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1  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Ain't It Funny... on: June 25, 2010, 10:24:45 AM
Ain't it funny that the ONLY thing President Obama has done with some success has been to capture and kill suspected terrorists around the world and at home. Albeit it's a different story what his plans are AFTER they are captured. But at least he's working on this part. But the ironic thing is, why this is working is because of GW Bush's insight to create, and recreate a series of laws and procedures such as the Patriot Act. etc...
How funny.... What is actually working for Obama is something he truly had NOTHING to do with...

What does THAT tell you America?
2  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Chicagoland Bombshell.....Obama knew! on: June 25, 2010, 10:19:52 AM
Only a complete moron believed Obama was ever anything but an incompetent marxist chicago street hustler.
Yup. But the sad part is 333, they voted for him.
3  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Drinking w Bob - Nails it on Soros, Obama, & BP on: June 25, 2010, 10:19:13 AM
Nailed it. And more and more are feeling this way...  Grin
4  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Chicagoland Bombshell.....Obama knew! on: June 25, 2010, 10:16:37 AM
See, the thing with this is this is politics at its worst. But it is still politics. The the problem for Obama is he campaigned on a more ethical and transparent administration... Um...

5  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Chicagoland Bombshell.....Obama knew! on: June 25, 2010, 10:05:45 AM
another bombshell Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

this is getting old you and 333386 are grasping at straws
Yup. Obama AND Slick Willie are just innocent...

6  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Dodd on new FINREG bill: "No one knows how its going to work until in place" on: June 25, 2010, 10:02:28 AM
You want a GOOD plan??

1) kick out those currently in the house and senate who TOOK part in this mess. This may include the annointed one himself.
2) Jail those on Wallstreet who knew that by packaging MBS's, give them BS AAA ratings and sell them to unsuspecting investors would collapse the econ as we know it.
3) Put regulations (NOT RESTRICTIONS AND TAXES) on investiments such as this.
4) Do not tax businesses like crazy, AKA the way Obama wants to...
5) Tax breaks for jobs created.
6) Be sure that if you want a loan to buy a home, you have to PROVE your income.
7) See the first 6.
Cool Cheesy
7  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Yes, Obama is INTENTIONALLY making the oil spill worse. Video. on: June 24, 2010, 09:07:22 AM
It was Bush and he bungling of Katrina and the media crucified him over it.  Yet, because its Obama, they are silent for fears of being called a racist. 
Oh I think it's beyond the racist part. I think the mainstream media is getting ordered NOT to do any bad press on this or face the O man himself. Don't make this man look bad. Just go ask that Genereal who is now out of his job...
8  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: NYC Cop Beats War Veteran Senseless on: June 24, 2010, 09:04:29 AM
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
By the looks of the video it does seem the cop went overboard. The vid does show the perp. looking like he confronts the cop. You can see the man behind him trying to hold him back. At that point, if the man said he will "KILL" ther cop, as per what the cops said he did say, then the cop has the right to use force, greater than that of the perp. to subdue him. Now, with that, the problem for the cop begins when he continues to beat him on the ground. I can not find any reason at that point why. NOW, I as well as you, WERE NOT THERE. You do not KNOW exactly what happened before and after this video was taken as the rest of the footage has not been made public. So, with that, I say let the truth be told in court. Let the rest of the video be seen. Let the jury determine with happened and make the best decision possible to attain justice. We as NYers tend to jump the gun on police cases and as it has shown, 90% of them aquit the police of ALL charges, if not the serious ones. Due process is the best course of action.
9  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Yes, Obama is INTENTIONALLY making the oil spill worse. Video. on: June 24, 2010, 08:59:12 AM

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Imagine if this was Bush....  Shocked Shocked
10  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: O'Reilly To Bachmann: You're Dodging My Question On BP Shakedown on: June 24, 2010, 08:56:46 AM
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

shit i think hell just froze over
I think I take this a little differently. I agree with both sides in the sense that for O'Reily, I agree with his point that if BP is criminally at fault, they need to be jailed, or the threat put upon them to do the right thing. On Bachmann's point, I agree with her side as well. I think the way Obama may have done it was by going at BP in the "Chicago Way". Shake downs and strong arming. The final outcome is investors, who had NO DECISION in the way this rig was operating, took it in the waazoo for this $20B fund. As usual.... the guy that does the right thing, invest, takes it hard and dry.
11  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Racist South Carolina Teabaggers nominate Black guy over Strom Thurmonds' son. on: June 23, 2010, 09:55:25 AM
Black SC Republican poised to go to Congress
Jun 22, 10:45 PM (ET)

________________________ _____________________

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Voters in South Carolina nominated a black Republican lawmaker for an open congressional seat Tuesday, rejecting a legendary political name and adding diversity to the national party.

