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6376  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Pro Bodybuilding Weekly: Toney Freeman 08-28-06 on: August 27, 2006, 11:54:36 PM
Toney Freeman on PBW!
Bodybuilding talk radio returns on Monday night as Dan & Bob take a look back at the IFBB's Europa Supershow.  The worldwide broadcast will feature a conversation with champion Toney Freeman.  Pro Bodybuilding Weekly broadcasts LIVE on Monday for a worldwide audience at 8pm EST (5pm pst). Broadcasting at www.ProBodybuildingWeekl 
6377  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Ron - re King Kamali! Time to apoligize! on: August 27, 2006, 11:28:38 PM
Ron can you apologize to US for shamelessly endorsing the 17th placed King?

King placed 17th??? Were you at the same show I was??? I am pretty sure he placed 11th - get your facts right!

I dont know how much money or what have you he offered but you can cut ties with him now, he WAS a bodybuilder....Just apologize and we shall make believe it never happened

King never offered anything, but it was so much fun seeing you guys get riled up that it was quite entertaining. Predictions are predictions. Before Saturday morning, I think 95% off everyone I spoke to thought Darrem would win it.

Ron, one word, "LASIK"

Hahaha - perhaps.

I mean typically, the only time any Pros speak to Ron is when they see him at a show and then its hey lets take this photo and hook me up with some protein bars and thanks bro. So imagine having former superstar Pro King Kamali calling you every day to rap about "the biz" and "Oh, by the way Ron, it'd be sweet if you could help me build back up my hype machine...I promise you I won't let you down...This is it brother...BEST SHAPE EVER"

King Kamali calls as much as other pros call - and since I tend to verify information before I post it as news, of course I call various people in the industry. As for the pros talking, I think you would be a little amazed at how little is written on various pro on what we talk about. As for photos, you are right. Any show I got to, I take the pictures for fans, like I am one. As for King Kamali calling every day, ah - no. About as much as others call. As for protein bars, let them get there own - I saw a few of them swipe some from the vendors at the show.

So Ron fell victim to the King's undue influence and jumped aboard the hype machine for its last ride. And thereby has lost the last drop of credibility he had.

Well - unlike many others, I will make predictions for entertainment and discussion. With anything that can happen on contest day, most often I will be wrong then right.  I remember trying to get someone predict the top 10 at the Olympia. So far, the best that anyone has over done, with over 8,000 entries last year, was the top 7, and that was one person. And less than 1% got the top 5. Go ahead, put your mouth and give me your predictions on the Olympia soon. I am counting on it in a few weeks, once the Atlantic City Pro is done.

Now as for King, sitting with Dan Solomon during prejudging, I must admit, after seeing the competition, that King's midsection (obliques) were still large, and because of that, it greatly affects his performance. I had him in 9th-10th place (when he did his mantadories, they were good), but you just can't stop seeing the midsection. Especially after the competition.

As for Special Ed, too bad you can't make predictions, but I guess, you cant take the heat either. That is fine. I dont have a problem with it.
6378  Getbig Womens Area / Figure, Bikini and Fitness Discussions / Europa Super Show Scorecard Results on: August 27, 2006, 10:58:46 PM
Well, this was a great fun weekend! Thanks to all!


1 Tanji Johnson USA 10 7 7 12 36 
2 Mindi O'Brien Canada 18 18 14 8 58 
3 Julie Palmer USA 6 9 32 42 89 
4 Amy Haddad USA 22 24 50 51 147 
5 Angela Monteleone-Semsch USA 23 25 44 59 151 
6 Stacy Simons USA 44 40 25 42 151 
7 Julie Lohre USA 38 47 55 31 171 
8 Kendra Elias USA 63 62 32 29 186 
9 Bethany Gainey USA 31 51 80 33 195 
10 Sandra Wickham Canada 65 60 26 44 195 
11 Katie Szep USA 62 44 54 41 201 
12 Trish Warrren USA 38 25 64 75 202 
13 Amy Huber USA 44 58 45 68 215 
14 Lorie Kimes USA 60 63 54 69 246 
15 Karen Walcott-Williams Trinidad 79 76 60 48 263 
16 Bridgette Murray USA 80 79 57 61 277 
17 Jane Prado Brazil 75 80 68 66 289 
18 Jennifer Cassety USA 80 79 80 75 314 
19 Sandie Weaver-Ward USA 80 80 78 80 318


