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1  Getbig Main Boards / The Getbiggers Board - The Circus or the Zoo / Re: I demand.................. on: Today at 11:07:16 PM
I'd enjoy witnessing your life ending heart attack.....I'd drink a beer and tell bystanders that you're fine and you just have epilepsy.

I bet you would. I'd do the same for you in return.
2  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Yo GetBig...I Did It!!! on: Today at 11:01:39 PM
My loins are quivering with anticipation no homo

Have you crossed over? Lately all your posts seem very gay in an erotically charge way. No hate. Just wondering.
3  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Random pics on: Today at 10:25:19 PM
Lack of pedicure, WNH!

Could this be a case of lymphedema? If so, it is no joking matter.
4  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sex on the beach - Getbiiger bodybuilder in action! on: Today at 10:22:22 PM
The nation with the largest catholic population has huge festival called Carnival in which you can see scantily clad women, if not down right naked...

It's not necessarily the right wingers (who probably are doing a lot of stuff in private), but America itself has this "Hell Yeah" to to TV and big screen violence, but as soon as Janet Jackson's (used an example) nipple was revealed (in which you had to zoom in on it) then there is a big stink. Then its, I don't want my kids to see that. Yet, they will walk around the house naked or topless in front of their kids. Watch violent movies and TV shows, and bring unsavory adults home.
Americans in general are very hypocritical, and it's a very dysfunctional hypocrisy at that.

I don't know where you live, but I live in the U.S. and I completely agree with you.
5  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Training Q&A / Re: The Mature thread on: Today at 10:18:10 PM
thanks jay,,trying to get your legs ready for a posedwon..

I wish I could say I was doing this Steve. I think my legs are atrophying at this point. I have been so lax at hitting the gym lately. All my focus has been on my wife's health and on the remodeling project we are trying to get going on our house.

I committed to spending $150,000 to make this dump work for three generations, so that our daughter and her husband are quilted into taking care of Margie and me when the time comes that we cannot take care of ourselves. As it turns out, raising the money (securing a loan) was the easy part. The project was supposed to commence last Monday. Due to the availability of the flooring we've chosen, it won't start for another two weeks. I suspect I will be in Germany for my granddaughter's wedding at the height of this phase of the remodeling project. Maybe this is a good thing, since my doctor recently diagnosed me with high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation and because remodeling is more stressful than I had imagined.

I am sure my heart would be just fine if I just got my lazy ass back in the gym. I keep hanging out on Getbig because people like you are such an inspiration. The other day my daughter expressed concern because she thinks my health is not what it once was, (she's right about that). At least I am not turning into some fat blob. In contrast, I keep getting leaner. I demonstrated how I could pull my chinos off with ease while not unbuttoning them just this morning. It was kind of a fun demonstration actually....better than having a spare tire hanging over my belt, huh?

Anyway, long reply short, thanks for reminding me that I'd suggested we engage in a leg development contest. You are my motivation. I have not conceded yet. Still hanging in there.
6  Getbig Main Boards / The Getbiggers Board - The Circus or the Zoo / Re: I demand.................. on: Today at 09:27:00 PM
Yes I think there is a certain enthusiasm and excitement that comes with doing your first cycle and you tend to get carried away with your expectations.

I certainly learned a lot and the experience in itself was invaluable.

My problem is and has always been my atrocious diet. Unfortunately, 80% of bodybuilding is about diet.

I have learned that steroids only go so far to help if all other factors are spot on.

The test made me feel good, it made my appetite wanna go through the roof, made me wanna party and I got fat like simple simon said I would.

This is the truth.

The other thing is its just a question of desire/motivation and wanting to do it, I just don't seem to have the hunger to "want it" that much.

I need to be with people who can give me that desire back.

My training has never been a problem, I am a good trainer most people who have trained with me would agree with that.

This is an irrelevant post, but considering your current avatar, aren't you concerned with acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome?  Grin
7  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / UK Getbig Bodybuilding and More / Re: Juniors insane asylum on: Today at 09:23:25 PM

That's fine Prime I honestly never had an issue with you.

I think if you were being reasonable you would agree with me that its not the smartest thing to do to make assumptions about people and accuse them of something without having some hard facts and relying on just hearsay and total conjecture, especially on an internet board such as this.

For example the fact that I like to gamble does not equate to me to wanting to hack or scam your friends for a few hundred dollars. I am sure there are many people on this board who like to gamble.

For your information and without meaning to sound big headed when I gamble I do so for thousands of dollars. I have posted screenshot and videos of me gambling and placing live bets for several thousands in timeout which people have seen and am happy to do so again with some of my account balances. I bet thousands my friend not a few hundred dollars here or there, it is something I have done since age of 17.

