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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Unable to ejaculate from vaginal sex on: Today at 05:20:54 AM
So I was fucking my new girlfriend last night, and the same old issue raised its ugly head again; my peepee just doesn't seem to respond as well to the mushy walls of the vagina cave as it does to my hand's deadlift-inured vice-like grip.

After trying all 3 of the positions I know (for what seemed like an eternity), I finally relented and masturbated into her face (an old romantic at heart!!). But not for a fraction of a second, during all that pumping and grunting, did I feel the tingle, the hint, that I might be approaching climax. On the plus side it was the most cardio I've done in years.

My girlfriend isn't ugly; not kate upton but not rumer willis either. So I'm assuming it's not that, unless i'm gay and I haven't admitted it to myself yet (which lets face it, is a possibility considering the drugged up bodybuilding deviance i'm involved in). So I don't really care about a solution, i'm sure i'll work something out - but does anyone else have this problem? Would you like to regale us all with a similar tale of woe and penile disinterest?
Relevant question.

What do you think, did your woman come close to a pretended climax, or maybe she didn't feel shit, just like you.

Leaves 2 conclusions, her can has previously been opened by better hung guy, or you have a micro penis.

Or both.

Do not believe the stories when women say size does not matter.
If it would not matter, they would prefer being finger fucked.

Compare that to the size of dildos they choose.
Food for thought.
2  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: 8 weeks plan to be in shape for vacation on: Today at 05:16:13 AM
Looking shredded, see, no need to over think this.

Just train and eat clean and not too much and that is it.

Nice gyno.
3  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: Which ROIDS Give Capped Delts? on: Today at 05:12:17 AM
I have really good shoulders and don't train them at all
I have seen fat women with matarazzo sized calves and i bet they don't even know about training or having such a muscle.
4  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: incrilex on: Today at 05:10:30 AM
Oh "homo200"

Is this all worth it, you are using using enough steroids to make you look like pros a year out before turning pro, if the genetics were there.

But, how do you look yet?


Still think it's worth it?

You realize all Igf on the black market is bullshit, do you?

You can just run "cheaper" HGH and have Igf secretion, because that is what HGH does.

As mentioned above, children get mgs a pop, while ugl will provide you with ng, if anything at all.

Lol, whitewiddow thinks there are people out there who can produce legit Igf in some ugl.

If it's so easy, explain the methods how to make it, let's hear.
5  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: Which ROIDS Give Capped Delts? on: Today at 04:59:42 AM
Lol at the fat dude benchpress he may b strong but. You r going to have a hard time convincing me that u can build a bb quality chest with just flies or delts with shoulder raises alone.  Power lifters train different rep ranges. Mayb after first couple years u can focus on these to help improve muscles. I may just b hard headed lol.  
I do both ohp and raises though so mayb i could skip the ohp and add more raises on a few workouts actually hitting shoulders today. Get zero pain from ohp and my shoulders get nasty pumped hate to leave it out.
Was actually going to hit a personal best with a barbell today. Now what would i use to substitute a 275 lb military press for 10 reps? Just more front and side raises 6 sets each? I will try next week... cant c it replacing a staple in lifting. There is something to b said for heavy compound movements building a body when it causes n injury or pain.
You can build an impressive chest with using less than 200 pounds for bench press.
By impressive, i mean people who have won competitions, i don't know what is impressive to you, you must be a monster, why don't you show some pictures?
And inquiring minds want to see that 275 pounds military for 10 reps on video.
Will you do this?
Simple Simon does not bench at all, have you seen his pictures?

PS nobody gives a shit about your personal best, if you want to brag about things, do it full blown with pictures and videos.

Not one person in the world gives a shit about your personal best of anything.

"not trying to be an ass"

6  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Genetics decides your future in bodybuilding on: July 21, 2014, 04:42:22 PM
I think this has to do with how you construct your cycles, try 1 gram of test with 750mg of tren and pop some anadrol tabs that should get you growing.
You have never touched steroids and most likely never touched a weight.

Shut the fuck up.

7  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: The Israel-Arab Conflict (Getbigger-Way) on: July 21, 2014, 04:35:48 PM
He's right, though. You don't live in England.

Don't actually believe any media hysteria.

A few nutters may make some headlines as they attempted to 'implement' sharia law around their shitty neighborhood but if they ever stepped out of their ghettos...its akin to a redneck saying he's implemented durka durka law in the trailer park.

No one gives a fuck.

Indeed the is no sharia law anytime soon in England nor in any European Christian nation.

The vast majority of immigrant muslims behave perfectly well, polite and don't give a fuck about religion.

The black people have been to England long before the muslims, and they haven't out bred the Caucasian people.

8  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: The Israel-Arab Conflict (Getbigger-Way) on: July 21, 2014, 04:26:12 PM
These Muslims sound like real victims who have a rich, advanced and forward thinking culture. I highly suggest you consider leaving the barbaric country Christianity held back that you're living in and move to Riyadh.
No, you are an idiotic racist girl with blurred vision and poor education.

The muslims have been more lenient occupiers and imperialists than the Christian forces and monarch regimes throughout history until about the start of the 20th century.