State Rep. Tim Scott defeated Paul Thurmond, an attorney who is son of the one-time segregationist U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond. Scott, who won the runoff with 69 percent of the vote, is now poised to become the nation's first black GOP congressman since 2003.

Scott, 44, owns an insurance business and became the first black Republican in the South Carolina Legislature in more than a century when elected two years ago. Before that, he served 13 years on Charleston County Council and was elected chairman four times.

He's now the favorite in the coastal 1st District, which has elected a Republican congressman for three decades. He would become the first black Republican congressman since Oklahoma's J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

Scott grew up in poverty in North Charleston, his parents divorcing when he was 7. His mother, Frances, worked 16 hours a day raising Scott and a brother and Scott regularly introduce her at campaign events.

Scott also credits a mentor with helping him turn around his life at a time he was in danger of flunking out of high school. He said John Moniz, a conservative entrepreneur who ran a Chick-fil-A, changed his outlook on life.

Scott, who is single, later went on to graduate from Charleston Southern University with a degree in political science.

Earlier this year, Scott was campaigning for lieutenant governor, but changed his sights after U.S. Rep. Henry Brown announced he was retiring. The district reaches from near Charleston northeast along the state's coast to the high rise hotels of Myrtle Beach.

"This race is not really about winning the election," Scott told about 200 people gathered for a victory party in a North Charleston hotel. "It's about finding a way to bring us together so our country leads the world in every way possible."

Scott picked up key national endorsements, including one from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The Washington-based Club for Growth, which promotes reducing taxes, budget reform and free trade said Tuesday that donations from its members and political action committee totaled more than $313,000 for Scott.

Observers say the race may be a gauge of diversity in the GOP.

Scott promises to dismantle the new federal health care law he says costs too much and is unconstitutional. He promises to cut federal spending and simplify a federal tax code he says is the product of too much lobbying and too many lawyers.

In November, Scott will be strongly favored over Democrat Ben Frasier, who is also black.

________________________ ______________________

Another win for Sarah and the Tea Party. 


I think what is NOT written in this article says EVERTYHING. Not ONE mention about the Tea Party! Unless I missed it. I didn't see it. Just curious 333, where did u get this? AP? Just curious.
12  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 23, 2010, 09:46:50 AM

Are the employees of those considered government employees...NO...then it aint Socialism...And if "BUY" and "HEALTH INSURANCE" are in the same aint Socialism.
Forget it...

Who's on first, Whats on Second, and I dunno is on third.

This goes around and around and around... Liberals will NEVER admit their guy is wrong and that the same things they complained about with Bush is going on. But they fine soo many ways to appologize, and make excuses for them.
13  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 23, 2010, 09:43:27 AM
The government fired the CEO of GM and put in their hand picked replacement.The government fucked the shareholders at GM and rewarded pice of shit unions.The government decides how much banking executives should make.Not sure but that sounds like a takeover.The government is going TO FORCE you to buy health insurance.
Nope.. not socialism... hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!
14  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 23, 2010, 09:42:21 AM
Watered down? What in sam hill are you talking about. To compare the US Gov, medical and economics to Cuba or China is just retarded...Last i checked...i cant just go into a hospital and get care with out comin out of the pocket...that by defination isnt socialism...What the fuck are you talking about?
Big -  YOU ARE COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACTS to which others on here like myself are using to justify our claims that the Omaba admin is a socialist one. Yes. You can go get healthcare. BUT the FACT that you and your Obama appologists seem to ignore is that you can (or soon) not NOT have healthcare under his (Obama) plan. Or risk being attacked by the IRS and have huge fines levied on you, or your business. There was an article posted a few weeks ago where some huge co's like Verizon may remove coverage for their associates completely because the fines will actually be CHEAPER that purchasing healthcare under Obama's plan.
So... if you still seem to think THIS is NOT socialism?? Cheers on that Kool Aid.  Huh
15  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: If McChrysal is fired/resigns... on: June 23, 2010, 09:36:31 AM
Via FR

________________________ ____________

McChrystal Balls
President Obama should reprimand his general, but listen to his complaints
June 23 2010

General Stanley McChrystal, commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, has a reputation as the most disciplined soldier of his generation, and one of the brightest. The asceticism of his daily life, to keep himself ready for any threat, is now legendary: an eight-mile run, only one meal and just four hours sleep. It is understandable, then, that yesterday’s revelations stunned Washington — and Kabul.

The general had so far forgotten the cost of careless talk that he had griped about the President and senior White House officials to a freelance reporter from Rolling Stone magazine, and over the course of some days, allowed his aides to do so too.

The most abusive remarks, such as calling General Jim Jones, National Security Adviser, “a clown”, came from unnamed aides. So did a description of the first meeting between President Barack Obama and General McChrystal, at which the general is said to have found the President unprepared and disappointing.

