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51  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Who would have thunk? on: July 11, 2014, 01:13:41 PM
do you ever start a thread that has nothing to do with posting pics of yourself?

just curious.

Are you talking about go4it?
52  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 204 NBA - LeBron James going back to Cleveland? on: July 11, 2014, 10:23:22 AM
Wade's legacy is already made here in Miami. 3 Championships one without Lebron. It never would of happened without him bringing Lebron and Bosch here. It will go back to being Wade county.

"Wade County"?

That guys career is shot.

Enjoy 3 or 4 more half assed seasons of Miami's little hero getting shut down Cswol style.

"He was lucky enough to play with Shaq and Lebron"

There I just basically defined his career in one sentence.
53  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 204 NBA - LeBron James going back to Cleveland? on: July 11, 2014, 09:51:10 AM
Miami cannot be that angry... Lebron delivered.  Gave them 2 rings and 4 Finals.  Played out his contract.  Gave them a dynasty and did it for LESS MONEY.  They can still sign Melo and be very good (if bosh doesn't bolt for HOU lol)

lebron handled it with class, didn't leak a word.   

now... in his letter, he does NOT mention rookie Andrew wiggins... I look fwd to playing with these 4 (but doesn't say wiggins).  This means wiggins might be traded for a Kevin Love... making Cavs an INSTANT contender and probably overall favorite to win NBA title.

If Bosh goes to Houston and Mike Miller/Ray Allen follows Lebron to Cleveland is Dwayne Wade the biggest loser in all this?

A Miami Heat team without Lebron, Bosh, Miller and Allen and Wade stuck with a bunch of spare parts...could get rough for Wade next year!
54  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 204 NBA - LeBron James going back to Cleveland? on: July 11, 2014, 09:42:57 AM
Where do we go from here?

Bosh to the Rockets and Parsons stays with the Mavs?

Front line of Chandler Parsons 6'9, Dirk 7' and Tyson Chandler 7'1 with Monta Ellis and his 19ppg at guard.

I'd take that as a Mavs fan.
55  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 204 NBA - LeBron James going back to Cleveland? on: July 11, 2014, 09:37:14 AM
Gotta give it to Rob on this one.

He called it a week ago.
56  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Perma fatty VS Pitbull on: July 11, 2014, 08:33:41 AM
Must have felt like a million dollars to that pitbull once he felt that collar break free.
57  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: more inspirational; Zyzz or Arnold Schwarzenegger? on: July 10, 2014, 10:06:21 PM
Didn't we have a similar thread floating around here at one point titled "Better physique...Prime Zyzz vs Prime Frank Zane"?
58  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: World Cup Soccer - Who Will Win? on: July 10, 2014, 07:01:04 PM

 Yes. Brazil lost, at home. yep, we might got 3th place. or not even that.

But.. let's take a look at some things. Brazil was playing without 2 major players "the best player and the captain". to change strategy at last minute it is a hard thing to come up with...specially against another strong team.

 I'm not saying that we could have won the game... but the score would be much different.

 Now... " how are those stars working out for Brazil today?"

 Hmmmmmmm... Please,answer me this: Have your team ever got to a quarter-finals?

 Have your team ever won a world cup?

 How many tittles your team have?

 What is harder to achieve 7x1 against Brazil? "Brazil playing without 2 major players" or win 5 World cups?

 Brazil is the only team to  qualify to all World Cups.

 You can troll as much as you want but...

At the end of the day, what matters is how many tittles you have. win a WC first, than try to beat Brazil in tittles... than you come back and brag about it.

 Everybody wants to beat Brazil's 5 tittles.  again... 5 stars there's only one. loosing by 7X1 or 100x1. Wink

 Keep trying.

Just another day at the office.  Cheesy Cool

59  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Suffering - Being shredded is for those that want to be miserable on: July 10, 2014, 12:49:55 PM
That's my preworkout

Diet mountain dew, with two shots of caffiene and one b vitamin from those extra ingredients dispensers.

85 cents

Ah the classic, "stop off at 7-11 before hitting the gym for your PWO needs" routine. Cool

For me it's one of those .99 cent Sugar Free Arnold Palmers a caffeine pill and half an ephedrine.
60  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Clippers - Donald Sterling tells girlfriend dont bring Negros to my games on: July 10, 2014, 06:00:41 AM
Donald Sterling denounces wife; says he wont sell.

LOS ANGELES -- A raging Donald Sterling denounced his wife, her lawyers and the NBA from the witness stand Wednesday, saying he will never sell the Los Angeles Clippers and vowing a lifetime of lawsuits against the league.

"Make no mistake today," Sterling shouted toward the end of his second day of testimony in the trial to determine his wife's right to make a $2 billion deal to sell the Clippers, "I will never, ever sell this team, and until I die I will be suing the NBA for this terrible violation under antitrust."

He was followed to the stand by wife, Shelly, who tried to approach him in the front row of the courtroom after she was done for the day.

"Get away from me, you pig!" Sterling shouted.

The judge then admonished him to make no further comments.

Sterling began his testimony by saying he loved his wife, but then denounced her. He said she told him to have psychiatric and neurological exams only because he had turned 80, and she was concerned for his health.

"She deceived me. I trusted her," Sterling said. "I never thought a wife wouldn't stand for her husband."

Donald Sterling's lawyers are challenging the authority of Shelly Sterling under the family trust to unilaterally cut a deal for the team with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Before she made the deal, two doctors examined Donald Sterling and declared him mentally incapacitated and unable to act as an administrator of the Sterling Family Trust, which owns the Clippers.

Sterling said he was certain his wife had never read the trust documents because it was too complicated for her to understand.