Their religion is no more as backwards than the old testament is.

9  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: The Israel-Arab Conflict (Getbigger-Way) on: July 21, 2014, 04:21:04 PM
Theyve always been this crazy.
You are misinformed. Go educate yourself, talk to a historian about this, then open your mouth again.
You are making yourself look stupid.

This conflict?

Palestinians are being delusional, Israel is a nuclear force with superior military, with many inventions, good economy and educated, smart population.

The Palestinians could only ever catch up if they got educated first. Instead they have a rich Hamas elite commanding suckers, idiots and retards called Hamas which is basically a poorly trained small militia.

And if the Palestine cause was so just, why don't the muslim neighbor countries come to the Palestine rescue?

The often seen map cited by morons as in the first post is very misleading.

And most of the land as not stolen or disowned, most of it was paid for by Israelis to the Palestinians.

10  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Genetics decides your future in bodybuilding on: July 21, 2014, 03:59:54 PM
Very good point.  The ability to tolerate continuous/high amounts of drugs is probably the most important factor on how far someone can take it.

With all the drugs that are being taken, these guys feel as though they are invincible.  This androgen induced invulnerability is what leads to health problems and inevitable kidney/liver problems/failure.
No, i think it's a greatly overrated "point"

How much use people can get away with in the long run is less a difference than the great and poor response to gear can make.

If somebody gets a nice build on 500mg of anything a week plus maybe some HGH, they will not run into the same problems as a poor responder would.

You think this is impossible?

Look at Simple Simon, he uses almost trt dosages, and then look at esfitness the retard calls 6 gramms the sweet spot just because he doesnt respond to any less. And he looks like garbage.
Or Sev's "borat", 2000mg a week but less mass than an FHM magazine cover model.

Believe it or not, the biggest guys are not always the biggest users. If you think otherwise, seriously, look at esfitness. True adonis looks bigger than him.

Another factor is how long before joints, tendons and muscle nerves start going bad.

11  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: Favourite Fat Burn Supporters on: July 21, 2014, 03:43:49 PM
Efedrine is the best because it offers a variety of benefits.

But it causes prostate issues on many.

12  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: anyone used this? on: July 21, 2014, 03:42:23 PM
It's my understanding that it is very hard to fake the pens.
It is my understanding that you can buy the pens separately.

OTH i am sorry but your 60 year old friend has felt a subjective difference, it's not like he been tested in a clinical trial.

If different people respond differently to different brands, it will be individual response.

This is a very competitive market for the companies, they will not slip up with purity issues, they undergo severe overview and product testing.
And its not produced and developed by some high school dropouts, HGH is very hard to produce.
If it weren't , everybody would produce it.
13  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: anyone used this? on: July 20, 2014, 04:05:14 PM
Yes but the boxes I used looked a little diffrent bu that was awhile ago. If what you have is 100% legit that is some of the best HGH you can possibly get.
Excuse me, but are you some sort of guru?

There is no "best" HGH.

All the HGH coming from pharmaceutical companies undergo the most strict testing, do you realize that?

They are all as pure as possible.

Simple Simon, does the cartridge come like that with everything else?
Or separate?

I am bit suspicious, if your friend hasn't got this from a doctor, i wouldn't trust it.

14  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: Bit of help on: July 20, 2014, 03:47:47 PM
Can this "temper" guy be barred from posting in this section?

All he talks about is hearsay stories he read somewhere, he himself has no experience with steroids and it's bloody obvious.

Topic starter, if you want strength, 500mg masteron/week + 30mg halotestin/day + 50mg ephedrine/day + 200-500mg test/week.

15  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Phil Heath - I'm a fan of Phil - sorry Getbig! on: July 15, 2014, 07:36:37 AM
Oh brotha.  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Phil won because he was standing in front of the line, and therefore, the judges had a better view of his physique.
Phil has stepped on stage and wasn't even called out in the previous olympia.

He is by far the best competitor as of now.

Bodybuilding isn't about who is the widest, wideness comes from bone structure in the first place.

Wheeler was narrow too, come on, after talking shit about the current title holder, top that and talk some shit about Wheeler too.

16  Getbig Main Boards / General Topics / Re: Islamic extremist Scum on: July 15, 2014, 07:17:12 AM
The bottom line is that the middle and lower class native population in no way benefits from third world/Muslim immigration or multiculturalism.

Unless you're wealthy, you would have to be an absolute fool to support these policies that are so harmful to your standard of living and your safety. 
The bottom line is you are an uneducated racist arsehole.

There are muslim surgeons, dentists, engineers and much more.

The U.K. has VAT, this means everybody pays taxes on almost all goods, and taxes are used to the benefit of everybody.

The immigrants eat, use transport, pay their bills and thus, are contributing to the economy, if more people need food, the stores will employ more people, benefiting normal workers.
Or more stores are built, benefiting the building contractors, landlords and so forth.

