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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Manion Says Disloyalty to the IFBB is Like Cheating on your Wife!!! on: November 22, 2007, 02:06:45 PM
We have had this analogy many times over. If you belong to one fraternity in college, and you go to another one, and while you are there, talk crap about your old fraternity, and then later on you decide you want to come back, you will find it very hard to do so.

As for the IFBB, each individual decides if he wants to compete there or not. As long as they are in good standing with the organization. They choose to compete, they don't have to.

What are the solutions to all this bellyaching? 
1.  For the people who think the IFBB is a cult, screws with the athletes, a terrible org and is out for just money:
Why don't all of you get together, start a federation based on your opinions?  What, you don't have the money or time?  What about connections to supplement companies and major BB magazines?  How about money for venue locations and staff to coordinate these major events?  All of you make it sound like the IFBB has very little to do when organizing these events.  And that they shouldn't be paid!  How do you think the venue location and coordinating staff is paid for?  Oh, you THINK everyone should just volunteer their time?  What about the booths that other companies rent?  Do you think they rent them every year because they lose money?  Who pays for the hall for companies to come in?  The IFBB events are helping keep America employed!  I heard at the Classic 2007, one booth for $2,000 made a company over $70,000 that weekend!

For myself, I am thankful they are still around - with all that has occurred to a lot of pros, crime or otherwise, the IFBB still continues to serve the athletes who are still stage ready.  Most of you fail to see what it takes to have such an org for the such an event planned for really very few people onstage.  SO, you are saying that you can do a better job than the IFBB and put 4-6,000 people in the seats?

2.  For the people who have such brazen opinions about those who are employed by the IFBB?  Why don't you offer Chick and others a good paying job so they can feed their families?  What would your company do if you agreed to bash them too?  I believe that is loyalty which all companies require.  You all sound jealous of these people, maybe you should apply for IFBB or job too?  How would you be if you were hired?

3.  How many of you think you can run a federation which puts people (some with little or no education) on the map for all of us to enjoy and use as mentors?  Why don't you people who are so ready to condemn the IFBB come up with a solution - a different federation, giving the athletes free-reign to do whatever they think on how the new federation should be ran?  Stop being a nagging fan and find solutions!

Some of you fail to see the IFBB is a company which has been around for decades and who have brought bodybuilding into the limelight so we can have something special in our lives to talk about!  It brings to the public the sport of bodybuilding which all of us love.  Do you think you could do better?  We will never agree with any company's rules unless we write them ourselves!  Would you allow a stranger to come into your home and write the rules?  Yes, the IFBB is a home for these athletes when they really do not have many other places to go.

You must ask yourselves:  Would I be willing to put forth the energy, time, money and efforts to an already struggling sport who deals with athletes (some with little or no education) and make it professional somehow?  These athletes are referred to as pros because the IFBB gives that pro status without requiring formal education.  Who cares what the athletes do after hours, as long as they perform according the company's desire and the company has the right to deem what is important to them?  Not you.  Why didn't Lee get a job at a sports retail store part time?  Didn't he have a contract with a magazine and supplement company already?  Why does he need more money?  No, I think he competed with the PDI just for spite and was just playing the role that he does, a disrespectful and dishonest person.  There have been too many people who were destroyed in his wake as he speed boats through life, taking.  Ask him about his long-term friendships?

What Lee did is unforgivable in so many ways!  I was very surprised that Jim Manion called it a suspension.  But I guess he wanted to see what Lee would do and to offer another chance?  Lee has done nothing but create more animosity.  On his board and other means like the make-shift petition, now this movie clip with Rocky as if Sly won't pursue a piracy lawsuit against him.  Rocky has integrity; Lee is well, no clue.  Who are these people that think this is professional?  These people are trying to destroy Lee and now have taken away any thought of Lee being a professional anything.  Why is Lee so blind?  All the IFBB wanted him to do is develop a respect for the org and stop all the crap!

Maybe the wife and frat analogies were not quite real, but for some people here, they offered understanding.  How about this analogy?  You work for me.  I OWN THE COMPANY, I have my rules and since they are MINE, I get to ENFORCE, IMPLEMENT, CHANGE and APPLY them any way I choose.  Until you own this company:  Your Choices?  DO what I say or GET OUT, because I can find people who will CHOOSE to work for me!

As for his denying about voicing negative opinions about the IFBB on the internet and in magazines.  Remember Lee's recent article in MMI August issue:  "I'm just playing with people and I have no intentions of competing for the IFBB.  The PDI is for me from now on."  Why does he want to come back now?   Because the PDI ended.  Lee actually stole winnings from the other no-names who competed for the PDI, and Wayne allowed it.  Yes, Lee is a thief because he knew he was above that caliber; everyone knew.

Wayne was not a known angel while he was with the IFBB; all things in life come full circle; maybe that is what he is experiencing now.  Jim Manion has been great for pro bodybuilding; many athletes who did not care for the IFBB rules (but followed them anyway for the love of the sport and the fans), but found their lives to be more fulfilled because of the IFBB.  Even after retirement, these pros are still recognized and are still making a little money having competed for the IFBB, Tom Platz, Lee Haney, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Labrada, Frank Zane, Rich Gaspari to name a few.  Tell me again how the IFBB is no good?   Are we not having fun attending the events?

You know what, the sport would be dead right now and you all are trying your best not to see you are part of the murder!  When you are dealing with guys who just want to grow and have no real profound talent accept muscles and symmetry, you must have bosses like Jim and Wayne to make the world see them as professionals.  My God, you people who claim to love this sport, I just don't see where you are trying to make it better!

Really, Lee created this whole thing; he needs to move on and stop trying to be paid for hanging out and training; he needs to get a job and stop living off of people.  What?  He being onstage, do you really think he has talent?  Face it, he is just a big, short guy who is weird with tattoos; yeah, he might bring more people in, but who would want those kinds of fans in the audience?  I think the IFBB are making great decisions, and yeah they are probably losing some money, but I think they are wise enough to realize they would rather take their chances WITHOUT Lee.  Maybe he should try out for wrestling, maybe a little Hulk, but then he would have to change his persona and be a good guy.  Something I think Lee has no clue of what that means!

So now, let's hear it!  Are you starting a new federation where the athletes have all the say-so?  Oh, and yes, go ahead.  Bash the IFBB and destroy them!  But you better have a home for the pros - or is your goal to make them "homeless"?
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