1 Amanda Savall USA 8 5 13 
2 Michelle Adams USA 13 10 23 
3 Julie (DJ) Wallis USA 14 18 32 
4 Bernadette Galvan USA 20 21 41 
5 Latisher Wilder USA 20 22 42 
6 Kate Shelby USA 33 26 59 
7 Pauline Nordin Sweden 39 41 80 
8 Christine Wan USA 38 43 81 
9 Amy Peters USA 54 41 95 
10 Kristen Nicewarmer USA 46 51 97 
11 Jennette Guenther USA 46 77 123 
11 Mavis Tazzi USA 66 57 123 
13 Erica Davidson USA 80 51 131 
14 Petra Merti Czech 68 72 140 
15 Lisa Morton USA 71 70 141 
16 Leslie Morris USA 68 78 146 
17 Anna Larsson Sweden 80 71 151 
18 Ines Jimenez-Salazar Costa Rica 80 77 157 
19 June Munroe USA 79 80 159 
20 Jennifer Becerra USA 80 80 160 
20 Natalie Benson USA 80 80 160 
20 Natasha Brown Bahamas  80 80 160 
20 Thais Cabrices-Werner Venezuela 80 80 160 
20 Juliana Malacarne Brazil  80 80 160 
20 Arina Manta Australia  80 80 160 
20 Elvimar Sanchez Venezuela 80 80 160 

Women's Bodybuilding

1 Heather Foster USA 16 10 7 33 
2 Dena Westerfield USA 20 14 15 49 
3 Colette Nelson USA 34 9  13 56 
4 Tazzie Colomb USA 34 24 21 79 
5 Jeannie Paparone USA 46 26 22 94 
6 Kimberly Perez USA 68 35 27 130 
7 Gina Davis USA 78 39  117 
8 Maria Calo Argentina 90 37  127 
9 Kim Buck USA 82 62  144 
10 Angela Debatin Brazil 110 48  158 
11 Antoinette Norman USA 122 39  161 
12 Vicki Nixon USA 120 64  184 
13 Sarah Dunlap USA 136 64  200 
14 Monika Johansson Sweden 138 63  201 
15 Robin Parker USA 138 67  205 
16 Klaudia Larson Sweden 152 73  225 
17 Elizabeth Meza Gomez Venezuela 160 80  240 
17 Aurelia Grozajova Slovakia 160 80  240 
17 Mary Ellen Jerumbo USA 160 80  240 
17 Jana Linke-Sippi Austria 160 80  240 
17 Maryse Manios France 160 80  240 
17 Nathalie Abellan France 160 80  240

Men's Bodybuilding

1 Toney Freeman USA 14 5 5 24 
2 Quincy Taylor USA 26 10 10 46 
3 Johnnie Jackson USA 32 15 15 62 
4 Darrem Charles Trinidad 26 19 19 64 
5 Art Atwood USA 48 25 25 98 
6 Silvio Samuel Spain 66 36 30 132 
7 Dennis Wolf Germany 74 43  117 
8 Marcus Haley USA 80 40  120 
9 George Farah USA 88 49  137 
10 Joel Stubbs Bahamas 96 55  151 
11 King Kamali USA 114 47  161 
12 Rodney St. Cloud USA 122 54  176 
13 Idrise Ward-El USA 130 68  198 
14 Frank Roberson USA 140 63  203 
15 Lyndon Belgrave Barbardos 136 71  207 
17 Tricky Jackson USA  160 80  240 
17 Nathan Wonsley USA 160 80  240 
17 Roland Huff USA 160 80  240 
17 George Tumon USA 160 80  240 
16 David Fisher USA 156 76  232 
17 Shehab Eldin Netherlands 160 80  240 
DNF JoJo Ntiforo USA 160 

6379  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 23, 2006, 10:57:07 PM

All i can say is Saturday will be vastly interesting at the Europa show in Dallas...

In the house will be King Kamali, George Farah, Lee Priest, Bob Cicherillo, Dan Solomon, and much more... so many stories to talk about - it should be a great weeked.  Discussion, without resorting to malicious bashing is always interesting...

6380  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 23, 2006, 04:23:13 PM
Ok we can end arguement SPOKE to Robin we got on fine and all is sorted out.No Problem.

Excellent. See how easy it is with Robin. Takes care of everything. See you at the Europa Super Show on Saturday. Bring some friends Smiley

6381  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 23, 2006, 12:39:16 PM

Ok - solution

Lee pays last years personal use ticket for $423.00
AMI pays this years ticket of $423 for his flight
AMI pays this years hotel room.