During examination by his own lawyer, Maxwell Blecher, Sterling was asked about his wife's position in the trust if he were to be disqualified as a trustee.

"She has no rights whatsoever. She has no stock. She has no standing whatsoever," Sterling said.

He also lashed out at the NBA, saying: "My wife was terrified. She's frightened to death. She thinks the NBA will take away everything she worked for. She was scared out of her mind."

The NBA banned Donald Sterling for life and moved to force him to sell the Clippers after a recorded conversation in which he made racist statements came to light earlier this year.

He denied he was a racist from the witness stand when asked Wednesday.

Sterling at times yelled at his own lawyer as well as the lawyer for Shelly Sterling, and threw a paper down on the witness box.

He was followed to the stand by Shelly Sterling, who said she was a 50 percent beneficiary of the family trust.

When asked by her attorney Pierce O'Donnell if she was "separated" from her husband of 58 years, she said "sort of." But she described herself as his principal caretaker, who takes him to medical appointments, makes sure he takes all of his pills, and is concerned for him.

"Do you love your husband?" O'Donnell asked.

"Yes, I do," Shelly Sterling said.

But she then told of seeing him in an interview on CNN and becoming frightened at his personality change.

"I couldn't believe it, and I started crying," she said. "I felt so bad. I couldn't believe that was him."

She said she contacted a neurologist to examine him and later a psychiatrist, thinking initially that he might have had a stroke.

She said she suggested radiological tests or imaging to examine his brain, and was told eventually that he had early signs of Alzheimer's.

She became slightly tearful as she described her understanding of the disease, which becomes progressively worse.

Her testimony is scheduled to resume Thursday.

NBA owners are scheduled to vote on the Ballmer deal July 15. It's also the day that Ballmer's offer is set to expire -- and there is no deal without the judge's approval of the sale.

If the sale isn't completed by Sept. 15, the league said it could seize the team and put it up for auction.

61  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: John Meadows Joins Prime Nutrition! on: July 09, 2014, 09:15:52 PM
Never heard of him.

62  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Poll: Obama worst president since WWII on: July 09, 2014, 07:52:15 PM
fagghettobama doing just great right bro? 

They'll follow their liberal slave masters to the very end.
63  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Johnny Manziel Extreme Alpha on: July 09, 2014, 06:43:37 PM
Wait till this guy has his limbs blown out by some defensive lineman...He'll be whiff'n oxy's in dads basement for the next 20 years...

Actually I think his dad has a little bit of land out there in South Texas so more than likely whiff'n em on a back porch enjoying a nice view but yeah, same difference. Cool
64  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Dealing with HARD ON on public places. on: July 09, 2014, 04:30:03 PM
I can remember going to a junior high basketball game and seeing one of the players out there running around with a stiff, rock solid hard on with absolutely zero shame.
65  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: King Kamali - Why Kamali, WHY??!! on: July 09, 2014, 12:30:52 PM
Lee Priest discusses Palumboism

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
66  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Ted Cruz trolls Obama with Google Map Directions to Mexican Border on: July 09, 2014, 10:05:16 AM
YES!   Cruz is awesome.  All you libs and soft-ass rinos suck.

"Act of love" my ass... act of pandering.

Did you hear Nancy Pelosi's quote on the situation?

"If I could take ALL those kids home with me I would"

You gotta love Liberals and their phony lies.
67  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Ted Cruz trolls Obama with Google Map Directions to Mexican Border on: July 09, 2014, 07:44:02 AM

As pressure builds for President Obama to visit the US/Mexican border during a fundraising visit this week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) used his Facebook page to taunt the president on the topic.

Cruz offered Google Map instructions for the President from Austin and Dallas, two cities on Obama's official agenda for his pending visit. The post already has 2,000 shares and over 13,000 likes in just 18 hours:

68  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: 82 Shot/16 Dead In Chicago Violence over 4th Weekend! on: July 09, 2014, 07:18:11 AM

We don't know the demographics of those killed....are you wishing that they were all black???

 Roll Eyes
69  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: UFC - Ronda Rousey vs Cyborg - upcoming match? on: July 09, 2014, 06:44:03 AM
Her last fight lasted 16 seconds. You would turn down $50 for watching a 16 second fight?

For your typical getbigger reaching down and grabbing a $100 bill off the ground every minute would be a net loss when compared to their actual earnings.
70  Getbig Main Boards / General Topics / Re: Checking Out A-v-e-s-h-e-r's Forum Could Be Risky on: July 09, 2014, 05:34:10 AM
What is his site?

I have no idea.
71  Getbig Main Boards / General Topics / Re: Checking Out A-v-e-s-h-e-r's Forum Could Be Risky on: July 08, 2014, 07:39:50 PM
I actually wouldn't mind posting on his site but fuck that if it's not safe.
72  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Vince Goodrum vs Billy Guns at the Mr Olympia Again??? on: July 08, 2014, 06:26:32 PM
Has the backpiece fucked up BG's stage package?

LOL it gets more and more White Trash as the years pass by
73  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Why Kamali, WHY??!! on: July 08, 2014, 05:21:47 PM
#ifbb ?

What does that imply?

Is he making a comeback?
74  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Enough with the Basilie blue stars nonsense... on: July 08, 2014, 05:00:21 PM
Why should Vince Basile be given blue stars anyways?

Because he stood on a stage all by himself 40+ years ago?

To be a "competitor" you must "compete". Not just be given a trophy because nobody else showed up that day.

The whole premise is bogus from the very get-go.
75  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Germany making Brazil cry lmao on: July 08, 2014, 04:04:27 PM
USA - Germany

0 - 1

Brazil - Germany

1 - 7

Sounds familiar!

Current Male UFC Champions


Brazil 1
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