So it would be totally illogical and useless for me to ever try to scam someone for a few bucks on an internet board, it literally wouldn't do me any good and if you knew about my gambling activities as some people here do it would almost be laughable for someone to think that.

Again I don't wish to sound arrogant or patronizing to you but my feeling were hurt when you said that stuff about me and I couldn't even defend myself.

In any event its in the past my friend and I am not one to hold a grudge and wish for you always the best as one of the more intelligent posters here.

Okay Joon,  I agree that it was like kicking someone when they are down, (in your case in timeout). It was a cheap shot and I apologize. But think about this. I never did or said anything about you to land you in time out. You did that all on your own, my friend.

As for the Facebook thing, I didn't come up with the idea that it was you having done this all on my own. It was suggested to me that you would do such a thing. Should I have run with it? Probably not. Admittedly, I was vulnerable to suggestion because it caused some of my friends and family some grief. One of my closest friends in real life actually unfriended me on Facebook because of this little hiccup. With my having family and friends scattered all over the globe, Facebook is an important communication tool for me and them. Any threat to this, gets my gander up. I likely overreacted.

Lets you and I start fresh. You have a new shot on Getbig and that is great in my opinion. I like to pride myself on believing in the best in people and in that sense I failed with you. Hopefully you and I can start anew here. In my heart of hearts, I wish you every success on Getbig and in life. It is not my style to wish other people ill.

8  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / Training Q&A / Re: The Mature thread on: Today at 08:59:18 PM
Steve is one of the most dedicated folks here. I absolutely agree that he deserves all the recognition he can get.
9  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 08:55:58 PM
I find it interesting that this being a bodybuilding Website and that many of the supposed bodybuilders here are very concerned about their diet in order to be as competitive as possible, that you are not equally as concerned about your kids nutrition. One might suggest that diet is more important to bodybuilders than it is to the general public. And yet here we are arguing about whether it is okay for schools to feed our kids crap food. Are we that self-absorbed that we don't really give a damn what our kids are fed as long as we eat well? I don't believe it.

Truth be told, if you are a parent, one would hope it would make you absolutely crazy to know how poorly your protégés  food offerings were when you sent them off to school. I want to believe that each and every one of you would pack your precious little ones lunch everyday to insure they were healthy and well fed.

If you are concerned with too much government interference in our lives, make absolutely sure that there is no reason for government intervention. Our future is with our youth. If you care about the future, you care about what happens to all young people and not just your own kids.
10  Getbig Main Boards / The Getbiggers Board - The Circus or the Zoo / Re: I demand.................. on: Today at 05:49:33 PM
Excuse my mini melt..but this here getbig life, is serious business!!

It's not really that serious. Sometimes, someone hits a nerve that's all.

What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger.

Imagine how strong I will be if old age doesn't kill me soon like some posters here think it will.   Grin
11  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / UK Getbig Bodybuilding and More / Re: Juniors insane asylum on: Today at 05:42:39 PM
According to you my good friend apparently about 12  Grin

I think that's a bit too harsh, I would say 17 or 18 is more accurate.

One thing is for sure I don't behave like a normal 35 years old, or well at least not on this board  Smiley

I read some stuff you wrote about me while I was in time out that I was disappointed about, I always liked you and thought you sent me a lovely pm when I left last time.

I am referring to your accusation or implication that I had something to do with your Facebook being "mirrored" etc or scamming your friend.

I hope you are sensible enough to realize I would never do or endorse such a thing.

I sincerely hope you didn't have anything to do with that. It was a damn nuisance.

I tied it to you for a couple of reasons. One is that I have been led to believe you have the computer/internet savvy to do such a thing. The second thing that made me think of you was that whoever it was tried to get my friends and family involved in some manner of online gambling scam. You do like to gamble, don't you?

Okay Joon, I clearly made some assumptions about this situation. I really hope I was wrong.

And finally, yes we've had some good communications via PM. Unfortunately, you also have a pretty bad reputation here to overcome and I tend to be very careful about who I trust. I really would like to believe you are a good person who just sometimes gets a little crazy or caught up in the moment. Maybe this is true for both of us.
12  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / UK Getbig Bodybuilding and More / Re: So - how British are you? on: Today at 05:32:49 PM
Only though ancestry. From what I've been led to believe, my ancestral family were British Royalty. I am not inclined to reveal my real name here, but there is apparently some family estate in England which I am sure I'd have a heck of a time claiming ownership of today. Anyway, probably couldn't afford the upkeep or the taxes. I'd have to turn the pile into a tourist attraction to pay the bills like other Royals there have done.
13  Getbig Bodybuilding Boards / UK Getbig Bodybuilding and More / Re: Juniors insane asylum on: Today at 05:25:39 PM
Coming back with a bang, Joon! How old did you say you were again?  Grin
14  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Yo GetBig...I Did It!!! on: Today at 05:17:19 PM
And regarding legs I'll post a pic tomorrow. .trust me for those of you who think I dont have them you'll be surprised to say the least.

