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Author Topic: pm questions answer  (Read 672 times)
Getbig V
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« on: April 14, 2008, 01:35:21 AM »

this is the only time im gonna talk about it ,,i charge alot of money for this things so im going to write it once here and dont continuesly ask me this question,,

the diff between abuse of insulin and abuse of igf is as follows:
the abuse of igf will result in bigger waist as in bigger so called obliqes,,it is larger waist ,,good example for severe abuse of igf are jason and heath,,jason can pull it but heath is already strting to destroy his body and that is because jason is very wide and heath is very narrow,,narrow guys will kill their physiqe by the use and abuse of igf while wider guys like jason will be able to pull it off yet still will increase their waist dramatically ,,widness of the waist

the abuse of insulin will result in the the gut you all femiliar with and the waist will not always be wide,,it will very much resemble johnny jackson and many of the fellas that work with milos

a mess/abuse of the 2 is usually a death verdict in bodybuilding and is NEVER recomened by me ,,prime examples for bodyubuuilders who finished thier career for ever due to abuse of the 2 in combos are: kamali ,,greg k,,wood,,paluimbo,, those are bodybuildee that can kiss top tier as you call it goodbye

the hgh aspect of growing parts is true and it takes good couple of years of constant use and big doses inorder for those changes to accure they way they are accuring on jason and many local bodybuilder hands you see around,,the hands get bigger and thicker due to use and abuse of growth on regular basis,,the more the hand grow the more thephyiqe grow ,,it always grow leaner but as with igf it gets to a point where your inner organs grow to a noticeable level and even with only using hgh ,,i still recomend hgh as constant use for competetive bodybuilders in high levels today

this is last time i answer about igf insulin and hgh as direct as that because it insults bodybuilders and i only like insulting bodybuilders when its needed
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fallen angel
Getbig V
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Two kinds of people; Those that can extrapolate

« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2008, 01:38:51 AM »

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from incomplete data
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Call me 4 steroids: 571-332-2588 or 571-249-4163

« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2008, 01:42:15 AM »

entertaining, yet a scholarship example of wellwritten, down to the base scientific mastership.

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