Lee pays this years ticket of $423 for his flight
AMI pays this years hotel room

Simple as that...

This reminds me of a fraternity meeting - six hours to come up with a simple solution that everybody will say it not that simple.
6382  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 22, 2006, 10:42:17 PM
Bob somehow finds Lee at fault (again) and Chang/AMI justified in their actions.. but guess what...Bob is on the AMI payroll!!

Ok - I am not on anyone's payroll, and even myself as a businessman who likes Lee a lot see Lee is wrong here.

Lee should pay for the ticket he used... Robin should pick up this years ticket.

Now this is the best situation. Lee, reimburse AMI the $423 from last year that you used for other travel. It is the right thing to do. And AMI should have the flight as it was (I didnt see it was cancelled anywhere). Also - stop with Lee out of the Olympia. He still is there, he still has the hotel room. The only issue is who pays for the current ticket.

This is absolutely true, anybody who had the chance to deal with Robin will tell you that he has integrity and is just a good person

This is true. Robin has always been a good person and doesnt bull around. I consider him someone that is an excellent person at what he does.  

LOL!  Well Robin Chang can chime in at any time...

Now, Robin is in New York for a few days taking care of business. Normally he is in town in Woodland Hills (Los Angeles). If he said he will call Lee, he will call. But there is nothing to chime in about. How simple can this get.

6383  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 22, 2006, 06:49:32 PM
You are sitting there making up stupid questions for the press conference to bore us all again.

Well - this year, it will be a press conference, if the press actually decide to ask a question. I was guilty of not asking a question either last year.  So this year, after the Montreal show, I will put up a section, for anyone who wants us press guys to ask various questions that are interesting. Should be good and entertaining.

Why is there no thread listing info about the NOC? You have started many about the Olympia which is great but why not one about the NOC.

There have been many threads of the NOC and PDI on this board. Free speech. But the Olympia, a 4-day weekend event with 4 major shows gets into own board. Absolutely.
6384  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 22, 2006, 04:35:01 PM

Once again, what is so hard to understand here. Lee admitted he used the ticket that was supposed to be for the Olympia for personal use. Some $420 worth of credit. So either he reimburses AMI for last years ticket, and they pay this years tickets, or vice versa. This is Business 101 guys!
6385  Getbig Womens Area / Figure, Bikini and Fitness Discussions / Re: Kim Chizevsky on: August 22, 2006, 02:26:58 PM
Kim was very impressive when she competed.  Now, she has the respect of taking care of two little kids, which is a lot of hard work (I know!)

6386  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 22, 2006, 02:00:02 PM
You can't be a threat when the NOC has a less than 50% chance of even taking place

Ok - the NOC will take place in NYC. Let's stop knocking the PDI and the show. And concentrate on the upcoming shows, including this weekend Super Show, and the big Olympia, where its time to have fun! My favorite pictures at the USA is Tre getting smooshed via an Amazon women's breasts, and Tre moaning.

Free Shawn's mom.

Shawn's mom is not in prison. She has been out for a while. Now, again, people's families are off limits, so if you have a question about a mother, father, daughter, son - ask privately. So yes - his mother is free.

The IFBB does not want Lee Priest at the Olympia and if he shows up, he will be escorted out of the building.

Lee nor anyone else will not be kicked out of the Olympia. Anyone can come. Just pay your ticket or expo admission. There is no grounds to escort anyone out of anywhere.

Chang has every right to take action for last year's contract issues. But this is a different contract. Chang should not have offered it to Lee if Chang was unhappy about last year. I don't see where Chang has any legal basis to break the contract here.

Nothing is broken. Simple fact. If Lee wants the ticket, he needs to pay for it, because the credit for that ticket has been used for personal use. It is so simple. I don't care what competitor it is - the same goes for anyone.

No one made it a PDI issue, except for PDI supporters. Oh yes it is a PDI issue.

There is no issue here for the PDI. Simple use of business funds for personal funds, and the need to reimburse the company or just pay for your own ticket this year to cover last years ticket. Simple.

For some reason, the peanut gallery seems to think that as Athletes Rep...My job is to call all 250 athletes every day and see what I can help them out with...

I 100% agree with this statement Bob! You need to, every week, on a daily basis , split up that list into 5 (weekends you get off), and it isnt 250 male competitors, it is about 200, so that is about 40 a day. And you do not get off either because 40% of them are international competitors, they need to be called also.