But General McChrystal himself complained that he could not face opening another e-mail from Richard Holbrooke, US special envoy, and that he had felt “betrayed” by a leaked critique of his strategy from Karl Eikenberry, US Ambassador to Afghanistan. He is sharply critical of the President for taking three months last year to decide to send more troops. His tone towards his civilian counterparts is one of exasperation, sometimes contempt.

The overall portrait is devastating: that senior military commanders are mockingly critical of top officials in Washington, and of the President himself. That rings true, from many reports.

Clearly, General McChrystal was guilty of extraordinary folly. There is no virtue in banning Pizza Hut from US bases, as he has done, to keep his soldiers trim and remind them that they are in a war zone, nor in producing 100-page analyses of the enemy, if you cannot spot the threat in giving a magazine access to all your senior officials in informal settings.

But even General McChrystal’s warmest supporters (and there are many) never credited him with skill in public relations. One general close to the President told The Times, with affection, that “Stan McChrystal is probably the best pure soldier that America has produced for years. But he’s been living in a Special Forces bubble for decades, he can’t deal with the media.”

President Obama has summoned General McChrystal to the White House this morning. His spokesman refused last night to confirm that the general’s job was safe. The Commander-in-Chief is fully entitled to give his general a dressing-down, for insubordination and for poor judgment. But it would be a profound mistake to fire him.

General McChrystal, the architect of the “surge” of US troops now reaching its peak, has produced the first coherent Afghan military strategy. That has enabled Nato to put more effort into building alliances, and into encouraging good government. To withdraw him now would be to throw away hard-won gains at a crucial point.

It would also be to dismiss the weight of his criticism. Many of his gripes are legitimate. President Obama took too long to decide on the surge. General Eikenberry was indeed covering his back from criticism. Mr Holbrooke has often behaved like a loose cannon. The White House is not at ease with the military. McChrystal was foolish, and rude, but he was right. President Obama should listen to the wake-up call from Kabul.

Oh no. Obama was hurt by this. DON'T make him look bad. Rule #1 in his hoax and change prophacy. He will not learn from the general. He will fire him to not risk from looking weak.
16  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / It Just Gets BETTER: New-home sales plunge 33 pct with tax credits gone on: June 23, 2010, 09:34:32 AM
There are times when I'm right, and I need to gloat.  Kiss I said this was going to happen and looky here...

New-home sales plunge 33 pct with tax credits gone
          By ALAN ZIBEL, AP Real Estate Writer Alan Zibel, Ap Real Estate Writer – 1 hr 54 mins ago
WASHINGTON – Sales of new homes collapsed in May, sinking 33 percent to the lowest level on record as potential buyers stopped shopping for homes once they could no longer receive government tax credits.

The bleak report from the Commerce Department is the first sign of how the end of federal tax credits could weigh on the nation's housing market.

The credits expired April 30. That's when a new-home buyer would have had to sign a contract to qualify.

"We fear that the appetite to buy a home has disappeared alongside the tax credit," Paul Dales, U.S. economist with Capital Economics," wrote in a note. "After all, unemployment remains high, job security is low and credit conditions are tight."

New-home sales in May fell from April to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 300,000, the government said Wednesday. That was the slowest sales pace on records dating back to 1963. And it's the largest monthly drop on record. Sales have now sunk 78 percent from their peak in July 2005.

Analysts were startled by the depth of the sales drop.

"We all knew there would be a housing hangover from the expiration of the tax credit," wrote Mike Larson, real estate and interest rate analyst at Weiss Research. "But this decline takes your breath away."

Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected a May sales pace of 410,000. April's sales pace was revised downward to 446,000.

The government offered an $8,000 credit for first-time buyers. Current homeowners who buy and move into another property could receive up to $6,500.

New-home sales fell nationwide from April's levels. They dropped 53 percent from a month earlier in the West and 33 percent in the Northeast. Sales in the South dropped 25 percent. The Midwest posted a 24 percent decline.

Builders have sharply scaled back construction in the face of a severe housing market bust. The number of new homes up for sale in March fell 0.5 percent to 213,000, the lowest level in nearly 40 years. But due to the sluggish sales pace in May, it would still take 8.5 months to exhaust that supply, above a healthy level of about six months.

The median sales price in May was $200,900. That was down 9.6 percent from a year earlier and down 1 percent from April.

New-homes sales made up about 7 percent of the housing market last year. That's down from about 15 percent before the bust.

The drop in new-home sales means fewer jobs in the construction industry, which normally powers economic recoveries but has remained lackluster this time.

Each new home built creates, on average, the equivalent of three jobs for a year and generates about $90,000 in taxes paid to local and federal authorities, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The impact is felt across multiple industries, from makers of faucets and dishwashers to lumber yards.
17  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 23, 2010, 08:30:21 AM

no no and no...A loan and a take over arent the same....please dead the overexaggeration. Its hella wack. You act like the government runs the banks and AUTO industry..And if the government took over healthcare then why are there still insurance companies and medical groups..oh...because the government dosent run healthcare. Man o Man...God forbid we post the real with out the extreme hyperbole...its like sickening...

