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1  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Injury and Rehabilitation / Tory Burch sale Q275 steel with the properties of controlled cooling _600 on: March 14, 2011, 07:57:09 AM
Q275 steel and properties of controlled cooling
And put into use. The production line using roller hearth electric resistance furnace, power of 300kW. Feeding, discharging and water-ling was carried out both in the rollers, steel production as a single continuous heating and cooling. Productivity 9OOkg / h, the annual production capacity of 5400t. Production process: one to heat a water jet cutting is a blank Ling Ling, a support system to do. The specific process for the Q275 steel is: 870 ℃ × 22ram heating, cooling spray to, '200 tons of steel in the production of the mechanical properties of the random sampling test, in which tensile test specimens taken 34, 28 impact test samples, test results in Table 3. Table 3 shows, Q275 steel by controlled hot and cold mine after, ao by the hot rolling of ≥ 275MPa increased to ≥ 430MPa, 85 ≥ 18, compared with the standard hot rolling ≥ 19 decreased slightly,Wholesale Puma Shoes, nu ≥ 65J/cm also meets the requirement. The overall performance of steel bending tests showed that after the controlled cooling steel mining increased the overall carrying capacity of 4o ~ 5o; by a steel frame made of metal ore bearing tests prove that the whole frame, the controlled cooling of the ultimate bearing capacity after the stent to improve 3O ~ 4O, see the technical effect is very clear the use of controlled cooling technology, eliminating the high-temperature tempering, making the heat energy consumption and costs. The actual measurement of the heat energy production ≤ 300kW · h / t,Tory Burch sale, by heat treatment as measured Ge Chang Feng Yuan in the i00 / t, about steel price (1700 yuan / t) of 6 or so. Above that control hot and cold steel handle mine the economic and social benefits are considerable. IV Conclusion (1) Q275 steel after controlled cooling heat treatment,uggs kopen, mechanical properties of yield strength of test results declined 3? (MPa) t (MPa) Xin 5 () bleed at the nose u (J, cm0) falling into the standard plastic steel Wang average standard standard deviation mean ± standard deviation plastic Da standard deviation ounces Q2752722.72.09l8675 ~ 76518 ~ 2765 ~ 140 - degree can increase more than 5o, elongation and impact toughness at room temperature in line with requirements. (2) Q275 steel reinforced control mechanism of the cold: Qu light volume increased refinement of ferrite, ferrite and pearlite dislocation density refinement (3) control-ling process parameters should be controlled to avoid coarse organization. (4) Q275 steel in a small amount of controlled cooling is the second widmanstatten ferrite did not reduce the plasticity and impact toughness of steel, so the premise of controlling grain size, a small amount of discretion allowed the emergence Widmanstatten . ● BIBLIOGRAP an orderly scene where respect of Mechanical Engineering. 1965 (2): 332 Xia Jianguo and so on. Metal materials and thermal processing technology. 1983 (6), 24t3 Huang, etc. - is a dish of, 1987,puma futrue cat,26 (6): A2z34 gouge seam identity. Materials Science, 1986,22 (5). A448 (t-continued on page 9) Third, the conclusions (1) The original organization of laser hardening layer depth has a great influence. Original quenched state organizations with the greatest depth of hardening, quenching, tempering state, followed by annealing of the most shallow. Under the same conditions of laser processing parameters, the depth of hardened layer depends on the form of nuclear capability, the original organization. (2) The original organization was quenched when the crack is easy to produce laser quenching t it is not suitable for laser hardening of the pre-organization. Annealing as the original organization, the lower the hardness of the laser hardened, hardened layer shallow exploration degree, ineffective. Original organization as quenching, tempering state, could obtain more ideal laser hardened layer. (3) high-speed steel hardness of laser hardening layer and the relationship between tempering temperature and the same conventional quenching of laser hardened DA has a higher hardness o5 ~ 0 . F compared with the conventional heat treatment of laser hardening off the solid carbon and alloy oyster more competitive element, thereby increasing the La W6dS4V2 pounds of high-build silicon actinides. . '. '. . . |-l198 · ​​49 (6), 36343 Mengqing Jiang Qian. barrier is a University, 1983.16 (3) B994 Feng Xuefei and so on. dish is Science and Technology, 1986.5 (3), 365DyflonDI.Acg,ugg italia, KMetsl1, 1966.14 < 7): 667 ' 
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2  Getbig Misc Discussion Boards / Powerlifting / Strongman / uggs nederland Catalyst diamond lattice structure and electronic structure and c on: March 14, 2011, 07:55:42 AM
Catalyst diamond lattice structure and electronic structure and the relationship between catalytic activity
