June 05, 2009, 06:52:03 AM
thanks, what makes fedor so good?
22  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) / Fedor Thread on: June 04, 2009, 06:05:37 PM
Who wins?  Huh
23  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sexy female bbuilders on: May 13, 2009, 01:44:41 PM
24  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: What is the science behind why there is a limit to muscle mass for natural? on: May 07, 2009, 05:43:02 AM
Very few people ever reach the natural limit, there are so many things you can do in order to gain muscle mass.
25  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Nutrition, Products & Supplements / Re: The most nutrient dense, healthiest food in the world on: May 07, 2009, 05:07:13 AM
Question, does it make a difference nutrition wise if you cook spinach or not?
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