6387  Getbig Womens Area / Figure, Bikini and Fitness Discussions / 2006 Olympia Prize Money (Figure, Fitness, Female BB) on: August 22, 2006, 12:37:14 AM
Fitness Olympia 
Placing 2006 Prize Money 
1st place $23,000 
2nd place $14,500 
3rd place $9,500 
4th place $6,500 
5th place $4,500 
6th place $2,000

Figure Olympia 
Placing 2006 Prize Money 
1st place $20,000 
2nd place $10,000 
3rd place $8,000 
4th place $4,500 
5th place $3,500 
6th place $2,000 

Ms. Olympia 
Placing 2006 Prize Money 
1st place $30,000 
2nd place $18.000 
3rd place $10,000 
4th place $7,000 
5th place $4,000 
6th place $2,000

6388  Getbig Womens Area / Figure, Bikini and Fitness Discussions / Europa Super Showís Female Friday Preview on: August 22, 2006, 12:35:11 AM

by Isaac Hinds

Ed and Betty Pariso, the promoters of the Europa Super Show, have done a tremendous job of attracting some of the IFBBís top female talent. One of the only shows to hold female bodybuilding it promises to live up to the shows namesake. Not only will some of the top female bodybuilders take the stage, the fitness and figure pros will also get a chance to nab an Olympia qualification. All too often the women take a back seat to the men in the industry but not at this show. Sure we could go on and on about the prize money and all that but letís focus on the positives going into this show.
I trained legs today with the 2005 NPC Colorado overall figure champion, Jennifer Schumm, and while I wonít be competing in any worldís strongest manís contest I can hold my own when it comes to training legs. Wooo big whoop you trained with a cute figure girl, right? Well my point is anyone who thinks figure competitors donít train hard is simply full of shit. I got my ass handed to me and Iíd encourage any keyboard bandit to train with a figure or fitness competitor, they are no joke and deserve some props for training the asses off.

Okay now that Iím done ranting about females training just as hard as men. Letís get into an overview of the women set to compete on Friday. Things kick off at high noon in Dallas for the women.

Womenís Bodybuilding
At the time of writing this there are 25 female bodybuilders set to take the stage. Many female bodybuilders may be familiar with and a few others you havenít heard or seen of in some time. There are a few favorites that I can see in the top 5 but you never know who will be the surprise of the show.

The x-factor in this show is going to be Colette Nelson. I donít think she will be in the top spot, but she could find herself in the top 5. If she is in good condition, which is always her downfall, she will be a threat. She has tremendous shape but can she dial it in? Weíll see this Friday. Sarah Dunlap is also a contender for the top 5 as she was third in the Charlotte Pro and 4th in the New York Pro in 2005.

5. The last couple of years, Antoinette Norman has faired well in the smaller shows. She took 3rd in the Lightweight at the 2004 Night of Champions, 1st at the Charlotte Pro and 2nd at the Lightweight at this show last year. Toni has some crazy hamstrings and usually in top shape.

4. Heather Foster who took the 2000 NPC National Championships and won the 2001 Pro Extravaganza will be knocking on the top 5 door. Like Colette, I donít see her winning this show but I can see her battling it out for an Olympia qualification. She was in 5th place at this show last year and looking to improve on that. Sheís consistently in the top five and look for her to be here again in Texas.

3. Marika Johansson took 4th at this show last year and could slip into the the 3rd place slot this time around. Lonnie Tepper did a video interview with her a couple weeks ago and she looked on track. I could be a bit generous in the third place prediction here but a top 5 slot is in the cards.

2. Kim Perez took second in the Heavyweight division last year to eventually winner Bonny Priest. Kim has some monster delts and should do well in this show with her shape. I see her definitely in the top three and a contender for the top position.

1. This could be a total shocker or I end up completely off base. I am going with Gina Davis to take the whole show in her pro debut. Gina was the overall and Heavyweight winner of the 2004 Nationals. I saw Gina at USAs and she looked great. Will she have rookie jitters or will she take it the stage by storm. This Oklahoma City girl is my top pick.

Twenty-one IFBB fitness pros will take the stage on Friday. The last couple of years the winners have tended to carry a bit more muscle then other show winners. Tracey Greenwood and Mindi OíBrien have both been victorious in the past in Dallas.

Bridgette Newell is always one of the most entertaining women when it comes to the routines but falls short in the physique rounds. Fans will be certain to see another tremendous display of skill from her yet again.
5. Bridgette Murray turned pro last year and has competed once thus far in her rookie season. She has a strong gymnastics background, which is apparent in her routines. Her routines are definitely her strong point. If she can come in a bit leaner then in the past she will do very well here.