Process Lattice geometry to adapt to the principle: the geometric structure and catalytic character of the lattice of graphite reactant geometry to adapt. Catalysts used in synthetic diamond,mac cosmetics wholesale, requiring intensive face-centered cubic or hexagonal close-packed lattice spacing of graphite surface structure of the atom fit, the best is equal to 0.246r ~ n. Principle is that the two liquid crystal layer under a number of catalytic mechanism of adsorption of an ideal catalyst for the diamond structure requirements. According to j =. The above principle, the catalytic process of transformation of graphite to diamond, all natural metal catalysts, the best nickel, followed by cobalt. Two similar catalytic activity, can be used as a catalyst alone. While other metals because they can not adapt well to meet the two principles of the shame. Such as platinum, and nickel are similar electronic structure (see Table 1), more in line with requirements; but the geometry is too large (see Table 2),uggs nederland, is not conducive to a number of simultaneous adsorption, so the catalytic effect of platinum worse than the nickel. This point has been confirmed by practice. After a theoretical analysis of the above understanding, in line with international diamond industry in Taiwan into actual production. Here are a few most obvious example: Example 1 is well known that the growth of the world's most advanced diamond gem GE's technology is pure nickel as catalyst. Example 2 diamond Russia and other CIS countries produce nickel-based catalyst has been used, such as NiMn alloy. Example 3 Synthesis of the domestic diamond industry is the most widely used nickel-based catalyst Taijin, such as NiMnCo25-5, Ni. MnFe30-30. As no pure nickel and gold with manganese homes, mainly in order to reduce the station into a temperature. Addition of other ingredients can be adjusted Taijin the electronic structure and lattice structure, so that more desirable than a single metal. SDA line down 4DeBeers diamond products company is the production of cobalt as a catalyst, which shows also regarded as a good catalyst drilling. However, we also noted that after the acquisition of Winter Corporation, DeBeers will now also be used in the production of nickel-based alloy catalyst grades of products for the DSN the structure of the ideal catalyst requirements (electronic structure and the lattice structure) is described above. natural single best nickel metal. It's very good geometric factors, is very close to the ideal value (△ d = 0.248-0246:0 .002 nt ~ 1); electronic factors (energy factor) is also ideal, very close to the ideal value (372-364 = 8kJ,ugg milano, too1). theory and practice have shown that a better catalyst than nickel alloy only depends on artificial manufacturing. Fortunately, through the various elements of the appropriate set of units, the ideal catalyst alloy is possible to develop out of the development of a commonly used than the current more desirable NiMnCo25-5 catalyst is possible. in the development of more ideal alloy catalysts work,Moncler cheap, the future should pay attention to electronic structure factor. now several alloy catalysts commonly used in China too the lack of d with d of the hole number and percentage of other electronic structure data,uggs online bestllen, it must first carry out basic research to fill this area blank, so far as to determine whether the electronic structure of the catalyst Taijin adaptation principles, and quantitatively compare the extent of their compliance. References A.Giini.The? m ~ iemMineral0.19621oA.JhH. I43a.AHCCCP (He.M Shuai ) .1968 H. P. Bove ~ kerk.Nature】 959RH.w coffee, dv.ChemPh, 1965.Bepeam 'uH, mHCCCP, l965P.b nL ~ 'E'TWbIeJ ~' IILTLIII:, I1980 Xing Yuan-Long and so on. from the sintering mechanism of the growth of hard wood shake Luo Abstract bats in the operation set of arguments prince Yu Lu silicate crystal growth study odd members,] 980 Lin Ming-West and so on. Lo } [8] Jilin go school. artificial barrier diamond Science Press.] 975 He Fucheng and so on. Results chair of chemical People's Education Press,】 982 [Japanese] Tachibana Taro such as liquid crystal knowledge. Science Press,] '984 Fudan go Science. Special Physical and Chemical (CHINA) China Education Publishing House .1979 Liu Po ​​and so on. flails of Physical and Chemical (CHINA) China Education Press, 1964 Journal of the Lord. the same [8] Wang Fengsheng of Public Abstract bats. Metal-Catalyzed Hui c music station the relationship between structure and catalytic activity of all state machines designed (first issue) l985lIk-e ~ 0,.] YSN ... l998 (Received Date: l999-0l-lO1c Editor: Wang Qin) 23456789m ¨ refuse H   
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3  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Positive Bodybuilding Discussion & Talk / stivali ugg Precision current with sodium chlorate as oxidant titration Iridium on: February 23, 2011, 09:53:19 PM
Precision current with the titration of sodium chlorate as oxidant Iridium
