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1  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Who Would You Like To Be Trained By? on: April 15, 2014, 09:34:07 AM
Seriously, if I could only go back in time:

1)  Vince Gironda
2)  Larry Scott
3)  Dave Draper

P.S.  IF I could go back 2000 years, WES would be my choice =)
2  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random pics on: April 15, 2014, 09:32:09 AM
I would almost start zumba lessons to break the ice....
P.S.  Me with blindfold on, them both ass-up, face down!! =)
3  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: I refuse to log in, or post until Shizzo, Uncle Junior, and Wolfox are banned. on: April 15, 2014, 08:33:14 AM

Ignore them completely and eventually they`ll get tired of trolling.
AGREED!!!  STOP responding to ANYTHING they write...
Take a deep breath, THINK before responding- SEE who wrote the TROLL comment, DON'T RESPOND!!!!!!!!!
4  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: what city has the hottest women you have ever seen? on: April 15, 2014, 08:30:46 AM
I've been damn near everywhere in my time in the military except asia:  here's my take...

1)  Paris, France-  Oh, my Lord just visit one day, almost ALL the girls are just perfect!!! Thin waists & Hourglass hips!!
2)  Stuttgart, Germany-  PARADISE for guys who like girls from South Germany who have Black hair!!!
3)  Vienna, Austria-  What can be said unless you've been there??  Beauty upon beauty!!
4)  Montreal, Canada-  The girls there are SO delicious we used to travel 2 hours there & back on weekend leave!! =)
5)  Washington, D.C./Arlington, VA-  Very HUMID city, like walking in a hot bowl of soup- the white dresses girls wear CLING to their bodies and you can see their lingerie underneath!!!
5  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Dillett 1996 Arnold Classic on: April 13, 2014, 07:42:51 AM
Best physique ever.....just standing there! (it all goes wrong with his horrible awkward posing)

EXACTLY- someone should have explained to him he REALLY needed a posing coach!!!
6  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: looking for a new bed.... anyone know anything about them on: April 13, 2014, 06:28:24 AM
I got the new DONALD TRUMP collection mattress with the "GEL pillow Top", and I never had such AMAZING sleeps, or sexual encounters in my life (I PREFER now to call a girl over to my place instead of going to hers).
Got it just before Xmas last year!
7  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random pics on: April 13, 2014, 05:45:10 AM
a few nights back, I had a ten minute convo with a girl with fake boobs... drunk, yelling in my ear about this and that... i'm just conveniently face-to-boob as she yells in my ear.  I can see the appeal, and I can see why some are disgusted by them.  I'm listening to her story and just weighing the pros/cons of fake boobs.  Still on the fence.
You should have continued the investigation by inviting her to the crib... =)
8  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Larry Scott Tribute on: April 08, 2014, 09:18:15 PM
hey wild bill!!   I have articles with Arnold admitting steroid use.   including after the '80 Olympia, Franco was trying to solve his water retention issue.  he asked Arnold what he took. Arnold replied 'just the usual steroids'.
I've got that one too, the 1980 Mr. Olympia special I believe Rick Wayne was the editor!
9  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: how exactly does money get you women? i think this is a myth on: April 07, 2014, 09:18:45 PM
my dad is a millionaire and tells me it's a myth money gets you women

unless vultures perhaps who only want your money

he uses one of those first model nokia phones blue with white side

wears $10 shoes etc

he says he pitties people that value expensive clothes and mobile phones, money is much better to have
$10 shoes?  He must weigh about 150lb not to get plantar faciatis!!
10  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Elephant decides he wants to kill his trainer (vid) on: April 06, 2014, 11:29:54 AM
Damn, that's one pissed elephant

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
NOT one f@$king rifle there?Huh WOW!!
11  Getbig Main Boards / General Topics / Re: I have taken my last drink. This is my road to sobriety. on: April 06, 2014, 11:12:44 AM
I am tired of being held hostage by alcohol. I just took my last drink. I needed to make a thread to hold myself accountable. Also because Getbig knows more about my alcoholism, than my family does.

Starting from 7:00 A.m. eastern time, I will log my trials with staying clean.

I am scared. I have heard of the horror stories of withdrawls.

If I stop posting in this thread, I am either in the hospital, or I am dead.