No doubt.

There are always those who have nothing good to say about someone else's achievements. You seem to know what you want and as your handle indicates, you Go4it.
15  Getbig Misc Too Board / Getbig Comments Suggestions Complaints Board / Re: Shizzo on: Today at 04:02:40 PM

Come on, you can do better than this. You came late to this party. It was funny the first 100 times many other Getbiggers used it. Now it is just dumb. I thought you were a man of original thought....guess I was wrong about that.
16  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 03:50:10 PM
If you say so.  Roll Eyes

Do you think I am lying? Really, what's with the  Roll Eyes?

Last year we each had Regence MedAdvantage RX Enhanced. We each currently have Regence MedAdvantage RX Classic. With Classic our maximum out-of-pocket is $3,400 per year. With Enhanced the max out of pocket is only $2,500. The monthly premium this year for Enhanced is $178. The monthly premium for Classic is $66. The difference is actually $112 per month each. If you do the math, you'll see that even if one has high usage and maxes out, they still save money with the Classic.

Prescription drug coverage is about the same with either plan (many generic drugs cost less then the lowest co-pay).

Both Classic and Advantage are PPOs.  

If you still think I am making this up, you can check with Portland, OR. Regence for their Med-Advantage pricing. I mention the location because rates vary by location. Oregon generally has higher rates then some other parts of the country.

Med-Advantage insurance is only available to people on Medicare. We each pay an additional $100 per month for Medicare.

I use an agent who specializes in Medicare plans. The agent reviews our individual needs and tries to match us up with the best insurance for our situation. This is not something which is purchased through the Affordable Health Care Act exchange, or the Oregon version thereof. It has little to do with "Obamacare" except in anyway that Obamacare might affect premium costs industry wide. I don't know that anyone has looked at this issue yet. It could be that Obamacare has made the market more competitive or less competitive. I think this remains to be seen.
17  Getbig Misc Too Board / Getbig Comments Suggestions Complaints Board / Re: Shizzo on: Today at 12:44:36 PM

Best of luck to you Shizzo. Welcome back. Be cautious of not falling into some old habits which landed you in timeout the last time. I have faith that you will be successful and a positive addition to Getbig this time around.
18  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 12:38:57 PM
Here's a little factoid about school food nutrition standards. Did you know that catsup is considered a vegetable according to the food service industry which is a mainstay of the meals served in schools?
19  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 12:32:29 PM
apparently my dripping sarcasm was too close to mirroring the actual stance of the Government Guardians of Public Health.

oh, I forgot to include that ''processed'' food is unhealthy too - unless you personally dug it out of your garden or caught it yourself it's dangerous to eat.

Common sense macros and keeping calories at baseline is the only thing the majority of people need to worry about, but that doesn't require government oversight or allow Whole Foods hipsters to indulge their OCD food neurosis about whatever is currently 'bad' (gluten omg)

Are you aware that phosphorous is added to some processed foods to enhance flavor?  Some phosphorous is fine, too much is harmful to our health. How do you know when you are getting too much? You don't! The reason for this is that it is often not a listed ingredient on the label.

People are gullible and easily misguided. While a few people suffer digestive issues as a result of eating gluten, this is comparatively rare. Most of us benefit from some glutens in our diet. Unfortunately, there seems to be a gluten free craze going on at present.

Another interesting fad is the organic food fad. I'm all for food that aren't genetically altered, but I don't want to eat apples with worms either.
20  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 12:24:10 PM

Interesting articles.

I believe this helps point out why diet and nutrition are so confusing for most of us. I'm not going to look for counter arguments to the claims in those articles, but I am confident there are many out there.

One thing I'd like to stress is portion control. More than any other problem, it seems, is our tendency to eat more than we need. This is not entirely our own fault. "Empty calorie" foods only satisfy our hunger for a short while. Most restaurants serve meals that are double or even triple the amount of food one needs.
21  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 12:14:21 PM
some idiot could easily say to you, "dairy and grains are horrible for you".

that's the problem.  everyone has a different definition of "healthy" in this country.  and in their own minds they're all exactly right.  except most of those same people are fat fucks who couldn't run a mile or do one pullup to save their life.

my wife is a registered dietitian.  you should hear the stories she tells about how some parents feed their kids because of something their crossfit instructor told them.  you'd laugh your ass off.

so in the end they can use whoever and serve whatever they want.  will it be healthier?  by someone's definition it will be.