Glass tube to a sealed tube dissolving. Open tube,stivali ugg, the solution is not concentrated Zhao, transferred to 100ml volumetric flask, ~ 130m, hydrochloric acid, cooled to room Ju, diluted with water to a quiet level, shake. . Accurate extraction 15ml test solution (Pt ~ 25h extraction 10m1) in the 100ml graduated cylinder,uggs nederland, add 8ml hydrochloric acid,giubbotti moncler, 5ml1: l sulfuric acid ', diluted with water to 30ml. Following Ibid. Titration, the first rejection pipette add 20. OOmI titer of about 0.22ragIr/ml given ferrous sulfate solution disgrace, and then dump full of micro burette, records titrant volume and the corresponding current value, with titration solution (ml) of the current (cell) mapping requirements end. Various brands of Rh ~ Ir alloys with reference to the operation. Synthesis of 4,3 t like Yuan sample analysis and relaxation by Pt ~ Ir - Ir base station components,wholesale PUMA, Zhai system synthesis of various units like boxes, I set the results of former times,Moncler jackets sale, the relative error is <0.1. The relative error of the test results are all <0.1. L} again real sample analysis results are shown in Table 2 the standard deviation S: o, 00025, the relative standard deviation CY =. 0.099 gold hunting in your analysis of real samples in Table 2 (combined box) Table2Resultsofdetermina tionfor1) t ~ 2Iralloy F. References E. amisit, J. C. Van [oo ~, Ana [ysisofNobleMc 【als, l977. l7t race Qilong, iridium iridium Iridium voice Ang Lee set a Institute of Precious Metals, iridium and rhodium plate for a special report of precision amps Exile empty, l967 year (internal data) Soviet standards r0CTj2559. A 8z j GBt485-1O of a national standard 79, the ometrictitrationwithNaCI O3asoxidizerispresented. Theeffectsofcondi-tlonsofoxidation, amountofNaCIOaandacidity onthedeterminationofirid iumistadied.Theanalysiso firidiumiaPt-IrandRb-Iralloysindicatedthattherelativeerroris0.1.SubjectwordsIridium, Amperometrictitration, Alloyanalysis (on the next page 64) StandardsforBondingGoldW ireandTheirDevelopmentZh ouXinming (InstituleofPreciousMetal s, Kunming, 650221) AbstractThesupplent, perfectionandevolutionfo rgoldwirestandardsinrece nt20years, andtheirrelationshipwith themanufactureandstudies ofgoldwirearedescribedoi lthebasisofASTMgoldwires tandards.Thedevelopmento fgoldwirestandardsinChin airiefintroduced.Subject wordsGoh1.MetalwinStanda l 'dization, Advancement
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4  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Craig Titus & Kelly Ryan Discussions / p90x workout schedule The ductility of micro-damage mechanism based on crack pro on: February 23, 2011, 09:52:11 PM
The ductility of micro-damage mechanism based on crack propagation behavior analysis
According to the results of consolidation test results with the relative ratio of resistance curve shown in Figure 6. It can be seen from the figure, reflects the material according to the special unit of plastic damage model control parameter D. = 0.2111rn, fo = 0.0035, = 0.2, bending tests were conducted on the quantitative prediction, especially for descending loads the plastic deformation process simulation, which is calculated in good agreement with the experimental results. Chang Chang, ∞ Hui Pan distance from the mouth of the crack tip, Ⅲ m Figure 6,p90x workout schedule, the simulation results and experimental bending resistance curve of Fig. 6Simulatedresultsof3-pointbendandtestedR-curves4 Conclusion (1) According to the microscopic mechanism of ductile crack using special element model, using the finite element method by a uniaxial tensile test load displacement curve (a total of three), and compared with experimental results obtained reflect the microstructure damage control parameters, then according to the parameters of the same material standard bend specimens were predicted. (2) crack in the ductile plastic damage in mind the special unit of models can describe the process of ductile fracture of materials and different materials to achieve the same kind of inter-test predictions. References: ClaudioRuggieri, FemandoFSantos, MitsumOhata,wholesale PUMA, eto1. Cell70 Welding Technology Vol 27 [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] modelpredictionofductile crackinitiationindamaged pipelineslJj. ProceedingsoftheInternat ionalPipeDreaI Philippians r'sConference, 2OO2, 26 (3) :917-929. GaoX, FaleskngJ, ShihCF,. Ductiletearinginpart-throughcrack: experimentsandcel1. modelpredictions [J]. J. Mech. Phys, 1998,46 (6) :761-777. RiceRJ, TraceyDM. Ontheductileenlargemento fvoidsintriaxialstressfi elds [J]. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 1969,17 (3) :201-217. McMeckingRM. Finitedeformationanalysi sofcrack-tipopeninginelastic-plasticmaterialsandimplicationsforfilleture [J]. J. Mech. Pbys. Solids,puma speed cats, l977, 25 (5) :357-381. TvergaardV. Materialsfailurebyvoidgr owthtocoalescence [J]. Ad-vancesinAppliedMechanics, 1990,27 (1) :83-151. XiaL, ShihCF. Anumericalstudyusingcorr tputationcellswithmi-cro-structureallybasedlengthscales [J]. J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 1995,43 (2) :233-258. [7] XiaL, ShihCF. Voidnucleationandgeometr yeffectsO13macro-stop-icfracturebehavior [J]. J. Mech. Pbys. Solids,ugg italia, 1996,44 (3> :603-639. [8] Jinghong Yang, TRANSACTIONS, Chang Yu-wind, and so on. Microscopic damage model based on the strength of welded joints of non-homogeneous resistance to ductile crack propagation resistance characteristics [J]. Mechanical strength, 2000 , 22 (3) :200-202. Author: Zhu Zhijun,stivali ugg, male, born in November 1978, Master. research and fracture strength of welded structures, published one. Email: zzjun2005@eyou.con
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