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Author Topic: Brazilian Trannies  (Read 1399 times)
Getbig III
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« on: August 12, 2014, 10:27:28 AM »

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Very scared to have HIV.Please help

by Grendizer, May 24, 2010

During the last 8 years from my last HIV negative test I have had a lot of insertive protected anal intercourse with brazilian trannies street sexworkers and also a lot of unprotected insertive oral. ( I was to person being sucked) 
From the year 2002, I have had 40 documented protected insertive anal intercourses with different trannies sex workers and much more unprotected insertive oral. 
From 2002 to now we're speaking around 5 protected insertive anal intercourse, while I can' now count the unprotected insertive oral acts. 
Even if I'm almost 100% sure the condom has worked always fine, in date 21 February 2009 a swollen lymph node enlarged on the right side of my neck. 
And it's still here after it has passed more than year. 
No fever,no rash,no nothing,only that damned swollen lymph node that sometime hurts a lot and sometime not. 

Before that date I was fine. 

Before and quite near that swollen lymph node, I have had two protected insertive anal intercourse with some trannies street sexworkers and seven insertive oral with trannies. 
More exactly what cause me concern are those two episodes of intercourse. 
One has been in date 31 January 2009 and the other one in date 21 November 2008. 

Another important point: around the date 5 January 2009 I started to go sick for 3-5 days with a heavy sore throat, followed by fever and both bilateral swollen glands on the neck enlarged because I kept coughing hard. 
After 3-4 days all the symptoms vanished, but in date 21 February 2009 that single swollen lymph node on the neck appeared without any other sign. 
Certainly I have gone sick in a very cold period in winter, that it can be normal,but I has been sick. 

Now let's come to the point. 
I'm scared to death. 
I'm sure I have used always the condom and that he worked,above all in those two episodes, but also in all the other ones because I knew I was doing a dangerous thing and my level of attention was very high. ALWAYS. 

What I ask it's if considering the exact date of the two episodes and that short sick period, what is causing this swelling of the lymph node! 

1) Making some calculation from the episode of 21 November 2008 and the sick period ( 5 January 2009 ), more than 6 weeks has passed: it can be that sick period an ARS? 

2) Assuming it's not, considering the time from the second episode of 31 January 2009 to 21 February 2009,I'm in this case,perfectly in range for the ARS time frame, but it would be strange, to have had only that single lymph node enlarged. No fever, no nothing. I'm sure, because in these years, knowing  I was doing very dangerous things,I have always kept my health very monitored, keeping to try the fever through my thermometer 2 times a day. 

3) As told, I'm sure I have always used the condom correctly in every situation, but this symptom scares me and  that perhaps I missed a possible break or slippage of the condom. Is this possible in your opinion? 
I confess many times during these many trannies street sex workers encounters I was a bit or quite drunk,but before the act ( the penetration) and during it I'm 100% sure I have used the condom.Always. 
Drunk or not drunk, my level of attention has been always very high because I knew what there was in game. 

Anyway the point is that during these my sexual acts I wasn't in a hotel or in an apartment,but always in my car, in the night, so with few light,but I'm totally sure even if I was a bit drunk or quite drunk I have always asked the condom and to have used it. 
The point is that I have now some doubt,ex post, that something is gone wrong and perhaps I have missed something as the failure of the condom, even if it seems me impossible at least that at the end of the intercourse that I hadn't noticed a condom breakage.
Thereís also to say that from the year 2004 to now, to make the things in precise way and to avoid the typical paranoia of the day after, after 5-7 minutes of EVERY encounter of this type, I have written exactly on my little block notes I keep in my car what I have done in very precise way even if I was drunk or not. 
This to avoid the doubts and the paranoia of the day after caused by the sexual act I have made and by the hangover. 
Anyway the doubt I have gone wrong in something during my sexual acts is destroying the same me all the days. 

4) Now I have also another big doubt that's torturing me and it's the insertive unprotected oral sex and the deep kissing as the possible explanation of my symptom. ( enlarged lymph node ) 
During these my acts I have deep kissed many of these street trannies sex workers and I have had a lot of insertive unprotected oral ( me as being sucked ). 
My big doubt is,because some tranny street sex worker allows to the customer to ejaculate in their mouth, to be infected through a deep kissing or the insertive unprotected oral, by the residual cum of the previous customer left in the mouth of the tranny. I'm scared of this because even if I know it's very difficult to be infected from insertive oral or deep kissing, the way I have explained isn't normal and studied. 
Please let you know your opinion about if this way to be infected is possible. 

5) Said this, what scares me royal are clearly those two episodes I have told. 
I tell about these two episodes of protected insertive anal with trannies street sex workers, because they the nearest to the swollen lymph node and the most suspected for ARS symptoms. 
Otherwise for the previous episodes to 21 November 2008 even if Iím sure the same I have always used the condom, I have never had fever, enlarged lymph node in range with the ARS time line and followed a protected anal insertive intercourse. 
I have had some very hard bacterial tonsillitis with high fever but successfully resolved through antibiotics and I repeat, not absolutely compatible with the ARS timeline. 
Using the logic I also suppose that if those tonsillitis were caused by ARS, the antibiotics wouldnít have worked fine, because the cause was bacterial and not viral as ARS symptoms are. 

Coming to the theme of my thread Iím now very scared, perhaps irrationally scared, because I know I have always used the condom in my high risk sexual acts with very high risk persons and I canít stop to link this my swollen lymph node with those two suspected episodes. 
The problem is that also from some month I have also the sensation I have something of wrong under my left armpit and if itís another swollen lymph node Iím surely screwed up because it would be the typical generalized lymphadenopatia caused by HIV. 
But about this left armpit strange sensation Iím not very sure. 