4. Stacy Simmons has some of the most baffling moves you will see in a fitness routine. With a very strong gymnastics and dance background it shows throughout her routines. She placed second at this show last year and looking to improve on her 10th place finish at the Fitness International earlier this year.

3. Angela Monteleone-Semsch is a consistent top five competitor the past couple of years. I look for her to move up into the third place slot and secure an Olympia bid at this show. Sheís has a great look and some incredible strength moves.

2. Tanji Johnson should battle it out for the top slot in this show. She is coming off a victory at the All Star Pro Fitness earlier this year. Tanji is a solid competitor and donít be surprised if she collects another first place trophy at this show.

1. Julie Palmer is consistently in the top 5 and looking to add another title to her resume. She won the Charlotte Pro in 2005 and the NY Pro Fitness in 2004. Will she add another victory in 2006? Weíll find out Friday.


There are a number of solid competitors in this line up. There are 25 competitors scheduled to compete in the IFBB Figure division.

Christine Wan will be quarter turnín her way towards a top 5 placing. She is definitely capable of being there and was close in the Motor City show. Another competitor who is one to keep your eye on is Erica Davidson. Sheís a beautiful competitor with an amazing physique. The question is will she be conditioned enough to crack into the top 5. She is certainly capable of it.

5. Natalie Benson is my surprise pick for this show. The vast majority in attendance at this yearís USA competition thought she deserved the Overall title. None of that matters now thatís she is in the big leagues of the IFBB. She is a gorgeous woman, with a super tiny waist and incredible delts. Look for her to be the break out competitor of the year.

4. Latisha Wilder is one of the shorter IFBB figure competitors but that doesnít stop her from having a tremendous presence on stage. She has a great physique and has placed in the top 3, twice this year.

3. DJ Wallis is coming off a second place victory at the Motor City show and will look to stay at the top of the pack. She has a great look and was absent from the stage until this month. A welcome addition to the line up, unless youíre competing against her.

2. Michelle Adams has yet to grace the stage in 2006 but look for her to come out with a bang. Sheíll be coming in looking to qualify and should do so at this show. She hasnít placed above 3rd in a pro show but I look for her to do so this time around.

1. Amanda Savell was the clear cut winner last year and is looking to repeat in 2006. I had a chance to speak with Amanda at the USA championship where she was working for her sponsor, Pinnacle. She looked contest ready there and no doubt in my mind she will hold onto her title on Friday evening.

It will be an interesting show and I look forward to seeing how this show is run. Iíve heard nothing but great things about the venue and the promoters in their efforts. Safe travels everyone and remember no liquids on your carry on luggage.
6389  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 21, 2006, 11:11:38 PM
Bob, you sound like you already have made up your mind and are going to leave Lee out in the cold.

Original Sin, did you read what I wrote on what is going on, and why. Read my previous post.

BTW When you host the Saturday night show with Shawn Ray, take a cattle prod.  When he starts rambling on and taking over the broadcast like he does with the radio show, ZAP him.

Now that is funny - Bob - do you think it will work?
6390  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 21, 2006, 10:54:16 PM
Ok, here are the answers to the questions.

First, AMI pays the flights and the hotel rooms, and unless the competitors requests that he/she wants to get their own flight and get reimbursed, AMI takes care of it. Last year, AMI took care of the flight, and bought a ticket for Lee. Lee cancelled after he signed the contract, and pulled out of the Olympia. AMI still had a ticket for Lee, and once you issue a nonrefundable ticket with someones name on it, you cant get back the money. You can however, extend the ticket for a year or so.

Second, the hotel room for Lee is not cancelled at all. It is there.

Third, when the travel agent went to book the flight for this year, all of a sudden the credit from the ticket wasnít there? What, what you do mean it wasnít there? AMI doesnít buy a ticket for someone until they have a contract with them.

Well, it turned out that Lee had used the credit from the ticket for his and a friendís personal travel sometimes during the year, without reimbursing back AMI, and did not mention a word to AMI when they contacted what flights he wanted for this year. Only when they tried to use the credit did they find out there wasnít any. What the hell?

So the question is now Ė did Lee use the ticket for personal use without telling AMI about it, thus when they tried use the credit for Leeís Olympia flight this year, the credit was gone.

