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Author Topic: Any thoughts on this injury? Please help!  (Read 1712 times)
Getbig II
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« on: June 07, 2008, 09:23:11 AM »

Ever since my first post on here, I have been pretty much just been talking about this darn broken arm I got and how it was handled after (on the training board).  Since I havenít been able to focus on upper body as much, I have been focusing on legs more and making pretty good gains, using primarily hack squats (machine), single leg press, leg extensions, leg curls and seated leg curls.  I hadnít attempted much free weights because of the arm.

One exercise I recently did was the one legged squat (or lunge?) On the Smith machine, a machine I normally donít like because I could just never get into it, but thought it might be better for now because of my arm.  The first time I did the exercise, it was so-so.  I felt like it was putting too much of the wrong kind of pressure of the outer head of my quads for some reason.  Well I tried it again last night and still felt too much of the wrong kind of pain.  I decided to try barbell lunges instead.  My arm is getting better so I thought it would be okay to try it with a barbell.  Well, on the fourth set, I heard a weird sound, hard to describe, not a pop or tear per se, just like a ďcrunchĒ.  I stopped the exercise and got some pain in the outer head of the quad and in the uppermost part of the thigh, almost near the hip/groin area.  It happened right in the lowermost position of the lunge with my left leg.  I think maybe that Smith exercise set me up for this, not sure.  The pain is not excruciating now, I can walk okay, maybe a slight limp.  But stairs are an issue and I obviously I am assuming any kind of leg work will be.  The pain right now is in most of my quad area.  My life sucks lately, first a broken arm now this!

Any expert ideas or opinions on what kind of injury this could be?  I would hate to have to go to a doctor again and the whole routine like I did with my arm.  I am hoping this goes away on itís own, but who knows.  I have been injured more in this past year than in the rest of my life.  I would please appreciate any thoughts on this latest problem, please. 

Thank you
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Getbig V
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« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2008, 08:02:31 PM »

Give it a couple of weeks and see if it goes away. As far as what happened, i've never been big on one-legged exercises because of the pressure exerted on the joints and connective tissues, and IMO this is a good warning to you not to do them. If you're determined to do them, minimize the downsides by a very good warmup and keeping the reps on the high side.
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