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Looking back a number of years, posting this is long overdue so I was wondering what are your feelings about what Denise Masino has done with Muscle Elegance Magazine to maybe tarnish or perhaps improve the image of female bodybuilders. Also I just want to know if her magazine is as popular within the whole industry as it should be or viewed by some as representing a tasteless perspective to women involved in bodybuilding.

Very interesting question.  :)

Some people covet vanity over taste just for the money.

I saw that once at borders of all places.  It was wrapped in plastic, first and only time I have seen it, was pretty porny.  I don't think they knew what it was there at first and I have never seen it there again...not that I have been looking for it or anything :P

Do I think it degrades womens BB?  I have to say no and have no problem with that.  See it's this way, its their bodies FBB didn't build them, they did.  So they can do what they want with them.  They don't have signs on their heads that say "I represent FBB"  They got hot, freaky bods and lots of people like to look at them, for whatever reason.  Its a free market and they have their niche.

I can imagine many women BB would find it tasteless and get bent out of shape but why?  Its all about perspective.

I kind of feel similar to Luv about this issue, as it doesn't really bother me, and I am a FBB.  I tend not to judge people for things that they may do, as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

Is she hurting the "image" of FBB?  Hard to say.  I'm not sure the image would be any better if she weren't doing porn.

I don't really consider Denise to be a representative of FBB...I could name 10 other women who I would consider to be true representatives of FBB and ambassadors to the "sport."  Denise IS an FBB obviously, but she happens to make her money doing porn. 

She's famous for that, but it's the general public's fault if they don't know enough about FBB to know that she doesn't represent the majority of competitors out there.  I think it's unfortunate if people associate porn, etc. with what FBB is all about, and it does make it tougher for those of us who would like that perception to change, but it's just the way it is. 

People gotta make a living, and it can be hard for FBBs to make good money in the industry.  I don't really pay much attention to what people do to make money...she's not hurting me, and she is certainly filling a niche, and she's doing quite well for herself.
Same thing goes for Men's Bodybuilding and all the G4P stuff...Kai Greene f*cked a grapefruit on film...I would agree that he isn't necessarily the best role model (same goes for Denise), but I won't hold that against him.  ;D

Bodybuilding is a cult kind of thing anyway, it's never going to be mainstream or popular with the majority of people out there.

I don't really spend too much time worrying about what the general perception or image of FBB's an important issue, but for the most part, I worry about MY image and what I represent.


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