As your wife surely knows, the science of nutrition is ever evolving and changing. We learn new things about what is an isn't healthy for us everyday. See my post about whole milk. This is a fairly recent finding, BTW.

My wife has type II diabetes (which is well controlled with diet and oral meds) and she suffers from chronic kidney failure. Recently she had acute kidney failure and was on dialysis for about 3 months. Considering her delicate health, her diet is more crucial to her survival than it is for most of us. After attending several classes on nutrition and diet designed primarily for kidney patients, I've come to realize how complicated eating healthy can be for some people. One thing that seems pretty obvious though is that processed foods are often much worse for us then unprocessed foods, such as fresh vegetables, whole grains and small portions of protein rich foods, such as meat and fish.

If you need proof of this, read the labels on processed foods. There is a whole lot of stuff in there the human body doesn't need, such as flavor enhancers and preservatives. The same is true for most fast foods.
22  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 12:03:27 PM
Salt is unhealthy, meat is unhealthy, fat is unhealthy and heart healthy whole grains should be emphasized

A big bowl of cheerios with low fat milk, obviously, is the healthiest thing The Childrens should be eating

It was recently discovered that whole milk may actually be beneficial in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. The reason given for this is that whole milk leaves one feeling satisfied (not hungry) for a longer time then does non-fat milk. Cheerios is one of the more nutritious processed cereals. So you got that part right.
23  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Obama Declares War On Chic-Fil-A on: Today at 11:56:32 AM
Maybe they should try teaching them some skills that might actually be useful in the real world. No lets focus on school lunches.

I don't believe the only choices are to either focus on healthy and nutritious food in schools or on education. These subjects are not mutually exclusive. One consideration is that well nourished students have been shown to be more responsive and attentive to their education. Another consideration is in educating young people with regards making good food choices. One of the best teaching tools is teaching by example. If school cafeteria food choices are healthy ones and they taste good too, this sets a positive example which some young people aren't otherwise exposed to. 
24  Getbig Main Boards / Politics and Political Issues Board / Re: Hillary was a doper and a choomer too on: Today at 11:37:29 AM
Not a single one of you who plan on voting for her wil give one shit about her record of corruption, coverups, lying, stealing, etc. 

For you clowns - its all about advancing a socialist/progressive/liberal agenda and nothing else. 

Who said anything about who they plan to vote for in the 2016 Presidential election?

You don't seem to get that you are the sad clown here because all you ever do is post often made up trash about the politicians you target. Do you ever post anything about the politicians you support? If so, I've missed seeing it.

Incidentally, one could say that all you are concerned with is advancing an ultra-conservative, extreme rightwing agenda.
25  Getbig Main Boards / Gossip & Opinions / Re: Sex on the beach - Getbiiger bodybuilder in action! on: Today at 11:25:02 AM
Well, I dont believe any 4 year old should be exposed to random acts of sex or violence.

And I agree that violence is much more accepted by 'Muricans than is sex.

Sex is still very taboo in America and you can thank the right wing, conservative politicians and those who support them for that. They do everything they can to repress sex, while many of them have affairs and engage in lewd acts behind closed doors. America has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and STDs because its hush hush.

There is one country in Europe that has almost zero teenage pregnancy and a very low STD rate. And guess what? Parents actually talk to their children about sex. Its not a taboo topic. Adolescents are going to have sex one way or another. These parents teach their adolescents about protected sex and encourage protected sex. They dont try to shame them and tell them not to do it. You cant fight biology at 16 years old. Instead, there is an open dialogue in this country about sex. As stated, low teenage pregnancy and low STD rate.

America does it backwards. Abstinence does not work. A right wing politicians daughter at age 16 just got pregnant after trying to practice abstinence lol. Ridiculous.

In as much as intercourse might look violent to little kids, I can see where one might want to shield them from witnessing it. On the other hand, a parent can usually turn something like this into a teaching moment. Sex is a natural part of life. Children should not be made to feel it is something vile.

This being said, people should show some consideration for others. When there are children or even other people around, it is inappropriate to have intercourse in public in most instances. I've never been to Burning Man, but I suspect there is some erotic activity going on at this event.

Respecting Personal Boundaries

BRC can be an erotically charged environment. Help prevent sexual harassment and assault while ensuring sex-positive free expression thrives. Consent is key. No means no. Speak up for yourself. It is imperative to know and express your boundaries and to ask about and respect the boundaries of others. As the Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D.) reminds us: Silence is not consent. For more visit www.bureauoferoticdiscou
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