I will give you guys updates to how I am feeling. I will win, unless my body betrays me.
IF I could quit drinking after leaving the military (and after 2 wars!) you can too...
Haven't had a drink since 1998!
P.S.  I still think about it, just never let the temptation win...
12  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: WES - I want an autographed picture of you on: April 06, 2014, 10:50:15 AM

I found an old Cave Painting of Wes!!!
13  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Would you go out clubbing in this top? on: March 29, 2014, 04:59:53 PM
I only dress in these:
14  Getbig Alternative Boards / Relationship Talk, Questions, Pictures & More! (18+) / Re: Whats the worst kind of porn you've seen in terms of violation and abuse? on: March 29, 2014, 04:23:26 PM
worst i think was Animal Farm. Remember in the Army on Guard Duty watching it...guy fucking a hen, a donkey being sucked off....a woman got fucked by a pig.
I missed that one in my time in the Army, I DID see "Smokey and the Bandit" 28 times, though...
15  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Larry Scott RIP! on: March 26, 2014, 09:28:11 PM
Larry won his Oly title during the time the little blue pill from CIBA was just hitting the gyms….Dbol. Larry was a spiritual corney Mormon kid who would not even drink coffee. He did however push a ton of protein thru his kidneys along with hard ass training. Thats all. Can't say the same thing for the men who shared the stage with him and eventualy took the spotlight. RIP Larry. And if you see him 'up there' tell Gironda FUCK YOU.
WRONG, watch a video from one of his workout partners & multi-title winner himself:<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
16  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Yoga - any straight guys here do yoga? on: March 23, 2014, 10:48:03 AM
One New York City yoga studio has taken yoga’s flexible principles to the next level by offering co-ed, naked vinyasa courses.
The class, introduced the Bold & Naked studio in Chelsea, is supposed to provide students with a new way to focus on celebrating their bodies and is not intended to be sexually evocative.

'There are a lot of things that separate us in a normal yoga class, like what brand of yoga clothing you're wearing or how you look when you're wearing it,' Vanessa Kennedy, a naked yoga class attendee, told Reuters. 'But when we're naked, it's like we're all the same.'

You know, seriously this is cool if most of the members were girls, I'd join IF they had a group in Vancouver!!!
17  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Larry Scott Tribute on: March 19, 2014, 09:58:19 AM
Wow,I hadn`t heard this.  Sad

RIP "Larry The Legend"
Wes, please read... this is Larry's Obit, shocking- I never knew he had dementia!
18  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Strange Sexual Encounter on: March 19, 2014, 09:27:45 AM
most girls cry when I fuck them.  Don't understand why  Huh
Your Mom said it was your beard...
19  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: I thnk GNC's whey is fake on: March 19, 2014, 08:03:36 AM
Not really sure what happened, I used to have a huge appetite and many times would suffer from binge eating. I would eat awhole pie at one time, sometimes a whole jar of peanutbutter. That went away about a year ago.

ThenShortly after that, the appetite followed. . I think I've eaten so much chicken,steak,eggs and body just rejects it. I could get by with one meal a day no problem.
What the key to limiting binges is "mixing things up", get more VARIETY of proteins... I even keep frozen Angus beef burgers in my freezer and make a topping of sauteed garlic mushrooms and swiss cheese.  Sometimes I don't have steak for a week, instead I'll have Lamb chops, or a different kind of frozen fish filet (Basa, Tilapia, Salmon, Trout, etc...)
If I find I've run out, and don't have time to cook, etc... there's a Indian restaurant nearby that makes KILLER Chicken Curry!!
20  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Another classic Weider lie on: March 19, 2014, 07:15:40 AM
yah but sounds like bad hair day

someone who consistenlty had a chance to see how he trained would be more useful

I remember John Romano said he (Dillet) trained light on a consistent basis, he contest prepped him.
He said he was EXTREMELY gifted genetically, and lots of GOOD gear...
21  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Another classic Weider lie on: March 18, 2014, 09:51:33 AM
how light exactly did he train?

and dillet is 1 in million genetics lets not forget that
This is from a witness:   "I cried when I saw this guy train. The vids from the old Olympias were priceless. 4 reps of behind the neck press with 115 pounds and 20 minutes of excuses to why he wouldnt do anymore."
22  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Another classic Weider lie on: March 18, 2014, 08:44:07 AM
You to call someone gypsy, Roll Eyes oh-la-la , what colour is 'baby mama' & jr.  Grin
I found them for you Herr Kommandant... =)
23  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Russia / Ukraine / Crimea Vote Resultes...... on: March 18, 2014, 07:39:48 AM
They voted.  Done deal.  Now I am sure the US government will respect DEMOCRACY.
You ever tried to vote out in the open while being watched by guards with AK-47's??
24  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: La fitness minnesota: Somalian thunderdome? on: March 17, 2014, 01:00:58 AM
Even MORE problems at another gym:
25  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Russia / Ukraine / Crimea Vote Resultes...... on: March 16, 2014, 03:46:33 PM
There is NO discretion in "Voting" i these places, I've seen it first-hand, in Croatia and Bosnia. 
You either "Vote" for the system, or you get marked for later punishment...
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