So Lee should reimburse AMI for his personal use, so then they can get another ticket for this yearís Olympia. The ticket from Texas to Vegas was over $400.

Just my opinion.  is anyone else emceeing olympia with Bob?

There are emcees for Friday and Saturday night. This should come out very soon, right Bob...
6391  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 21, 2006, 10:14:36 PM
Who is Robin Chang? Sorry, i must be out of the loop.

Robin Chang is the main guy behind the Olympia and is the Director of the event. Anything that goes via the Olympia, ok expo, shows, press conference, rooms, planes and other questions are directed to him. He has been very helpful in getting all information and answering all questions that are asked. And also is great at listening to all complaints and criticism in making the Olympia better than ever. Also, a nice guy, but choose to stay out of the limelight.

Who knows. I'm sure it'll get really ugly on the boards then get settled really fast. Always does!

Not on this thread. This better stay clean and informative!
6392  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 21, 2006, 09:58:38 PM
You would hope that this situation is exactly what they have a Athletes rep for , to act as a mediator between the parties so the best possible outcome can be reached

I  absolutely agree - this is for the IFBB Athletes rep to take care of - because none of us know what exactly is going on...

6393  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Lee Priest - Robin Chang has cancelled his stuff on: August 21, 2006, 09:47:27 PM
Well it was bound to happen - just been talking to Lee and Robin Chang has cancelled Lee's plane ticket and hotel accommodation and told Jim Manion that if Lee wanted to do the Olympia - he would have to pay his own way !!!!! Interesting considering Lee has already signed the Olympia contract and in it, it stipulates that AMI will pay for the above cancelled items -  Robin Chang claims Lee never reimbursed  them for  flights and hotel accommodation from last year, but the funny thing is they have never asked for reimbursement (until today) all they wanted was a letter of apology which was adhered to by his sponsors!! And get this, Lee paid for his own flights last year and never stayed at the hotel at AMIs expense, he stayed at the Hilton apartments organized and paid by Twinlab!!

First of all, hopefully we can find out exactly what is going on this. Second of all, the IFBB and the promoters AMI are different companies and organizations. They work together on putting on the Olympia, and they can have disagreements. But why cancel the room and plane ticket now instead of two weeks before the show if Lee competes in the PDI.

Now the other issue is flights and accommodations from last year. Did Lee actually sign the contract from last year, and pulled out. What does it say if he pulled out. Did they lose out on airplane fares and hotel rooms, or were they cancelled and used later? This doesnít make sense here.

But I do agree that Bob, the IFBB rep, can handle this, and set the record straight.

Robin Chang owns Getbig now

Cool - thanks for letting me know that. I didn't know that. Wow - your information is so good I am truly impressed. Remind me never to let you choose stocks or horses for anyone.

Is there any other sporting federation (or governing body) that treates its athletes in such a way?

First again, separate the IFBB and AMI (promoters of the Olympia). Second of all - hmmm - record prize money, with the exposure from the Olympia, national recognition, lucrative contracts and so much more.  Someone can break out of the field and with it get the attention. I know of a few companies that are always looking for a few good men.
6394  Getbig Womens Area / Figure, Bikini and Fitness Discussions / Meriza Goncalves Profile and Pics on: August 21, 2006, 09:24:44 PM

Met Meriza earlier in the year here at Lonnie Teper's NPC Jr. California where she was helping a friend get in shape for the show, and also helping out at the Instone booth. We didnt realize how good she was herself.

At the 2006 Los Angeles Champions, she won the A class, and at the 2006 NPC USA's, she placed 2nd in the A class! Congrats!

Here is a profile and pics or Meriza on

6395  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Pro BBing Weekly Play-By-Play: Paul Dillet on: August 21, 2006, 06:27:02 PM

Well - pretty good interview with Paul Dillett - have known Paul for a long time, and Paul always can come with with some good stories, including some that are way too graphic for a family oriented internet radio show.  Paul has had some wild times in his life, in Vegas, with Lee priest, with Chris Cormier, and more...

Here is Paul Dillett with Chris Cormier at where I work sometime in 1995 or so. I wish Paul the best in the Montreal Pro Show, and although Paul has put some pretty big words there, it will be nice to see him in the top three there.

But will Paul pose correctly....
6396  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: This November I hope you get your Pro Card Stan! on: August 20, 2006, 10:29:18 PM

Tatoos? Any symbolic meanings on them? How many?