Hey big Mal... I like your watered down appology for this president. But no matter how you want to cut the atom, you still cut it. This is socialism man. You can not deny it. When the gov't FORCES a product such as healthcare on its people and if they don't "buy" it, they are fined, THAT IS SOCIALISM. When banks are forced to conceed to accept bailout money or face fines, THAT IS SOCIALISM. When car companies are "STRONGLY URGED" to take bailout money this is SOCIALISM. Ford being the only one to decline Obama's generous offer.
18  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 23, 2010, 08:26:09 AM
Its not socialism for the government to dictate what CEOS of companies make?Wow,then your definition is different then mine.I thought socialism was the government taking over the private sector.So the takeover of banks,health care,auto industry and banks isnt socialism.
Come on! Can't you see it! It's not socialism when a LIB does it... Can't you understand that?? Do as I say... not as I do.. limo lib creed.
19  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: If McChrysal is fired/resigns... on: June 23, 2010, 08:23:40 AM
How many minutes until he signs as a FOX news commentator?

5?  10?  15?

I hope he already is. Just like all the ex-Clinton generals who apprear on MSNBC and GMA...
20  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: So Mr. Obama, Making the SAME Mistakes AGAIN?? on: June 23, 2010, 08:22:51 AM
Isn't that one of the main causes of this whole mess in the first place? How ironic.
You got it.

The real problem here is the SAME people who were mostly behind the crash ARE STILL IN POWER!! Barney (Fannie and Freddie are not broken) Frank, Chuckie (I've taken much $$ from the housing and urban dev. assoc) Shumer, Chris (I made much money on land deals) Dodd.. it goes on. So, what have they learned? Nada.
21  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Who here agrees that OBAMA, HOLDER, CLINTON, PELOSI et all need to go?? on: June 23, 2010, 08:19:37 AM
Show of hands? All I here is how McChrystal need to appologize - for what?! The people that need to go is Obama, Holder, Clinton, Pelosi, Frank - all those fucking jerks. People should demand that they resign and then maybe the public will consider if they will share a cell next to Van Der Sloot! These fucking morons!
I agree. It's ok when all those ex-Clinton era generals came out against Bush but this General needs to appologize?? wow. Just wow.

And yes. they all need to go.
22  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 22, 2010, 11:59:19 AM
Its more like corporate slavery. 

I hate this vermin in the WH more than you can imagine.  Obama represents everything I fucking hate.  I was out with a few NYFD last night and they are worse than me in their hatred for Obama, the left and these disgusting traitors in the WH , along with pelosi and reid.     
right behind you. Just remember to use the power of the voter to get this scum out of office.
23  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 22, 2010, 11:58:12 AM
GM went to the government and Obama screwed the shareholders who were waiting for the money THEY invested in the company and then reawrded the very unions that have bankrupted the company.-SOCIALISM

When the government FORCES you to buy health care with threats of jail or fines,THATS socialism.The government dictating what people can make is socialism.The government putting in their hand picked CEO is socialism.
It's NOT socialism when their party does it. Don't you know that Billy? Don't you recall when Bush was pres all the left wing kookballs running around saying he is taking away all of our freedoms?? Where are they now? Where are all the lefty wackos crying Obama is forcing his agenda on America? Oh, right.. that would be the Tea Party. And the left calls them white trash tea baggers... How funny, isn't it? Does the left stand for ANYTHING except anarchy?
24  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 22, 2010, 10:49:32 AM
From what she actually said, it sounded like she just meant her favorite political philosopher to illustrate the point she was trying to make in that speech. You say the fact that she named him sums up the Obama administration. How? How is the Obama administration like the Tse Tung regime?
None of this is socialism. And most of it is inaccurate.
1)GM went to the gov't to save their asses. The loan came  with conditions.
2)The health care industry was not "taken over" by the gov't. There is a public OPTION.
25  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ever Notice This Trend with Liberals?? on: June 22, 2010, 10:47:47 AM
  Roll Eyes Really? Didn't she say he was ONE of her favorite political philosophers... along with Mother Theresa? And didn't she basically just use the dichotomy between them to make a point about individualism?

 Roll Eyes The Obama administration didn't invent bailouts. Corporate subsidies have been around for decades. The socialist descriptor is new and the purpose is clear.

Roll Eyes Really? Didn't she say he was ONE of her favorite political philosophers... along with Mother Theresa? And didn't she basically just use the dichotomy between them to make a point about individualism? If Bush said two of his fav were David Duke, and Ronald Reagan, would he get the same free pass?
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