Donny, you are a military guy and should know better than spreading hate.
17  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Phil Heath - I'm a fan of Phil - sorry Getbig! on: July 15, 2014, 06:33:25 AM
phil comes off as a regular guy in a fucked up industry.
the main thing going for him is the absence of leather and denim short pics and all that.

other than that, he has bodyparts that are mediocre for a mr O, but the crop is not that good either.
Hey daft twat, he is the best bodybuilder in the world.

Get it? Out of all the people who inhibit earth, nobody can beat him.

18  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: More inspirational; Zyzz or Arnold Schwarzenegger? on: July 15, 2014, 06:30:14 AM
Saying "i am 2 weeks out from 7%" is relative.

Everybody can say stuff.

A 20% guy too, he would be a certain amount of weeks out of contest shape.

19  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Steroids Info & Hardcore / Re: guru cycle on: July 15, 2014, 06:18:48 AM
I have no clue of what we're even talking about....

Unless he is about to step on stage in VERY peeled condition, the OP is not 5% bodyfat.

Simple as that.

To the OP's actual question: Most pros probably begin their careers winning small shows on genetics, training, and eating like a bro. Then it might break down something like this...

This is just a totally hypothetical satirical list obviously...Some guys could probably win on less, some more.

Teen nationals overall: <1g    ( 18 years old )
States: <1g
Junior USA's: <2g
Top 10 Nationals: <3g
Top 5 Nationals: <4g
Pro card: <4g + GH
Top 10 Pro show: <5g + GH  
Top 5 Pro show: <6g + more GH + Slin
Olympia top 5: $$$$$ <- how much of this do you have? You will need it. ( 35 years old )

Even in this ROUGH almost stupid list, it takes 15+ years and a slow tapering up of drugs. All the while doing EVERYTHING else 100% obsessively perfect; diet, sleep, training, etc.

Anyone can blast steroids into their ass...And look like a wildebeest with A-cup tits. It's all the little ancillaries/timing and other pseudo-scientific bullshit to get "the look" that dudes pay guru's for...That's why their "cycles" look like 2 pages of hospital inventory.

Obviously some kids push it hard + respond VERY well and go pro at <25...Will they ever be top 5 Olympia? Probably not, would they even have made it pro in the 90's scene? Probably not..

You have no idea what you are talking about.
You have what, zero to one cycle under your belt?
Just because somebody is bigger, this must mean they are taking more steroids?
How would you explain the following, let's say simple simon, everyone has seen his pictures, he uses 250-500 mg weekly and is bigger than esfitness who uses 6 grams.
How do you explain that?

Galiniko was 5% no question, no more than 1-2 weeks out of contest shape for amateurs.

I remember pictures of the guy being leaner than the guy in the above picture.
20  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Women now are just fat! on: July 14, 2014, 11:56:25 PM
I just got back from St. Louis from going with my wife to her "Scentsy Family Reunion" -sales convention in straight English. Fully half of these "consultants" were obese- not by a little- but by alot- a good chunk of them had to be well in excess of 300 lbs. Some, well beyond that.  Maybe 10% were normal weight. Then they had the obligatory
Capri pants and flip flops. Don't people wear normal shoes to professional events anymore??  I expended a lot of mental effort and energy learning NOT to look at people, walking without looking below the 5 foot level.... I got a lot of checking out so I was informed by my wife, and the horror of that couldn't have been greater... How far do these cows intend to let themselves go?? 
They can't fit into shoes anymore, that's why they wear flip flops.
21  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sorry Getbig-I'm fan of Phil Heath on: July 14, 2014, 05:21:53 PM
Phil, do you think you would have beaten Flex Wheeler at his best vs your best?

22  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sorry Getbig-I'm fan of Phil Heath on: July 14, 2014, 05:16:10 PM
thank you. no you know that there are certain questions that are for web and others in person right? hope that helps
Alright, can i pm you about that.

You need not mention names, and we aren't allowed to post pms.

23  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sorry Getbig-I'm fan of Phil Heath on: July 14, 2014, 05:09:56 PM
I never seen someone back pedal so've just done the Tour de France backwards
Yes, pathetic.
"i wasn't being serious"

Hi Phil, it's a pleasure having you here, you should post more often, you lurk all the time anyway, don't you.

Can i ask a question or two? I understand you are under contract, but hear me out.

Do all the professionals do 5 and more grams of .....uh..."creatine" and 20 ius of "tribulus"?
24  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sorry Getbig-I'm fan of Phil Heath on: July 14, 2014, 05:04:22 PM

He loves to brag about his 4 Plate Hammer pressing
Do you think he is weak?

You really believe that?

Aware yourself, he does 220 pounds bench for 50 reps.

25  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sorry Getbig-I'm fan of Phil Heath on: July 14, 2014, 05:01:44 PM
His waist is smaller be a use he is smaller. Structurally it should be small to match his narrow clavicles. Also constant crying about #haterz and many pics of him with Louis vuitton bags are beta what grown man cares what people on the Internet say and carry a purse guys a bitch. #giftednutrition#hugsforhaterz#handbaggame
Oh you don't like his personality and behaving and his sense for fashion.

Why is that?

Such a self proclaimed "alpha" sure as hell wouldn't care what any "beta" out there does.

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