Three of them. I got my tattoos when I was 18. A friend of mine did them for me. There are no symbolic meanings for me about them. I was young and dumb. One of them are Japanese symbols which translate into 'Live a long life of blood and guts'. Which to me means live hard and train hard. If you work hard, and train hard, it will lead to a long prosperous life.
6397  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Phil Heath guestposing at the bodyrock on: August 20, 2006, 10:14:11 PM
i cant believe that's the same person who won his 1st two pro shows. he looks nothing like he did. most pros look fatter, but at least bigger, and you can see how they'd look if dieted down. phil looks like a guy competing at a local show. he still has nice shape, but fuckking A.

Well - hence the world of a bodybuilder on contest day and on offseason.  For offseason, Phil looks great. The guy just won two pro shows, went to Hawaii and proposed to his girl, and is enjoying with new Met-Rx contract and everything that goes with it. It would be crazy for Phil to stay in contest ready shape in the offseason - for what reason? It only matters on that Saturday on the day of the contest. He is not going to compete at the Olympia, but is instead concentrating on winning the 2007 Arnold Classic, going head to head with Dexter.

dude looks like shit for a professional bodybuilder. i have no idea why all the hype over this kid.

It called conditioning, symmetry, and character. Obviously, he is not a mass monster freak, nor chooses to be. But if he can only get better when he is in contest shape, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

Phil Heath is the "second coming" of Flex Wheeler! The Savior of symmetry and "bodybuilding" has come!!! Why do you think I called him a wannabe Wheeler? Bottom line is, he can't even compare to Flex, especially at Flex's signature pose

Flex Wheeler was just on Muscle Radio, and like Phil Heath, as a rookie, did some incredible things. Comparing Phil Heath to Flex is a great honor.

I have to agree he is going to get crushed at a big show

2007 Arnold - he should be one of the youngest on the stage, and will be in the top 5.

I will say that conditioning is the main reason he looked like he did and drugs obviously, but I give him credit for the conditioning.

Correct - even Darrem Charles was stunned by the quality of Phil Heath.

6398  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Interview: George Farah on King / Europa Show on: August 19, 2006, 03:27:58 PM
Just a few questions of George Farah - perhaps a top three finalist at the Europa show, who might kick out King Kamali for a top three coveted placings here. King vs. Farah... let the battle begin...

What did you think of the NY Pro show?

It was a really nice show, and many people know that I wasnít really preparing for that show. My plan was to peak and do some damage at the Toronto Pro show. But I hurt my back at the end of winter. I slipped, that took me 4 weeks out of the gym, because I promised Shawn Ray that I was going to do his show, but I ended up that I couldnít do it.  To top it off,  I was training very heavy doing legs and stuff, because the judges always tell me that I gotta bring my hamstrings up. So I am going like crazy, doing some crazy weights, and I popped something in my hamstrings, and it turned out to be black and blue in a couple of hours, so I had to go and get an MRI, because that got me worried. It was only a tear in the fiber, so it wasnít a tendon or something like that. But that kind of put me out of the gym, but I figured it was ok, because it was 5 weeks away from the Toronto Pro Show. Next thing I know, they cancelled the Toronto Pro show.

So now, I have a hamstring injury, I couldnít really do any legs, I have a tear in my hamstrings, and all that stuff came together, and I was like, oh my god, I only have a few weeks to get ready for the NY Pro.  I figured I had been dieting, and I didnít want to waste all the time of dieting and not do a show. So I said, you know what, Let me jump on the wagon. I know I can do it. I am always in shape. Like you saw me off season.  I donít get fat like some other people.

So I decided to do the NY Pro,  up my cardio, did what I gotta do, and between me and you, I thought that I had very good conditioning, and I was surprised I wasnít in the top 5. For the first time, I felt, like I got a little bit overlooked, but I could have been higher.  This is coming from a few judges, who said to me that we did have you in 5th place, but we canít really explain to you what happened. 

After prejudging, I asked Jim Manion, as I value his opinion, and he said to me, George, you were there, you were in shape, but you were not your usual self. You werenít sharp like you were at the North Carolina show. You know what, no big deal. But then I was talking to 2 or 3 other judges who said I was in 5th place after the prejudging,  so I felt better, I was on the run, I am on the money. Then the night show comes, and King Kamali and Bill Wilmore placed ahead of me.  I donít mind Wilmore placing ahead of me because the guy is such a gentleman. I canít help it but love the guy and be happy for him. 

