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Author Topic: Being marketable is more important than the physique!!  (Read 60 times)
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« on: October 05, 2015, 06:41:55 AM »

Yes the title, when it comes to earning the money...This is ALWAYS the case...There is money in building your body...But there is not money in bodybuilding...If you're an up and coming athlete with dreams of competing...You want to start as young as possible...There is seen as more potential for younger guys and there tends to be more risk/reward ratio for picking younger guys as opposed to older ones...In some cases, if the older person is much more MARKETABLE then they will be picked....These are a few things to help someone get into the door of being marketable with aspirations to be a bodybuilder...

This includes conduct on social media...When considering you for sponsors and considering you to represent a brand your social media will be thoroughly checked....We're talking years back on your facbeook...Recent tweets...Picture or even posts on instagram...If everything looks good, you have lived another day...but you're not out of the water

Your following...If you have a big following on social media + you're a younger guy...You are a gold mine...You will be able to help the companies advertise their products through you...You can advertise them through social media and with all your followers you will create many sales...

like how guys like farah have less of a winning record than somebody like rambod but farah is more out there on social media so he garners more followers...He will get in pics with ramy and he will tag himself etc...There are different methods in this new generation....How else would you think Dusty Hanshaw would be able to go from company to company with his physique??? How many pro shows has he won?? lol....

To get a bigger following on things like youtube it's much harder than years ago now....It reminds me of the wealth gap in America....Years ago you would be able to put response videos to popular celebrities and you would get viewed through the public...In some cases create 100 youtube nobody accounts and like the video response 100 times.....So that the video response goes to the top of the video...These days everyone does this with comments because you can't do that with videos anymore...It's become old, and it's become played out and people get tired and stop looking.....You have to have substance and be unique...

You cannot be like the person bostin loyd....No sponsor wants you to be uncut with your drug use and pre contest rituals...This is terrible for the brand and if you notice on youtube in particular...The people who are "natural" their training videos and eating videos are MUCH MORE viewed than those of the known bodybuilders who are known "performance enhancing users"....Even though the bodybuilder will be lifting much more and has a hotter

Send tons of applications to different sponsors with your bodybuilding resume and how you compete...Get a professional to take some pictures of you posing and send those into them...They will see that you have a real resume and a real professional photo showing off your physique...This means no going into the bathroom and taking a shirtless selfie..The more you send the better chance that they will be interested in you...Not as many people are sending in application type resumes and photos as you think...

Continue competing and don't compete in anything you aren't ready for...And undefeated at the local level and never "branched out" always leaves a lot to be curious of and a lot to be desired...The credibility and track record as in wins and placing well has been completely twisted in turned in favor of the worser bodybuilders....Meaning you don't have to be anyone whatsoever....So it's how you play it...It is strategy...when someone sees you undefeated with raw talent they'll wanna mould you...They'll think of the possibilities than you can become if you put more effort into it...

I have some more but i need to go eat now and train some clients....I'll be adding to this sporadically throughout the day
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