Concluding Iím quite desperate and continue to think and rethink to those two episodes. 
The possible sick period of 5 January 2009 ( more than 6 weeks from 21 November 2008 ) should be out the extreme range of the ARS timeline (usually 1-4 weeks after the suspected sexual act) and this single swollen lymph node canít be the ARS for the episode made in date 31 January 2009, but Iím scared the same a lot. 

Iím sure if I have caught HIV is for one of these episodes. 

Please provide me an your explanation because Iím really going crazy. 
I know I have made bad and dangerous things,but I was always protected. ( at least this is what I remember very well and what my notes after 5 minutes after every sexual act tell) 
It would be unfair to have caught HIV in protected insertive intercourse if all the doctors of all the world say it's a safe activity. 
Please help. 
I'm going mad. 



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Member Comments (16)

by mike_no, May 24, 2010

Wow, you can write so much! 

Any ways, straight to the point - If you think, you have used condoms correctly and consistently for every sexual act, there should be no reason for you to freak out. Swollen nodes in the way you describe don't suggest HIV at the first place because HIV ARS and HIV related nodes are definitely generalized, meaning; all over the body, not just one or two swollen nodes showing up. Also, symptoms don't mean a thing, they are not the indicator for one's HIV sero-status. 

Let's face it. Considering the fact that you have had spent so much of money with these hookers, you certainly wouldn't mind spending some for an HIV test at this juncture. And, if you tell me, it's not about the money but the courage to take the test. I'd say c'mon big man, you had the courage to hump all these street side senoritas, a little anxiety for the test won't do any harm. I'm not being sarcastic but keeping it absolutely in sync boy-talk. 

You speculate HIV, you are sexually active, you have always used condoms, you got HIV anxiety, go take the test. The best solution that any one can offer. 

Good Luck Smiley

by Grendizer, May 24, 2010

Thanks for your reply. 
The point I'm scared because I'm pretty sure I have always used condom,but I have not always properly inspected it after the use and taken home to check its full integrity. 
After every act the condom looked fine ok to me at a first sight,but I have still doubt to be gone wrong perhaps for my distraction or other motives. 

In you opinion a condom broken should have be noticed above after a penetrative intercourse?

by kumar007, May 24, 2010

a condom break would be catastrophic and you would have definitely noticed..condom breaks dont occur with small holes which are invisible to the eyes.. 
if you had used condoms properly,you would have not put yourself in risk for exposure

by Grendizer, May 25, 2010

Teak,Lizzie what do you think about my situation?!? 



by mike_no, May 25, 2010

When a condom rips, it's evident. There wouldn't be an instance when it rips and you would n't know. I feel you're in the clear. However, should you speculate HIV, it's certainly not a bad idea to take a test.

by Grendizer, May 25, 2010

Thanks for the support Mike,but I'm almost sure this time I'm done. 

I have abused too many times of the good luck. 
Too many times I have allowed myself in bad and immoral behaviors. 

I'm sure this time I'll be punished by the destiny or God. 
I had to stop this my bad behavior many years ago. 
Now it's too late. 
I'm almost sure this time I'm done. 

There's no way to have a persisting swollen lymph node for more than 1 year. 
This clear symptom can be only due to HIV. 
This time, even with high risk intercourses but protected, in a strange unknown way, HIV has caught me. 
The more probable cause could have been a broken condom during an intercourse and I haven't noticed it. Even at the end of the intercourse. 
It would be very strange, but very probably it's what it has happened. 
There's no other explanation. 
I'm prepared to a bad result of the test I'll make. 

Hope really to not have an instantaneous heart attack when the poz test will be given to me. Sad

by LIZZIE LOU, May 25, 2010

lizzie lou would love to comment as you asked...but i dont read novels  Smiley 

just tell me this...REGARDLESS OF YOUR SYMPTOMS...have you had unprotected sex?  shared iv drug works? 

if the answer is NO...then you had NO RISK ! ! !

by Grendizer, May 26, 2010


Theoretically I've never had unprotected intercourse ( I mean only insertive anal intercourse,because a part the vaginal type, I have never had a receptive anal intercourse in entire my life ), but I'm scared because I have not always inspected the condom accurately after the use, but only at first sight. 
So I'm afraid to have missed some broken condom during some anal insertive intercourse. 

About other type of unprotected sex I have had a lot of unprotected insertive oral with very high risk persons as trannies street sex workers. 
Because i was drunk sometime I also deep kissed for some time these trannies.

by Grendizer, May 31, 2010

I'm still scared to perhaps have missed some condom breakage! 
Is so evident in your opinion a broken condom or you have to inspect it accurately after the intercourse? 

Please help me. 
I have big doubts here and don't sleep very well during the night to keep thinking this big doubt. Sad

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El Diablo Blanco
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Nom Nom Nom Nom

« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2014, 10:33:08 AM »

Was expecting photos, not walls of txt.  DNR
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« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2015, 01:54:12 PM »

This morning ( Europe time ) I have had the results of my test.
It's NEGATIVE not only for HIV,but for all the MTS!

I'm so happy today! : )

I wante to say veru thanks to Lizzie,Teak and the other ones for the support given to me in these difficults moments.

Thanks a lot guys!
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Serenity Now!

« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2015, 02:21:55 PM »

Wiggs confessing many things there.
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« Reply #4 on: April 21, 2015, 10:37:21 AM »

did not read.
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