But somebody like King Kamali to place ahead of me, and on top of it, claiming that I said some disrespectful things. And that I shoved him first.  What, is he fricken crazy, this guy. I mean, I donít know what happened between me and King,  until today, I have no idea why the guy doesnít like me. I hear nothing except negative stuff from him.  Every time somebody comes and tells me, and I am talking for the past 4 or 5 years, ever since I turned pro.  In the beginning, I was like that I am the tough guy, and he was always talking nice about me.  All of a sudden I am no good, and he is making fun of me all of the time.

But King Kamali beat you at the New York Pro! Shouldnít he have?

What do you think? This is what hurt me. King should have not have beaten me at the NY Show. I am sorry. King should have been 9th at the best, and he is talking about that he was shredded. Shredded where? Pictures do not lie? Look at some of the pictures that were taken. I was beating him in every pose. Just like he was saying he beat Horvath in every pose?  He was fighting for a top ten, and I was fighting for a top five, and somehow, miraculously, he ended up ahead of me at the night show. I donít get it. Like I said, I have been nothing but a great ambassador to the sport, and nobody has heard me say anything bad to anyone. I love my fans. I am an educated man.
I am a nutritional consultant.  I work 24 hours, bettering myself, and I want people to know that every seminar I do, every guest posing I do, I always bring bodybuilding and the IFBB and put them in the highest regard possible. I want people to know that we are good people, that we are not ignorant like the stereotypes say. Some of us do have families, and we work like everyone else.

So is King Kamali uneducated?

I donít know what King is. I just think that King has a problem. And I donít have a problem with the guy.  Like I said, I never wanted to go down to anyoneís level.  I donít think I am an average bodybuilider. I didnít study all of my life so I can around and act like ďIím the shitĒ when I am not. I never in my life said that I am going into the show, and show you this and that. I am not like this. I respect everybody, and I would do anything to better our sport.  And then you got King pushing and showing and doing stuff. As a matter of fact, I asked him ďDude, you hurt me out thereĒ. That is the only time I really talked to him backstage, and there were numerous bodybuilders back there that will tell you.  ďWhat was that all about?Ē  Oh, you know, itís no big deal. Itís just when I am pumped and stuff.  And I said ďPumped what?Ē  And then I walked away. I donít even know why I bothered with that?

Where you surprised when King did that?

Yes, I was very surprised. I am like ďWhat the f**k is wrong with this guy. Why is he acting like this?Ē  Because he is basically losing, and didnít live up to his expectations and promising people that he is coming back with a vengeance. Well guess what. Coming back with a vengeance and discovering reality Ė he got beat.

Are you competing in the Europa Super Show? Are you going to beat Kamali?

Yes, I am competing there to show people that I do belong on the Olympia stage.  As for beating Kamali, I am not the one who talks. I just walk the walk. When that day comes, I donít think Kamali is going to be called up next to me because I am going to be way ahead of him. If he thinks that he is going to come conditioned, wait until he sees me, because I am going bring new meaning to the word conditioned when the show comes. Now I have the time, I am not going to get injured, and I am going to train smarter. I have plenty of time. I am in shape, and I am planning on coming around the 210 mark, a few pounds heavier than in New York, and 20% sharper than at the New York Pro?

I hear Dorian Yates said some interesting remarks about King to you?

How did you hear about that? Dorian Yates was really mad, and he complimented me for being a gentleman on stage, and everybody saw what happened, so I donít want to repeat myself. King actually took an extra effort and step to push me. I wasnít near him. I donít know what was the deal on that.
6399  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 2006 Olympia Webcast!!! on: August 18, 2006, 12:54:53 AM
Put more information on various Olympia Weekend stuff here...

The webcast, if done right, will be very cool, and fully paid customers should have access to 7 day archives so you can enjoy it again.  14 Hours for one price is an excellent deal, especially if you cant make the trip out to Las Vegas!
6400  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Pro BBing Weekly Play-By-Play: Paul Dillet on: August 17, 2006, 06:47:10 PM
PBW Welcomes Paul Dillett
Bodybuilding talk radio welcomes three-time IFBB champ Paul Dillett, just two weeks prior to his return to the stage.  During his competitive prime, Dillett was among the most dangerous and consistent athletes, highlighted by an astounding 32 consecutive Top 6 finishes at the pro level.  Dan & Bob will also preview the upcoming Europa Supershow as the Voice of Pro Bodybuilding airs LIVE on Monday August 21st at 8pm EST (5pm pst).  Broadcasting at www.ProBodybuildingWeekl
Check out the PBW August Report:
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